throt said:
robbo said:
Congrats Eddie hardly "a poor mans car" but i know what you meant .I have owned my 997s for 6 months now and as a first time Porsche owner like yourself they do drive very different to your average bmw /merc etc.Steering will feel a tad fidgety at first but you will soon realize its because you feel very connected to the road and the smallest of driver inputs can influence the car ,hence why its regarded as the most involving drive available.Also you may notice the balance of the car is obviously tail heavy and this is great fun on the C2 as you can floor it out of a junction and have the tail snaking up the road Just be careful and at first leave the psm switched on .I switched it off and put sport mode on and beleive me the car will spin very quickly and you can be caught out .This taught me to respect this wonderful car and learn to drive it which i am still doing now .Also these cars come alive at the higher rev range and the engines feel stronger and the sound is amazing at 5000RPM and above so you have that to look forward to.Beleive me you wont be disappointed the 997 is a truly awesome drive so enjoy my friend

You make me feel superb ..


I can feel the cars feedback just reading ,, ERE hang on I will have a go eddie ..

throt ..