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    New challenge stradale info!!!!

    great guys!!!

    courtesy of

    Challenge Stradale: Technical Description
    The 360 Challenge Stradale is due to be launched at the forthcoming Geneva Show. Ferrari have now released the press pack for the tipo and the following are extracts from it:

    The new Ferrari Challenge Stradale lines up alongside the 360 Modena and 360 Spider with the precise aim of giving drivers the performance and feel of a true racing car for road use.
    This aim meant Ferrari technicians gave exclusive preference to Ferrari Challenge and 360 GT racing-type solutions for all aspects of the car and every single performance parameter, the combination of which give this car its highly individual character.

    The starting point was aerodynamics, where the aim was to obtain increased vertical load, which gives more speed when cornering rather than a higher top speed, and then all the vehicle-specific features (transmission, set-up and braking, in particular the introduction of carbon-ceramic brakes as standard). And finally, that determining factor for all racing cars - achieving the lowest possible weight.

    In fact the car's drastic weight reduction is one of the most significant achievements of the Stradale project: the weight was lowered by incorporating racing solutions for every single one of the car's components, in addition to the benefit of using only aluminium to build it.

    There's a choice of two Stradale versions: a more extreme one with racing seats and sliding windows, and another, fitted with lighter, wrap-around, leather seats and wind-down windows.

    The Stradale builds on aerodynamic concepts employed on the 360 Modena by taking advantage of the racing set-up (more rigid and lower) and adopting specific solutions that have led to a gain of 50% in vertical load compared with the 360 Modena.
    The results are extremely significant: at 200 km/h the load increase is about 40 kg for a gain corresponding to the effect of a wing with 15 cm chord length and 1.8 m span.

    Despite such a significant increase in vertical load, after all the modifications and adjustments to set-up the car has a Cd equal to that of the 360 Modena (Cd= 0.335).

    Four types of intervention were adopted to improve aerodynamics on the Stradale.

    Front section: modification of the bumper, which now extends below the air intakes to increase load at the front but without disrupting airflow toward the rear.

    Aerodynamic study of the car's underside and rear section: with the result of an increase in height at the rear and introduction of longitudinal fins to balance the load. The decision was also taken to modify the rear nolder to achieve greater efficiency by adopting a shape more appropriate to the function concerned.

    Drag and modification of the sills: the new shape streamlines the rear wheels more completely and contributes significantly to improving the car's efficiency and balance. The combined result of these interventions is that compared with the 360 Modena drag has remained unchanged, so leading to a significant increase in efficiency.
    Careful project development has led to a Stradale car weight that is fully 110 kg less than the 360 Modena, achieved by concentrating on three complementary spheres: materials, construction technology and project optimisation.
    The basic material used to build the Stradale is aluminium, as was already the case for the 360 Modena and Spider. Aluminium has been used for both body components and, above all, the space frame, a combination of castings, extrusions and plates. This initial approach towards drastically reducing the Stradale's weight already made it extremely competitive (compared with the 360 Modena) given that the basic material used, aluminium, has a specific weight one third of that of steel.

    Starting from this base new developments were introduced specifically for the Stradale. Titanium, already used for the piston rods, was also adopted for parts of the suspension, in particular for the wheel bolts (a 50% weight reduction) and damper springs (a 27% weight reduction).

    Carbon technology, derived directly from Formula 1 and used extensively on Ferrari limited-run road cars, was employed for the first time on an 8-cylinder car. For the Stradale it has been used for both structural parts (door panels, racing seat shells, filter-box covers) and for interior and exterior trim features.

    A particularly advanced construction technology was adopted for the car's floorpan. This involves impregnating the resin with multi-axial carbon fibres in a vacuum in order to obtain the necessary rigidity, but which simultaneously leads to a 50% reduction in the weight of the floorpan itself.

    A key factor in the search for the best weight-performance ratio for the Stradale was adopting a braking system comprising carbon-ceramic (CCM) discs developed for Formula 1 combined with aluminium brake carriers as standard equipment.

    In terms of weight, the reduction achieved on the Stradale as a result of CCMs is 16% compared with conventional brake discs, but given that the weight eliminated affects unsuspended masses, its contribution to the car's performance can be assumed to be even more significant.

    Below is an overview of the drastic weight reduction achieved for the Stradale (-110 kg), subdivided by the car's macro-assemblies:

    Reduction % reduction in terms of total car weight
    Engine and gearbox - 11 kg - 4%
    Unsuspended mass - 5 kg - 3%
    Body - 94 kg -12%

    Reducing a car's weight also means a reduction in its inertia. The main effect of this on the Stradale, together with the peak power increase provided by the V8 engine, is a considerable increase in performance, particularly as regards pick-up and acceleration.

    The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and covers 400 metres from a standing start in 12.1 seconds.

