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    997 C2 Catalyst

    My car recently developed a rattling noise coming from the back and at idle (not sure whether it is there at 4000 rpm - the engine sound covers a lot Smiley). Would have guessed at a muffler or some sort of heat shield... Turns out to be one of the catalysts, which obviously is not covered by Porsche extended warranty.

    The German dealership indicated that einer der beiden Katalysatoren einen Keramik Kern Abriss hat. Not being a German native, I understand from that the ceramic core is broken off or so (please feel free to correct me). Apparently, this is quite rare and the (German) dealership asked Porsche AG to intervene. Curious to see how that will go... Reparation will otherwise cost EUR 2,100 (there are worse things in life, but being stuck with a bill just for that, I could have done nicer things with the money).

    Sow, my questions:

    • Do you think Porsche AG will intervene?
    • Anyone had this before?
    • Big chance that the second will let go in due course (car having a symmetric layout on this I suppose)? I am looking for arguments to convince my wife we should sell before other costs come and trade in for the marvelous 991 I test-drove in the meantime Smiley

    For information:

    • Car is 7 years old
    • Always maintained with Porsche
    • 92,000 km
    • Always fueled at reputable suppliers (Shell, Total) and highest octane level
    • Rarely short trips, but since I walk to work, I do not use the car every week, but sometimes do trips of 1,000 km a weekend
    • Only bought the cars 2 years / 27,000 km ago (so I do not know how it was driven before)

    Re: 997 C2 Catalyst

    It is not entirely uncommon, in the sense that I have heard of this before. It has happened to me as well (albeit not in a 997). At close to 100.000km it is entirely possible that a ceramic catalytic converter may fail. In my opinion, Porsche AG will not intervene, unless they have an exceptional relationship with your dealer.

    Word of caution: Conceivably, you can damage the engine if a large piece melts and breaks off so as to completely block the exhaust! 

    One can increase the chances of eventual failure with a prolonged combination of high engine load and high rpm's. This will quickly heat up the catalytic converters. In fact, the Motronic ECU (common also to Audis, VW, et al) has a built-in safety, whereby when running high rpm's at full throttle the mixture is eventually enriched to help cool things down. (This is based on a static model of the whole exhaust system  - the only sensor used to trigger the enrichment is the exhaust gas temperature).

    Re: 997 C2 Catalyst

    Thanks for the feedback and technical explanations.

    Maybe the car has been driven to slow before I had it and my full throttle Autobahn rides at 260 km/h and above killed it off then... Hey, if you can't do that anymore with a Porsche Smiley Seems I got lucky nothing broke on my way to the dealer. I suppose if something really blocks the exhaust you would notice a lack of power.

    Do you know whether there is one catalyst for each cylinder row or are they placed behind one another? If it is one per row, I suppose the next one could die quickly as well Smiley

    Re: 997 C2 Catalyst

    Got a call today from my magnificent PZ in Trier, confirming that Porsche AG will pick up the costs for the reparation. wink Personally, this contributes to my perception of the brand as I would not have believed they would do so.

    Re: 997 C2 Catalyst

    In the US -

    There are three specified major emission control components,
    covered for the first 8 years or 80,000 miles of vehicle use on 1995
    and newer vehicles:

    * Catalytic converters.

    * The electronic emissions control unit or computer (ECU).

    * The onboard emissions diagnostic device or computer (OBD).



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