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    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yoursel

    frayed said:
    Yellow seems to make a very expensive and somewhat exclusive car, approachable.

    That's because screamin' bananna "Corvette Yellow" is also the color-of-choice for every 60's and 70's Chevy with Keystone Classics and lift-bars that gets pulled into Maaco for the $199.95 "Optima" special!!

    Now you know why every dude wearing a mullet, with a Marlboro draping over their 5-day-old shadow, gives you the Rock-n-Roll Ronnie James Dio horns, and yells "bad-ass ride man!!!"...

    LOL!! Don't get me wrong, I think speed yellow 911's are the cat's pajamas, that color looks hot as can be... But from the perspective of a lifetime's worth of going to cruise-ins and drag races, your observation made me giggle, given the proclivity of so many Bow-Tie faithful to spray-paint their bondo-buckets with "Curvette Yeller"...

    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yoursel

    LOL! "Curvette Yeller"

    Though, get this. Driving my C4S back from FL (where I picked it up), I got stalked by this tinted POS chevy cavalier. I couldn't see in, and I was getting nervous.

    Finally, passenger side window goes down (we're doing 90 mph on I10), and I get flashed by a 18ish hottie. I remained nervous, but in a much different way!

    So it's not just the rednecks who gotta hankerin' fer yeller cars.

    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yoursel

    69bossnine said:
    Oh, and another helpful hint: Cops like it when you go ahead and pull YOURSELF over... After all, you KNOW when you're flat busted, so why make them have to go through the risky process of snaking up through traffic to get behind you with the lights flashing? Just proactively pull over and wait, you may as well start scoring your brownie points from the earliest moment possible... And if he was after someone else in your party, or a group of cars, he'll pass you up and focus on the others who are trying to snake away, just for the point of it...

    That was another mitigating circumstance with my previous story. I saw the cop pull out behind us as we were careening along at triple-digits, and I immediately hit the brakes, and came all the way down and pulled-off. The Supra did not do so right away, and wound up making him take chase, pull him over, and had him follow back to where I was... He certainly wasn't off to a good start, and then he apparantly had an attitude to boot...

    I can recall a few other times that I went ahead and hit the side of the road the moment I knew I was cooked, and came away with just a warning, and usually a "thanks" for having pulled over right away. This is especially effective when you get nailed by radar by a moving patrol car heading in the opposite direction... While he's busy doing a crazy and abrupt U-turn, contemplating all sorts of possibilities, he turns around and finds you already stopped on the side of the road, surrendering... More often than not you've already cemented your pardon, and he'll just run your license to make certain you're not "wanted". Of course, there are always those cops who just don't care, and write the tickets without consideration for anything.. But I always try and cover every angle I can, and it's worked damn often...

    It's a good tactic to use as a general rule, but it doesn't work often in Virginia - in terms of getting a warning instead of a ticket. Virginia State Police are usually on a revenue hunt. My brother got tagged, with me in the car, in my 911S doing 78 in a 55 zone on a four lane highway (no one near us) last year. The State Smokie got us with Radar/Laser as he was coming from the opposite direction. I got my brother to pull over immediately so he didn't have to catch up to us. It didn't do any good. It was early in the month, and he wanted to make his quota.

    Best advice in Virginia in situations where you are doing more than 20 over, and if you don't get lucky enough to only get a warning, is to get a local attorney to try to get you plead down to only 19 over. This saves a bit in fines in Virginia, a lot of points on your record, and sometimes a big boost in your insurance rates.


    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yoursel

    VA is tough on traffic violations. I was lucky to escape my 6 years in VA (Alexandria) with a handful of tickets. . . I found the fairfax cops and the state cops to be like nazis.

    Moved to TX. . . 1 ticket in 10 years, knock on wood.

    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yourself?

    Somebody say Yellow 911?

    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yourself?

    State Troopers are the worst... BY FAR... I've only escaped from a Trooper once, without a ticket.

    But I look at it this way... If you were a State Trooper, you'd be bitter and foul-tempered too, just think about what they do for a living, it's the most thankless job in America:

    1. Write speeding tickets. Everyone you see day in and day out hates you, sneers at you, snaps at you, and basically calls you an [beep], in so many words...

    2. Run to accidents, often discovering dead and dismembered women and children and so-on...

    So, in-between being generally reviled, you get to work accidents that would make the strongest human being suffer serious depression... For a lousy salary. Who would ever want that gig??

    It's no mystery as to why they rarely are in a mood for mercy...

    P.S. I'm in no way trying to trivialize the value they represent in keeping roadways safe, and the heroic acts they perform at accident scenes... I'm just trying to paint a picture of a "day in the life" of a job-description that rarely has a "good day"... I've always figured that it's why they are typically so inflexible and unsociable. Sheriffs, they get to investigate things, patrol, work with people, catch bad guys and help good guys. They LOVE their job... I've never met a Trooper who said that...

    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yourself?

    MMD said:
    Do you guys know you are visible constantly? I mean EVERYBODY sees you and knows your every move. Not a problem if you're obeying all speed limits.


    (just trying to help)

    Good because that means that people would have to be blind to crash into you, and also when driving at 3 figure speeds other drivers had best GET OUT OF THE WAY!

    Talking of yellow, when i think yellow this springs to mind>

    the unbreakable tonka toys....

    With mike W8MM being a big fan of yellow and every porsche picture he posts is yellow, i've started to wonder if mike played with yellow toys as a kid and thats why he likes yellow...

    Will this be what were all driving in 20 years time?

    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yoursel

    MMD said:
    Yeah, supposedly red and black are the two most ticketable colors.

    This notion makes you wanna keep a low profile at all times, huh?

    I have a red mk3 golf vr6 and havent been pulled ever since driving it in 2002, until this year when it was late around 11pm 12am and i decided to plant my right foor and keep it there while i was racing any other car.

    Well the cop must have been hiding on this hill, as we both went flying up doing at least the speed limit 60mph.

    He came flying after me and asked me where my friend had gone, as the other car had turned off, i said i dont know the other car, he said what was that all about, i said i'm just driving Well i know now if i race someone i'd better get in front!

    I said i was only doing 60 he said you were going faster than that!

    I didnt get a ticket because he couldnt prove i was speeding or anything, got a producer so had to show documents at the cop shop..

    Funny though because with it being a 2.8 and having a full stainless scorpion exhaust on it it sounds like a jet car at 6000rpm

    Want to keep a low profile buy a skoda, an old one that is!

    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yoursel

    Just can't STAND those bright cars!

    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yourself?

    911digital said:With mike W8MM being a big fan of yellow and every porsche picture he posts is yellow, i've started to wonder if mike played with yellow toys as a kid and thats why he likes yellow...

    Here's one inspiration for my love of Signal Yellow:

    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yourself?

    You should have brought the 962 in signal yellow

    heres the dauer 962 in yellow i'm unsure of the type..

    Talking of the 962 which you had how much it that cost you, i know you least it out to bob akin what was the thing behind you buying it and least it out, was it road legal did you ever drive it on the highway?


    Re: Brightly Colored 997 -YIKES! Ever see yourself?

    Wow man, those posts could do with some interpunction



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