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    911 Gen 2 - What oil do I need in UK?

    As subject really....

    what oil do I need to top up my new gen2 911? 

    how difficult is it to put in the car?  do i need some sort of funnel or anything?

    how do i know I am putting in say 0.8L ?  do you just guess?

    Thanks for your help,


    Re: 911 Gen 2 - What oil do I need in UK?

    you need

    Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic 0w40 

    I bought a 4L bottle (cheap at costco) and a 1L (which i keep in my car) the 1 L has a measurement on the side of every 100ml and then i just top it  back up from the 4L bottle

    Also when measuring the oil make sure you are on a level surface as you can get odd readings(try a few readings in different locations ) it doesnt measure increments either between the marks so if say you have 3 bars filled it may only just over but would fill the whole 3rd bar 

    Also i would only fill by 0.4 at a time and then check. and its always best to keep it under the max line than on it

    I keep mine one mark off the max line 

    Oh and make sure you DONT by the Turbo Diesel oil....(which says Turbo diesel on it but easy to make a mistake as it looks similar)


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    Re: 911 Gen 2 - What oil do I need in UK?

    forgot to say you dont need a funnel as when you undo the oil cover it pulls right out (a long tube) and there is a lip to put the bottle on, a 1L bottle is easier to control anything bigger like a 4L is difficult to pour




    997.2 C2S Guards Red

    Re: 911 Gen 2 - What oil do I need in UK?

    thanks mate :)

    When you say check the oil after you pour a bit how do you do that?  The engine needs to be hot to check oil and I thought you are not supposed to add oil with a warm engine?  (even if you can, wouldnt you burn yourself)

    Also there is 5 bars altogether 3 large ones and 2 small ones - do you mean when you fill it you fill it to the 3rd large bar (only 1 small bar at the top is not lit up / 1 small and 3 large).

    Mine is currently at the first large bar at the bottom - how does that sound for oil consumption in 1000miles?



    Re: 911 Gen 2 - What oil do I need in UK?

    Engine just needs to be warm to check oil and engine must be idling, i normally drive 2 miles or so then check the oil. then to fill i just switch the engine off and then fill 0.4L(if it needs it) and then close the oil cap and engine lid and then turn on and then switch the engine back on and check again (you will notice it goes up a bar, but sometimes it can jump 2 as it only takes a little bit to fill the next bar)

    • the max level is the second bar from the top next to the arrow  (the  small one above that is over the maximum)

    • the minimum level is the second off bottom gain next to an arrow ( the small one below is under minimum)

    and yes there are there big bars between minimum and maximum 

    sounds like you need 0.4 of oil in which would fill up 2 large bars? i suggest this as untill you get used to it its better  having just under max than over it

    I have used 1.5 L since i got the car and have got around 2700 miles on the clock 

    they say about 1L every 1000 miles is average

    997.2 C2S Guards Red

    Re: 911 Gen 2 - What oil do I need in UK?

    and about burning actually says in the manual that be careful of hot engine parts!

     but ive not had a problem 


    997.2 C2S Guards Red



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