I heard that the car is a 'bit bigger' but will 'weigh about the same' as current car. What I heard is that they want more in the wheelbase to make it more comfortable inside and stable as they move the car more towards a luxury sports car.   The rest of Porsche-Jeck's list makes sense to me although I wonder why they'd fit a 7 speed manual when you have PDK to help the emission/consumption numbers (whilst in the real world making no real difference to what it emits) and the car doesn't need more. I doubt they'll do much on the engine front as they just redesigned that so it will be more tweaks i suppose. However I suspect as the next GT3 goes to DFI and production moves from the 'old' engine line to the new facility with everything else that will be the end of the Mezger motor and everything will once again be on the same production lines.  (except Motorsport of course)