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    I´ve got a new Cayenne Turbo

    Hi Guys,

    Finnaly, I bought a Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2011, second hand with 45000 kms from Qatari Owner. Yes the car "born" here in the desert of Qatar. I heard something like all European & American countries which produce cars for Middle East Market are a bit different, because they are ready for working with very high temperature. I do not know if that is true or not. Anyway, after one year I will bring with my to Spain where the temperature never reach over 40 degree and my car will be very happy...

    The car is with full options, white with brown interior and full black glasses like Arabic Style. i have noted some issues with this car and I am a bit concern ...

       1.- Squeeling in my brake which is annoying... I do not know why this issue happen, maybe because is approach to replace the brake pad and discs or excess of dust on the discs.. Any thorough ? The brake sensor is still switch off...

       2.- Yesterday switched on the light of lack of pressure of 0.3 in left rear tyre...on the other hand, this tyre has still 3.0 bar... is it a fail sensor and need to desert in workshop? It is strange..

       3.- Sometimes, switch on the light of PDCC failed... maybe there is a leak in the circuit, I have to go to Porsche workshop...

    The rest, the car is amazing and goes veeery well, so funny and I think it is a great car... but I am concern with those minor issues...

    Maybe, have I to resell the car? or fixing those issues i am getting the "perfect" one?

    Thanks everyone!!!






    Re: I´ve got a new Cayenne Turbo

    Hey Brito - congrats to your new car!  Good luck with fixing those issues, a Porsche Center should be easily handling those!

    Enoy that beast!


    Re: I´ve got a new Cayenne Turbo

    Congrats and welcome to Rennteam...

    Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... That's what gets you.

    Re: I´ve got a new Cayenne Turbo

    Congrats and welcome! kiss



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    Re: I´ve got a new Cayenne Turbo

    Hi Brito, and congratulations.  

    i have a 2009 Cayenne Turbo S, and have had similar issues with PDCC, brake squealing and tire pressure lights.  Don't worry about them.  The PDCC issue seems to be an electrical quirk, as my "Chassis System Faulty" light ofter comes on.  Just stop and restart the car when you can, and the light should disappear.  Brake squeal is normally a function of dust in the rotors.  Just have the car wash folks spray high pressure water between the calipers and rotors, and squeal should go away.  On the tire sensor, it is set to warn you at least 10% above any problem.  You probably have  slow leak, or the sensor is affected by outside temperature.  The lower the temperature, the lower the tire pressure, and then the sensor will give you a warning.

    Minor issues, so enjoy your car...











    Re: I´ve got a new Cayenne Turbo

    The chassis fault were usually benign but two times there were actually real issues (one was a leak in a line)...

    Re: I´ve got a new Cayenne Turbo

    Congratulations and welcome to Rennteam. Smiley

    I hope you bought your car from a dealer with a warranty. The Cayenne is quite reliable but repairs can be costly.

    Enjoy and have fun. Smiley



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