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    Re: My lucky day

    A rear wiper is a joke on a 911, useless. Get the SSK while it's available again.

    Re: My lucky day

    I have a rear wiper and its never been off since I got the car. In the midst of winter here and rain is a daily occurence. Anything to improve all round visibility and saftey has to be good. I think people are being a little anal about the effect it has on the look IMO.

    Re: My lucky day

    Rear wiper is indeed useless for me... I live in france where it rains quite often and never I felt the need of a rear wiper. Plus I really do not like it on the car. I did not ordered it and I do not miss it at all, in fact I very much more happy without it, wether it rain or not. Just my 2 cts.

    Re: My lucky day

    MMD said:
    Hollli82 said:
    Rear wipers are about as useful as the headlight washers. I have the car for a year and NEVER used them. In fact, I'm not sure if my headlight washers work.

    You are correct sir. They have very specialized uses.

    If you live in climates where it snows and find yourself driving on urban roads when the snow melts the headlight washers come in handy because the dirty melt water (may have salt!) leaves a light-obfuscating film on the headlights. The washers wash this soluble film off.

    Even driving on melt-water-laden highways you'll find your headlights lose alot of their output. Conventional headlights tend to dry this stuff into a film. Not sure about Litronics

    If you get caught where it snows and you're driving slowly in the rear window wiper comes in handy, especially when maneuvering in parking lots.

    OK Atomic/MMD

    I'm taking a roadtrip out of the desert and I will find out how well my headlight washers work. I'll sprint up to Utah and let you know what I think when I get back.

    Now I can assure you that the air conditioning is first rate.....

    Re: My lucky day

    NO WIper!!!! and the Sport shifter is a must



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