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    Question for RC


    How did you learn about Cayenne tranny is made by a Japanese company?

    Re: Question for RC

    As far as I remember, I heard about it from a pretty reliable source.
    The problem was actually the torque on VW's V10 Diesel but also on high power versions of the Cayenne Turbo. And they needed an automatic tranny to be able to work with 4WD systems too.
    Porsche usually uses the Mercedes tranny on their 996 models (996 Turbo and 996 facelift). On the Cayenne Turbo, this wasn't possible. As far as I remember, the Mercedes tranny wasn't ready for WD and for more than 600 Nm torque. If you have different information, tell me.

    Re: Question for RC

    I have no information on it at all. I was just surprised that they didn't use MB's.

    Aisin six speed

    Yes, Japanese I think.

    Cayenne Transmission Info

    Re: Aisin six speed

    Thanks for the link. Yes, the company is named Aisin.
    BTW: Mercedes is soon to offer a 7-speed automatic transmission on all their V8 engines.
    The first trannies will be good for 700 Nm torque, the second series up to 1200 Nm (which is needed for cars like the CL 65 AMG with 1000 Nm torque...electronically limited from 1200 Nm!).
    We might see the 7-speed tranny on the 911 but I doubt we'll see it on the Cayenne due to VW's implication.

    Re: Aisin six speed

    does that mean that Porsche cannot do what they want with the Cayenne? (cf the VW implication problem)
    I thought that once the DVLPT is over, then the two firms can do what they want with their model no?
    I'm still amazed when I hear that the ONLY thing from Porsche on the Cayenne is the engine!!!
    That's the way things are going these days: Contracting.
    I read Maserati is looking for big partner to develop their Kubang (Autocar mag), current rumor is that they might share the same platform as the future Pikes Peak which, if I'm not mistaking is the Touareg/ Cayenne platform
    Hahaha, those car makers are smart, in fact, in less than 10 years, we'll all be driving the SAME cars The brand will just define the styling!
    Seriously, it'd be funny that the Kubang has the same chassis as the Pikes Peak/ Cayenne/ Tuareg. I wonder what argument they'll use to sell the car.
    It's like the future Quatroporte, isn't that a failure already, we all know it'll get the House V8 (390hp) and all the competetion has passed the 500hp barrier already. Bugs me...

    Re: Aisin six speed

    Thanks for the link GM Austin.
    I also thought after the development they could go their seperate ways but I guess this is not the case .
    I wish they would use the 7-speed MB trany. You never know it could be offered as an option for $20,000.00 more .

    Interesting Article
    USA Today Article

    Re: badge engineering sucks!

    today's car companies are controlled by controllers and marketing people... no petrolheads on the bridge any more -- sad but true. the result? badge engineering, platform concepts... jaguar mondeo, porsche touareg, bentley phaeton, s-class maybach, audi gallardo... but no originality, no avant garde, NO SOUL! this might fine for normal vehicles, but when i pay a 100 or more grand for a car, i expect something VERY emotional. not a mass market car in disguise.

    (that's why i love ferrari so much -- they still build their very own vehicles and engines and they do it in maranello)

    Re: badge engineering sucks!

    I understand your point.
    But from the manufacturer point of view it's so much cheaper you know!!!
    I don't think Porsche could have developped the Cayenne alone!
    On a bigger scale, I think this is the result of globalisation, mergers everywhere!
    And one of the consequences is loss of identity, regardless of which industry and what the companies tell us.
    But that's life.
    And you're right, this is why Ferrari has such a strong image today partly but IMO, a Murci has soul all right!!!

    Re: badge engineering sucks!

    It sucks but it saves money (and not to forget: increases profit ). I'm sure that Porsche makes a fortune on the Cayenne because they got much better supplier prices with the help of VW and the Touareg. The more parts a supplier produces, the cheaper the cost for the car manufacturer.
    It makes a difference if Porsche buys 5000 auto trannies or 20000 with the help of VW (because they need it for the Touareg).

    I can forgive Porsche a lot of things regarding the Cayenne but two things, I'll never forgive them:
    1. design
    2. weight

    I love the Cayenne Turbo for it's technical background and I love how it drives compared to my ML55 AMG.
    But if somebody seriously tells me that the Cayenne Turbo is a beauty or a sportscar, I have to almost throw up. Sorry.

    The Cayenne sells well because it is a new product and because it is a Porsche. We'll talk again in two years.



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