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    Monaco/997 Impressions

    My wife and I are enjoying a nice break in Monaco, and I spent an afternoon looking at, and climbing about in, a 997S. The car was black, with numerous options (full leather, sport seats, etc.). In the dealership, it was parked next to a 997, an Anniversary 911, a 996 cab and a GT3. I could therefore make some detailed comparisons, and I have some personal impressions to pass on:

    The 997 is a nice improvement over the 996, and becomes even nicer when details are really examined. The tail is particularly more improved and integrated, with lines and angles flowing back toward the front--producing a more unified design overall. The door handle and surround are larger, and better proportioned to the size of the doors, which are themselves cut more vertically down the front edge, and appear to be more sharply angled toward the front down the rear edge. The headlights are much cleaner looking than the 996 lights, though not particularly exciting. The 19 inch wheels are very notable, again adding to the completeness and the proportion of the overall design of the car. The 997 18 inch wheels look weak by comparison. I am liking the S wheels better, but am not yet thrilled with them.

    The interior hit me at first as too busy, too much aluminum and plastic, but I gradually liked it better. The chronograph is very high quality, and I would definitely order it. The round steering wheel as a design is interesting (and reminiscent of 356 cars), but the aluminum/plastic horn surround looks very cheap to me. I would order the 997 type wheel, with as much leather of wood or carbon as you could get. Ditto for some of the door pulls and the center console. The sport seats are supportive, but you should sit in them before you order. I am fairly trim, and I noticed the sides pinching in a bit, which might irritate over along trip, especially during colder months when you wear sweaters or coats.

    I did not think the car looked well in black somehow (and I have had several black Porsches). Maybe it was because the weather was hot, or the dealership was crowded, but I kept wanting the new car to announce itself more, to show off its new details. Like RC, I would like this car in red, or something with a bit of color.

    Some final comments for this long post. The 997 is clearly a move toward precision and driver amenities. It "feels" technical and precise inside--a bit too much so for my taste. But the exterior design is the best ever for a 911, and will get better with the gt3, turbo and other variants.

    I do think, and this gets us into an old debate, that Porsche could find a real niche for itself in the luxury GT market. I mean in addition to, not in place of, the 911. Standing in front of the Casino and the Hotel de Paris (which is surely one of the best exotic car viewing spots in the world--in 20 minutes I saw a Maybach, an Enzo, a Murcielago, a Gallardo, and too many Modenas and Mercedes AMGs to mention) I kept wanting to see a stunning new Porsche to compete. I would have been satisfied for sure if a Carrera GT had been there, but the car I kept getting drawn to was the Bentley GT. In a deep blue color, with saddle interior, it was stunning. If Porsche would ever enter that market niche, with its history of racing and design, I know there is an additional market there. Just musing, but still wishing.

    Re: Monaco/997 Impressions

    Thx for insightful writeup. 997TTS should hold its own in Monte Carlo when it arrives.....although surprised to not have a few CGTs milling around Monte Carlo....not a good datapoint re: CGT's cachet in the mecca for high-end cars....P should park a CGT in front of the relevant places in MC to avoid "misunderstandings" re: CGT's desirability

    Re: Monaco/997 Impressions

    Thanks for the post. I felt it mostly the same. Though, I saw a seal grey and an arctic silver 997 as well. They all look beautiful.
    One thing, and I think the only thing I like more on the 996 than the 997 are the door handles. They fel and looked more confident on the 996... but well, that is personal.

    Re: Monaco/997 Impressions

    Thanks for taking the time to right a thoughtful piece

    Re: Monaco/997 Impressions

    We are in Monaco for another few days, so I will report any CGT sightings and crowd reaction. For now, Ferrari owns the crowds, with the Bentley a close runner up.

    Re: Monaco/997 Impressions

    So Bentley is 2nd? No DB9 presence? Interesting....



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