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    Normal clutch wear?

    Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone can give me some input on an issue. I have had my 03 Boxster for a little over a year now, and have clocked 24,000 miles. I drive it pretty aggressive most of the time. I learned how to drive on a standard transmission, and most of my cars have been one. I just(today) replaced a completly worn clutch on the boxster. It seems a bit pre-mature to me, but I don't know. Am I doing something wrong in the way I drive? Many people talk about "rideing the clutch" I fell a bit embarrased ask ing this, but what exactly does that mean? I think I know, but have never asked. I am pretty sure I drive it correctly, and wonder if it could be from to many spirited drives over the Santa Monica mountains on the way to the malibu area. I do turn hard into the corners, and downshift, popping out the clutch and really getting on the car through the corner. It seems right and the natural thing to do. Like I said I have had prvious stick shifts over the past ten years, so I think I am driving correctly. I have also let various friends and family of varying driving skills, borrow the car for a night. Could it be the times they drove? Last thing, anybody else replace their clutch this earlier, on any of your cars? Sorry for such a long and boring post, but any info would be greatly appreciated

    Re: Normal clutch wear?

    Did you actually see the clutch plate to verify that it was worn past service limits? Unless you pop the clutch every time you drive the car, this is very fishy. I have never gone less than 125,000 miles on a clutch.

    Re: Normal clutch wear?

    yeah, clutch was worn, I could also tell by the pedal, and the way it drove the last couple weeks. It had to be done. I have let about twenty different people drive, almost all with no Porsche experience. I think that was a mistake. Also like I said, I do pop the clutch alot (launching). Dealer acted like this was normal, if you drive it hard. Other than that everything else is perfect on the caar, so I guess I did just abuse the clutch too much. Any more input would be great

    Re: Normal clutch wear?

    Riding the clutch means to drive with your foot on the clutch all the time so that it's partially disengaged continuously. This could happen if you used the clutch as a footrest or perhaps kept your foot on the clutch "at the ready" so you could disengage quickly. Obviously, driving with the clutch continuously partially disengaged will cause premature wear so this was the basis for the question.

    24k seems a bit early to me but I know there are those on this board who would say that's about average. And, I see you have a response from someone who thinks 125k should be minimum. I drive very aggressively myself and pop the clutch a good bit but still get about 60 to 75k on a clutch.

    Re: Normal clutch wear?

    My 996 Turbo is approaching 180'000 km, and it still runs on its original clutch. I do a lot of track-days, but don't drop the clutch too much... If you do it, it's obvious the clutch won't last as long.

    Re: Normal clutch wear?

    Thanks guys, I thought that was what was meant by riding the clutch. I don't do that, but I think the problem may be to many times dropping the clutch and launching. I think I will do that very little this time.

    Re: Normal clutch wear?

    Danny, it all depends how you drive. I do a fair amount of work on a 350Z I have, and have been through 3 different types of clutches with it because I race it on the track. Depending on what the clutch is rated for it will last longer. It was definitely premature wear from abuse. When you do a lot of hard launches from a dig most stock clutches form "hot spots" on the clutch surface. I have had this happen and finally found a nice clutch for the Z rated for a lot more holding force. Perhaps this is something you should look into for the Boxster (that or a twin-disc cerametallic one that has wear plates. Perhaps you ride the clutch a bit without noticing it, or feather it too much and smoke it a little bit when you roll off the line. It could be any number of things. We have an '00 Boxster S as well with about 30k miles and the stock clutch is still going strong...

    All I know is that if you can afford the cost of a clutch replacement, then do it and have fun with the car. A clutch is a part meant to be replaced eventually, (with few exceptions) like tires or other wear items. So long as you are having fun and can justify the expenses of hard driving, go nuts and enjoy the benefits!

    Re: Normal clutch wear?

    If it makes you feel better - I know a guy that went through 2 clutches in less than 4000 miles!! Over-revving and popping the clutch at stop lights to get a quick jump off the line. He now has a Tip.

    Re: Normal clutch wear?

    Stephen said:
    If it makes you feel better - I know a guy that went through 2 clutches in less than 4000 miles!! Over-revving and popping the clutch at stop lights to get a quick jump off the line. He now has a Tip.

    I just hope it wasn't you, was it?

    Danny, maybe you want to check on these vids:

    It's a hassle to load them on the computer, but they might help.

    I guess you could wear out the clutch in one single night, if you have someone borrowed the car who doesn't know how to drive a clutch.

    I haven't had any experiences like that on any car. If you follow some rules, you shouldn't have any problems.
    Step on the gas when the clutch is fully engaged, otherwise the engine's power might cause the flywheel/clutch connection to break loose again - you will hear it, if there is no correlation between engine and vehicle speed.
    The higher you rev on a stand-still launch the more stress you put on the clutch. Bear this in mind.
    The above comments are also helpful.
    Leave your left foot on the footrest, not on the clutch - even if you just touch it slightly it might wear out faster.

    Otherwise you might try a different clutch, but I could imagine that this puts more stress on the gearbox then!


    Re: Normal clutch wear?

    Thanks everyone. I replaced the clutch, and had forgotten just how the car should feel. It drives like the first day I got it! Everything else on the car is perfect, and I am planning on not abusing the clutch so much this time. I am still going to have fun, but just not launch it so much. I don't ride the clutch, most of the time my foot is on the dead pedal, so I guess its just from hard driving.



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