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    Wiesmann Roadster MF 4


    I went to Dülmen recently to visit the Wiesmann factory and have a look at their cars. I have seen some models from a distance on car shows and am quite intrigued by their design ("classic English sports car") combined with - I suppose - a certain reliability (BMW engines and drive train). Without the latter, I would never dare to consider a small, unknown car manufacturer.

    It was a fun trip: I drove down there in my 911 (997 carrera 2) and did some Autobahn; in a way it justifies the existence of a car that can do more than 200 km/h Smiley (that as a side note).

    People at the factory were very kind and professional / true car enthusiasts and offered me a test drive in their Roadster MF 4. For those not that familiar with the car, it has the BMW V8 of the latest 5 series (double twin turbo, 600 NM of torque with 407 bhp) and does not weigh as much, so it has good performance figures (0-100 in 4,6 seconds). I must say that I was quite impressed Smiley Exhaust sounds wonderful, BMW auto gearbox is smooth for cruising and fast enough (no slip) for quick changes. The car felt very special to me due to its special interior (all leather but for the rest very basic interior), its seating position (low, high door sills), its exterior (have a look for yourself) and it gave me a big smile on my face (similar as the first time I drove a 911 7 years ago). I did not do Autobahn with it, nor fast corners so my experience on the chassis is limited but it felt good: not as stiff as my 911, but good levels of grip. I enjoyed every second of it.

    I am not in the market for another car right now (I need to type that as otherwise my wife would kill me SmileySmileySmiley - she does like the Wiesmann design), but I just wonder...

    I really like my 911. To me, it's fast as well. It has a unique driving feel to it (those who have one will certainly now what I mean), it's practical as well (I sometimes go shopping with it or go away for a weekend), it should be reliable as well (I do not want to start a RMS discussion here) and because it can do it all, it certainly is a great car.

    The Wiesmann has a smaller trunk, no rear seats (I use mine to put in some friends from time to time or as additional luggage space). It is not as easy to get in and out nor to have a good overview of the car (less practical for narrow streets and parking - all things I do with my 911). However, the Wiesmann was so much fun. You can feel it is hand build by people that care and are enthusiast about it, certainly not by bean counters. You can have the body of an English roadster together with stability control, build in GPS, iPod connection, two airbags and a modern BMW engine... Maybe I can also add that with the rumbling sound at 3000 rpm and roadster is more fun at low speeds  (which is better for my driver's license).

    My question now is why not more people have them and why I can only find a handful posts here on this forum. Obviously, it is not cheap (coupé starts at 109 k EUR, roadster at 117 k EUR), but you would pay similar prices for a well equipped 997 carrera S or an Aston Martin V8 Vantage but get a much more exclusive car (they only built 1400 cars or so, not per year but in total until now) which you can have serviced by every BMW dealership (for the record, I have no shares in either BMW or Wiesmann Smiley). Your thoughts on this will be much welcomed...

    I did not have a camera with me, but for those interested:

    Official website:

    A clip I found (not me making idiot face):

    MF5 with M5 V10 engine:

    Kind regards Smiley2626_4800_2_WIESM_Wallpaper_Roadster_MF4_1_size_4_3.jpg2776_341_0_gt_mf4_galerie_exterieur_10.jpg



    Re: Wiesmann Roadster MF 4

    Interesting post - thanks for sharing.   If the Weismann had been certified and sold over here in North America, I am sure we would have strongly considered it at the time we were replacing our 2002 BMW M Coupe last year..... Weismann is a similar emotional, powerful, and somewhat traditional or old-school and simple approach to  a sports car.     But, we ended up with a 911S PDK, and after only a month's driving and getting to understand the capabilities of a 911, I am now sure that my wife (who does most of the in-city sports car kilometres) would never to back to the old school approach.   Sometimes it is good NOT to replace your car with something that is an exact match. 


    2010 Audi S5,  2009 Porsche 911S



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