    Essentiality - in the most specific meaning of the term - is the dominant characteristic of the Stradale's interior, right from the elimination of unnecessary features like carpeting and mats, to a racing-style interpretation for every single feature.
    The rev counter located right in the centre of the instruments becomes the driver's main point of reference, emphasised by the yellow graphics and red indicator that ensure optimum contrast and legibility. The entire panel is enclosed within a carbon-fibre element that also houses secondary instruments and other telltales.

    The new steering wheel, with a squashed crown in the upper section fitted with a sight just like on the racing version, has F1 gear-change paddles, the right one having been lengthened to facilitate changing up when pulling out of corners.

    The car is fitted with carbon fibre-structure racing seats upholstered with a high-grip textile. Door panels are made entirely of carbon fibre, as is the tunnel, which has been designed to house all the car's main controls - ignition button, reverse gear button, dynamic vehicle settings (race, launch control, ASR excluder) within easy reach of the driver.

    The car can be fitted with either 3-point attachment or 4-point racing attachment seat belts and an aluminium roll-bar that's 40% lighter than a conventional type, developed specifically for the Stradale.

    The Stradale is equipped with the previous 360 Modena 90* V8 engine mounted centrally behind the cabin in a longitudinal configuration as a single block together with the gearbox and differential. Peak power output of the V8 engine has been raised to 425 bhp at 8,500 rpm to give an exceptional power rating of 118,5 bhp/litre, which makes it the most powerful aspirated V8 ever built by Ferrari. The extremely high peak torque remains unchanged at 38 kgm at 4,750 rpm.
    On the mechanical front, couplings for rotating parts in the Stradale's V8 have been carefully selected and this has led to a significant improvement in performance.

    Modifications to the engine can be grouped in the following areas:

    Optimisation of the compression ratio by means of additional work on components involved in it (Heads, Pistons)

    Optimisation of the engine's fluid dynamics, by means of the following interventions:
    * use of an intake manifold with inserted stacks and burnished ducts, in addition to burnishing the intake ducts and head exhaust;
    * optimisation of the section and head of the intake manifold coupling;
    * use of a specific intake timing;
    * use of a new low-load loss, airflow meter;
    * new low counter-pressure exhaust silencer.

    Optimisation of mechanical performance was achieved by means of the following interventions:
    * selection of low-friction cylinder blocks;
    * new positioning of valve-springs.
    The entire development of the Stradale was based around F1-type electro-hydraulic transmission that controls the clutch and gearbox by means of blades integral with the steering column - a trademark of Ferrari cars and a solution developed specifically for racing.
    The increase in precision guaranteed by the new control strategy applied specifically to this car, and also by a faster processing speed, has reduced gear-change time throughout the entire range of use, with a minimum of 150 milliseconds when using the super-performance option.

    The available gear-change configurations are consistent with the car's top-level sporting profile and so only include manual gear-change operated by the driver using F1-type paddles (there is no automatic gearbox option).

    The reverse gear is engaged by means of a button on the tunnel.

    There are two gear-change configurations (Sport and Race): each of these configurations corresponds to an integrated car-control logic as regards damper set-up and traction control (ASR).

    In "RACE" mode and with the ASR disengaged there's also a "launch control" strategy as used in Formula 1, a feature specially designed to give drivers a high-performance start in good grip conditions.

    CHASSIS COMPONENTS (suspension, set-up, wheels)
    The Stradale has been derived from the 360 Modena and maintains the same basic approach and architecture. However significant changes have been made to the suspension system and set-up. The titanium front and rear springs are more rigid than on the 360 Modena (around +20%), whereas the rear bar has a larger diameter. These interventions have increased resistance to roll and dip and in general terms have made reaction to direction changes more rapid, giving the driver a more direct feel of the car.
    Damper settings have been reviewed and defined specifically for this model. The car's centre of gravity has been lowered by 15 mm.

    The tyres are Pirelli P Zero Corsa type - this new Pirelli super-low tyre adopted specifically for the Stradale measures 225/35 at the front and 285/35 at the rear and is fitted on 19" Challenge-style wheels secured by titanium bolts.

    The braking system on the Stradale comprises carbon-ceramic (CCM, Carbon Composite Material) discs: the result of highly advanced studies conducted by Ferrari in conjunction with Brembo, the supplier of this system.
    Dimensions of the brake discs are as follows:
    front: 380 mm diameter x 34 mm thickness, and a differentiated-diameter, 6-piston calliper;
    rear: 350 mm diameter x 34 m thickness; and a differentiated-diameter, 4-piston calliper

    The carbon-ceramic system installed on the Stradale, together with the aluminium brake carriers, makes for astounding performance and braking distance levels.

