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    Spray on plate blocker-anyone knows this stuff works?

    Sorry if this topic had been discussed, but do you guys know if this spray-on transparent "stuff" actually works? Bounces off radar and stuff like that.

    This is being sold in the states...

    Re: Spray on plate blocker-anyone knows this stuff works?

    No it doesn't work because all they have to do with a photo is over expose it and your plate will show up very easily.

    Re: Spray on plate blocker-anyone knows this stuff works?

    This particular spray seems to work. Check out the clips of the coverage in the news:

    But doesn't mean that it will work with non-USA plates since they may have different reflectiveness, nor does it mean it will work with other type of flashes that are from that company that supplies for the US for the red-lights, such as the ones used in other countries or other type of speed enforcement decices' flash used in US. All we know is that is seems to work for rel-light cameras in US plates. Not a big help IMO.

    So its cheap to try and can't hurt (unless its specifically ilegal to apply any type of spry on the plates in your country) but I wouldn't trust blindly that it will work well, and its hard to test if it does work for you without running the risk not working and getting fined you can use it but its not a substitute for a radar detector, etc.

    I actually have a can of that stuff laying around somewere but I haven't gotten to trying it on the motorbike, since I its tougher to use radar detectors and laser jammers in the bike, I though maybe this would help just in case or that its better than nothing, but I'm not confident either way. I will know if I ever get flashed speeding

    Re: Spray on plate blocker-anyone knows this stuff works?

    Ironically that news clip was from Denver and the guy talking (Tom Martino) is a pretty well known guy in this area for testing out products.

    Very interesting that he says the spray works.......

    Re: Spray on plate blocker-anyone knows this stuff works?

    I don't know about photo ticketing, but no way it works for LIDAR.

    The plate is highly reflective (in fact all plates are reflectors). The coating is translucent, it has to be translucent or the numbers/letters can't be read. Because of the translucency, the laser from the LIDAR will penetrate the matt finish of the spray, get reflected by the plate underneath and the reflected laser will penetrate back thru the spray. Perhaps a smaller amount of the infrared laser reflects back to the cop because of the spray, but it will be enough to get you nailed. LIDAR has an operating range and you'll still be in that range. Just a guess on my part, but I "know" I'm right.

    Plus, I believe the cop doesn't need to use the plate, any curved surface on the front of the car will reflect alot of the laser.

    It's also not just a point of laser light, like you might think, it is a large pattern of laser which is projected.

    Re: Spray on plate blocker-anyone knows this stuff works?

    Interesting point ELUSIVE, thanks.


    The way the spray works is not by blocking anything, it just makes the license plate even more reflective and so when you get flashed, the license numbers will be overexposed and hence in the photograph they use as proof to fine you, the plate numbers will not apear, so they can't identify your car. The radar will still clock you just the same, but the plate numbers will be white in the photo.

    So LIDAR will work just the samae as radar, it will clock your speed just the same, in fact, probably even better than before since the area of the car they usually point the laser gun at is the licence plate because of its reflectivenmess, and since its even more reflective now, the laser gun will be able to read your speed even better, but if they take a picture your plate, the letters will not appear.
    However, lidar is often used manually (cop points gun manually at the targeted cars he chooses) and as they target and clock the passing by cars, more police will be standing further back stoping those that were speeding, so the photoblocker will not work because they don't take a picture to identify you and mail you the fine, they stop you directly after the infraction. The photoblocker is only to protect you from photographing your plates.
    But Laser guns usually target cars form the front and automatic cameras (radar or laser) usually flash you from behind, so I would recommend to apply the photoblocker only to the rear plate for the photos and leave the front spray free to avoid aiding the LIDAR.

    I still have to see if the product will alter the plate visually, if it will make it so shinny that it would be recognisable that you applied it from normal visual observation, since cops may give you a hard time if they do notice it with the naked eye. I'm not even sure it works here at all. Sometimes if the effect is not big enough, the police can use certain filters on the negative of the photo and end up getting the numbers to show.



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