Gabriel343 said:
Test M5 air temperature 13*C
Test 997 S Hockenhaim 32 *C

You don't have a clue about cars and engines, don't you?
Now take a guess: what air temperature is better for a high performance engine which usually needs a lot of air? 32*C or 13*C?

And the asphalt temperature has been almost perfect with 16*C. The Conti Sport Contact 2 is pretty sticky at asphalt temperatures around 15-30*C. Now take a guess why 42*C (or even 39*C) asphalt temperature isn't good for tires. Right, because tires get hot anyway and with a higher asphalt temperature, the tire gets even more hot and starts to loose traction, it starts to "smear" (sorry, I hope this is the right english word).