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    Nice pictures from a tuned 996 Turbo comparison

    Enjoy. If you need more information, ask.






    Cool pics. Thanx!

    The last one is Manthay Racing near Nürburgring?? That is a pretty wild looking car with the extra intercoolers. Not exactly for those who want to see the heart beating though is it? Any details???


    Re: Yummie!

    Right, Stephen. Manthay.

    They claim 550 HP for this car but I actually think that something around 700 HP are more likely. The Manthay was the only one to do the 0-200 kph acceleration under 10 seconds. The other three tuned Turbos had between (claimed) 530 and 588 HP and had a 0-200 kph time of around 12.2-12.7 seconds, around 2 seconds faster than the stock Turbo and practically as fast as the GT2.

    Re: Yummie!

    RC, they might have meant 550 rear wheel hp or about 650 flywheel hp.

    Re: Yummie!

    0-200 in under 10 seconds is very impressive CJ. I can't imagine that without gobs of power.

    The car certainly has the looks.

    RC, is it Manthay or Manthey? The one I know is Manthey:

    I've seen lots of their work at Nürburgring. They are a favourite there. Most of my friends use them and they are highly recommended. In fact, I had been thinking of taking my car to them.

    But so far what I've seen has been race tuning. This appears to be an entirely new level for them, if it is them. And as an opening shot, it certainly is impressive. Makes the rest look like also-rans.

    And you have to know that it will be fast at Nürburgring.

    As I said, Yummie!!


    Re: Nice pictures from a tuned 996 Turbo comparison

    You are killing me RC can't handle this kind of info and pictures .

    Awsome pictures thanks. I had never heard of Edo and Manthey, very interesting I learn something new every day cool

    Re: Yummie!


    I believe 200 kph is equal to 124 mph. RC did not say how much under 10 seconds. If they were running in the mid 9's or better, I would have some trouble. I have run 136 mph in 10.72 seconds. It sounds like they would make for some interesting competition.

    Re: Yummie!

    Which car magazine was this comparison published in? It should make for an interesting read.

    Re: Nice pictures from a tuned 996 Turbo comparison

    0-200 in less than 10 secs is amazing!
    They had surely more than 550 hp, and I suspect that the gear ratios might have been touched also.
    What's up with that tail spoiler though!

    Re: Nice pictures from a tuned 996 Turbo comparison

    The Manthey is also supposed to be 63 kgs lighter than the stock version...

    WOW- what mag?


    Re: Techart headlamp 'surounds'

    I kinda like those (painted to car color) headlamp surounds on the Techart.......are they commercialy available yet?....GreggT

    Re: Manthay tuning job, 700 hp or 550 hp??? engine longevity

    Ok, I have a question... RC said they claim 550 but 700 hp is more likely... 700 at the flywheel? And if so, doesn't the owner run the risks that were talked about in earlier discussion threads namely, that the max output of the turbo engine is around 550 hp without seriously redoing a lot of the internals? And even so, the lifespan of the engine would be seriously reduced?...

    Does Manthay do exactly that?... a tuned engine with new components such as new cams, new flywheel, clutch, connecting rods, rod bolts, etc...? Or will the owner of the Manthay tuned tt996 enjoy it for all of, say, 5000 km before the engine goes kaput (technical term here!).

    I ask the question because I am definately interested in trying to achieve better than 550 hp out of my car, but take very seriously the risks talked about.I want to have a tuned solution that delivers outrageous power without seriously compromising engine life. Can I have my cake and eat it too? Could someone help clear up my confusion?



    Re: brookstt996, engine longevity

    Seeing that Manthey is a race tuner, I would be almost certain that then engine has been rebuilt. Hey RC, what magazine was this test published in anyway? The engine info should be available in there in my opinion...


    The article was published in "AutoBild Test & Tuning", No 11, November 2002.

    Manthey charges EUR 52,000 for the engine modifications, the body kit is approximately EUR 22,000, suspension EUR 6,000. Total cost of modifications is close to EUR 140,000



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