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    2004 C4S convertible vs. 2003 C4S

    I left the sunny days of California and the wonderful (yet inexpensive) driving of a pair of convertibles, a 1996 M-Edition Miata and a more serious 1995 Nissan 300zx convertible.
    Moved to Switzerland and decided it was time to put away the idea of a convertible for a while... live in Zurich and coming into my first winter now I hear the snow in the city isn't significant, but will want the option of driving up to the mountains to ski.

    So thinking hardtop all the way, likely a 2003 C4S...
    But then an aquaintance has this beautiful 2004 C4S convertible he's willing to part with... and I start thinking "hmm, convertible".

    What do you loyal, educated and experienced forum members think?
    Particularly around 5 points:
    - convertible top at speeds of 150-200km/hr or beyond?
    - engine volume in convertible (I love the flat-6 sound as much as anyone; sounded great in the hardtop car, but just wondering if in a soft-top it will prevent all conversation in the car?
    - handling/flex?
    - look?
    - snow? If I drive to the mountains and must leave the car outside, will this be my dumbest move yet to leave a convertible under snow?

    Look forward to your help... and to soon knowing what it feels like to own such a fine machine each and every day.

    Re: 2004 C4S convertible vs. 2003 C4S

    First of all welcome to zurich!

    Second: you will see that everyone around here takes convertibles only with hardtop since temperature, expecially around january or february normally drops a lot below zero (last year it was strangely hot but the year before it was -15*C some days)

    Relative to space...well you have less space then with a coupe and sometimes is useful to be able to put something on the rear seats too.

    Third...over 200km/h the car gets very noisy but i've been driving my M3 convertible up to 300km/h. The idea is: if you drive a lot over 200km/h and for long then the convertible is not for you (at least in my opinion since to me it was very tiring when i did 1000km in a row speeding a bit)

    Engine volume? not an issue until 150-160km/h

    Flexibility? not a big issue but others can tell you more since i've been driving a c4S cabrio but only for a short while.

    Re: 2004 C4S convertible vs. 2003 C4S

    The convertible is likely to keep better value, especially the 4S! I think with the hardtop you have a nice all year machine

    Re: 2004 C4S convertible vs. 2003 C4S

    As far as noise is concerned, 996-generation convertibles are so well made that there's really very little difference in "normal" everyday use. Obviously, if you spend your whole time on the wrong (or should that be right ) side of 200 kph, then you will have a quieter time in a coupé. But if you do, living in Switzerland, you won't be doing so for long... The local fuzz is hardly known for its sense of humour and high speed tolerance levels.

    A more practical concern is the lack of space IMO. It does make a difference. You don't mention whether you have kids or not, but if you're planning to put a couple in the back, they will be much more confortable in the coupé. The other practical issue is the hardtop, which is a pain in the ass. Even though it is quite simple to fit, you need 2 people to handle it and it takes up useful space where ever it's stored.
    I'd never go for a hardtop unless it comes as standard, which is the case for the 996 generation cabriolets.



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