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    Millennium rear Window... question for RC or anyon

    I had a Millennium with a small "PORSCHE" at the bottom of the rear window glass. I thought it was a standard Millennium added feature, but it seems I am the only one to report having "PORSCHE". Other onwers say they do not have it.

    RC, you posted a picture almost three years ago, of a Millenniun rear window with "PORSCHE"... do you still have that picture? I need one of the small version , not the larger one used on the 2001 + Carrera. I have sold my Mill so I cannot take a good picture of the rear window. This is the best I have from my old photo's.

    Re: Millennium rear Window... question for RC or anyon

    As far as I know from MY'01 (in the U.S.) the rear window caried a small "Porsche" name in the bottom center of it. Prior to that it did not have it. I know it because I had a 996 '99 and a '01. As to for the Mell. version, I don't know

    Re: Millennium rear Window... question for RC or anyon

    As far as I remember, all Millenium 996 had the PORSCHE on the rear window. I saw at least 3 cars and all of them had it as far as I remember. How I can remember? Well, it was a pretty new feature and I asked myself why Porsche doesn't offer it on the standard 996. Why do some owners claim they don't have it? I don't know. Maybe the rear window has been exchanged on their cars (accident?) or Porsche maybe had a supplier problem and mounted the "regular" rear window without the PORSCHE lettering on it.
    Regarding the picture you saw: I'm sorry but a lot of my older pictures are lost due to a website brakedown a long time ago. I searched for my "old" Millenium picture but didn't find it anymore. Sorry!

    So what's the score?

    I think only 3 people said they had it, the rest were no's. It was a sticker, yes? Not etched in the glass, correct?

    Re: Millennium rear Window... question for RC or anyon

    Ron, the Millenium 996 was the first 996 to have that lettering on the rear window.

    Re: So what's the score?

    Sticker? I don't understand. The three 996 Mill I saw had the PORSCHE lettering in the window glass, not as a sticker. You seem to own a Mill 996, so how's on your car?

    Re: Millennium rear Window... question for RC or a

    I just looked at my Millennium, no Porsche on the rear window. Maybe the North American cars had a different glass specification.

    Re: Millennium rear Window... question for RC or a

    Interesting conclusion, Seth. I'll try to look into it and find out if this might be the reason for the confusion regarding the lettering on the rear window.

    Re: Millennium rear Window... question for RC or a

    Well that theory does not work since I had it on my USA Mill, #131.

    I bet it is just a glass supplier difference.. They made some for testing.. found the lettering too small for the "PORSCHE EGO" and had the lettering redesigned larger.. but that delayed the introduction...

    Good info, I agree.

    John, I think you're on the right track. Mine is # 310.

    I guess I'm like the majority of Millennium owners

    Mine did not have it on my rear window (#438)--in fact that is one of the first things I noticed when I saw an 01 996 Coupe was the "Porsche" in the back glass.



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