    In terms of weight, the reduction achieved for the Stradale is 16% when compared with conventional brake discs.

    Overall deceleration rates for the Challenge Stradale are 15% better than for the 360 Modena.


    cheers; zz

    Re: New challenge stradale info!!!!

    Where did you get all this GREAT information?? is it official?
    This sounds like a mini Enzo. Hopefully the price wont be unreachible.

    Thanks so much to share this info.
    I am going to geneva next week, I will let you know what I will see there...

    Re: New challenge stradale info!!!!

    Thanks zzboba, this is beyond my wildest expectations, I can't wait to see it in Geneva...
    Gianmaria when will you be in Geneva?I'm going the 6th.
    Anyone else going there?

    Re: New challenge stradale info!!!!

    yes it seems to be official,
    it's from the website -- a very reliable source. and they state that it's from the brand new press pack released by ferrari. here's the direct link to the article:

    this car is awesome!

    Re: New challenge stradale info!!!!

    this is beyond my wildest dreams as well. i have to admit that i somehow feared that the CS is something like a "cash cow" to ferrari and should help selling the aging modena before the successor is released. but if these specs are true (and i don't doubt it), this car is AWESOME. IMO buy far the most interesting ferrari this side of an enzo. i'm going to visit my dealer tomorrow

    regards; JSS

    Re: New challenge stradale info!!!!

    Can someone help me with this:
    "The new steering wheel, with a squashed crown in the upper section fitted with a sight just like on the racing version"

    What do they mean by: fitted with a sight??
    I think they are referring to the rpm led lights as found on the Enzo.
    What do you guys think?

    Re: i have no idea...

    ...but i was just about to post the SIMILAR question!!

    i have even no idea what a "squashed crown" means in this case

    Re: New challenge stradale info!!!!

    yes I am in Ginevra saturday the 8th for the weekend. You wont miss me I will be the guy taking picture of the car from all the angles all weekend long.

    Re: New challenge stradale info!!!!

    Hope you are right Luigi. Seems to me that "squashed crown" definitely means the steering wheel will go lateral across the top like on the Enzo. As far as having a sight? I hope it doesn't mean the car will have a silly piece of tape over the middle. The bottom of this wheel seems to be "squashed".

    Challenge stradale Performances

    I'm confused...
    Autocar claims a 0 to 60 mph of 4.1 secs for the new Stradale coming soon.
    But that's also the time that they posted with the 996 Turbo,
    Now, no offense to Ferrari, but how can a car which is 300 kgs heavier and less powerfull (5 hp) be as quick as the Stradale in acceleration, and probably in other areas?

    Re: Challenge stradale Performances


    nice to see you back at rennteam!

    i don't comment on the performance figures (maybe they're true, maybe not -- and 4.1 sec isn't that bad)... but anyway, 4WD cars like the 996TT have got a better traction. weight can be an issue as well. if the car's too light, the power doesn't reach the ground

    salute; zz

    Also ..

    To ZZ's comments I'll add that the Turbo has a turbocharged engine. Not ideal for immediate power. On a 0-60 MPH test I doubt that the car gets to spend that much time on-boost. Off boost the Turbo is down quite a bit on power.

    This is one of the reason the GT3 can be as fast as the Turbo in track conditions. The GT3 will initially gain a little coming out of the corner only to be reeled in by the Turbo once the boost comes up.

    Not sure how relevant 0-60 times are for these cars today.


    Re: stradale pricing

    my dealer confirmed what luigi already posted some weeks ago: the stradale will be priced at 165,000 - 170,000 EUR.

    Re: Also ..

    I agree with you Stephen, 0 to 60 times are completely irrevelevant today, but it still gives you a good indication of the car's performance I suppose.
    Torque is much more important and figures like 80 to 120 kmh or things like that,
    In these areas, I still think the Turbo will outperformed the Stradale, it's on the track that the Stradale will be faster, because of a better chassis I suppose,
    and we're not mentionning sensations
    It will be interesting to see the times the Stradale, the Turbo and the new GT3 will post at the Nuburgring

    Re: Challenge stradale Performances

    Nice to write to you again ZZ,
    I never left man, always reading the posts
    but it's more and more frustrating to be a car nutter and not be able to drive, especially when you live in London west end where you see a Vanquish parked every other car (well almost )
    So, I got a laptop (Mac Powerbook) and since this is all new to me, been spending a lot of time on it, cool toy though (Check my post on the sport car board)
    But I'm still crazy about cars, and I still change my mind every week
    At the moment, I'm in a AMV8 mood!
    Can't wait for next week end, it's the rallye de Paris, will post some pics

    Re: Challenge stradale Performances

    Fanch - the torque specs explain why the 996TT can accelerate as fast as the Stradale:

    275 ft-lbs vs. 420 ft-lbs (big difference)



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