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    Spring is here... apparently

    Guys, this is slightly off topic but I need some sympathy after a week that cannot go down in history as a great one...

    Having relieved my wife, attending to our 3 month old son at the hospital on sunday, who it eventually was concluded had caught a virus (which my wife also suffered from on sunday), I spent 48 hours in the hospital before he was fit enough to go home. On monday I got a call from my wife, something had happened to our car, a C32 AMG estate...

    The thing is, winter's been long and cold this year in Sweden, but apparently, spring is coming...

    A friend of mine helped drive my wife home from the hospital and parked the car right next to the house in the yard, where we usually park it. In the past few weeks we have on and off, parked it a few meters down because the snow on the roof, if it would fall down (which never has happened on that side of the house before).

    On the other side of the house the snow came down as a veritable avalanche 2 weeks ago and now we thought, humm, maybe it's safe and what is left has started to melt away instead of falling down... Man, was I wrong...

    My wife were climbing out of bed after hearing some minor snow falling from the roof, thinking "I better move the car" and then bang... All of it, right on top of the car...

    The guy at the workshop said the roof looked like a bird bath ... Apparently, they replace the whole roof of the car and the inside ceiing. Some dents on the hood and bent wiper blades ... Total cost $5000. Good to have an insurance? Right you are would it not have been for the bonus reduction making it a total cost of $1500 for me (still better than forking over 5k though)...

    On the bright side of things:

    It was just the car!!!

    Would it have been a family member it would have been a disaster. Luckily my daughter was napping and not playing in the yard. I would never forgive myself if anything would have happened.

    Next winter I'll either have some guys over to clear the roof or put up some kind of slide protection at the bottom of it. Definately!

    And spring is comin g as well!


    Re: Spring is here... apparently


    This is such an interesting story. Thanx for posting it.




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