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    X73-Turbo Sport Suspension

    Earliest release date should be May 2003.
    No customer cars are available with X73 right now.

    Re: X73-Turbo Sport Suspension

    What a disgrace,
    That option has been advertised in the catalogue since November 2002, and you can't get it for another 3three months!
    What's the big deal about the delay, isn't it the same as X74 but adapted to wide body?

    2001 vs 2002?

    On normaly aspirated 996's the X74 sports suspension is
    only available for MY 2002 and newer cars which have stiffer chassis compared to MY 1998-2001. Is this going to be the case for X73 as

    Related to this, I've heard a claim that from MY 2002 on,
    the Turbo chassis rigidity has been increased by 25%.
    Any truth to this statement?

    Re: 2001 vs 2002?

    As far as I know, the 996 Turbo's chassis is practically unchanged since it's introduction. It shares the same body with the GT2. The C4 S body is slightly different, even if it looks to be the same (despite the side vents).

    The X74 suspension is only available for cars starting with MY 2002 because this is the year of the facelift and a lot of things (incl. chassis rigidity) were changed. As far as I know, a retrofit of the X74 isn't approved even for cars starting with MY 2002.

    I have to confess that I'm a little bit disappointed with Porsche regarding sport suspensions. Is it really that difficult to create and design a sport suspension system for a sportscar? I don't get it. AMG for example offers in Germany the "Nuerburgring" suspension kit for the SLK 32 AMG which can be retrofitted on all customers cars (install at AMG in Affalterbach only!), not to speak about other goodies like the "M" gear exchange system for example...also as a retrofit.
    So actually AMG offers more "individuality" to customers than Porsche...speaking of technical stuff. Strange.

    Re: 2001 vs 2002?

    Do you know if the parts for the AMG kit can be purchased and sent to the U.S.? I REALLY want the version of the kit for the C32.

    Re: 2001 vs 2002?

    As far as I know, AMG doesn't ship these parts, not even to official german DaimlerChrysler dealers. My DC dealership is owned by DaimlerChrysler (Werksniederlassung) and is one of the dealerships where a lot of DC prototypes can be seen (if you're lucky). Therefore they have extremely good knots to the factory. And even they can't get these kits for me.

    Only chance: to ship your car to Germany and have it installed at AMG but unfortunately I think they do these mods only on specific country models.

    Maybe you want to contact the AMG Owner Club for more details? In my opinion they suck but at least they are helpful and might be able to provide some kind of assistance.

    Re: 2001 vs 2002?

    Hey Christian,
    Do you have this sport suspension for you SLK32?
    Does that improve the handling which according to the press is not great?
    The SLK chassis is not good enough for 354hp apparently.
    What do you say?
    Any sport suspension like that for the SL? Or would that be the famous ABC suspension, which works quite well I must say.

    Re: 2001 vs 2002?

    No, I don't have the "Nuerburgring" Suspension on my wife's SLK 32 AMG. I was thinking about talking to AMG about it and have them do the install (around 1700 EUR) but my wife wants to drive the car like that for a while to see if she likes it or not. I have to respect her wish because it is actually her car, even if I drive it most of the time because she uses the ML55 as her daily driver.
    AMG also offers raising the speed limit of the SLK 32 AMG from 250 to 280 kph, Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tires are mandatory and they install a fuel pump with a higher pump capacity.
    AMG also offers the M-gear exchange system (some kind of semi-sequential shifting for the speedshift auto tranny) and the F1 safety car steering wheel for the SLK 32 AMG. Very interesting stuff if you ask me.

    As far as I know, AMG can modify any suspension setup on their new cars, including the SL 55. I'm pretty sure they do that only at the factory in Affalterbach/Germany. I also know that some aftermarket Tuners offer so called electronic tuning for the air suspension/ABC system but this is nothing official and it definetely voids warranty.

    The SLK 32 AMG's ESP system is very sensitive and it reacts too fast. When I turn it off, the SLK 32 tailgates pretty easy but is still enjoyable, especially on dry streets. Unfortunately the steering isn't as direct as I want it to be and you don't have that typical go-cart feeling as in the Boxster. But if I think I can get only a Boxster S with some options for the price of a SLK 32 AMG, the choice was easy, especially because my wife wanted an auto tranny and a fixed roof.
    And it is a very nice daily driver.


    The best you can do in the US with an X74 is a retrofit of the parts. You cannot (without monumental effort) install the chassis bracing as it is part of the chassis and not a bolt on part. Myself and 3 others I know have installed the X74 so far in 2003 cars and have not experienced any problems yet. I understand Porsche does not condone it, but it can't be worse than H&Rs



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