I'm a student from Denmark, and I would like to ask a little unusual favour from all of you.

I am taking a class, where I'm learning how to use computers for recording, composing and transforming music and sounds.

At the moment I am writing this paper on, how to use sounds from a Porsche 911 to make music that somehow capture the essence of the brand Porsche. To do this properly, I have to compose two pieces of soundscapes/music (they are both). The goal for these two pieces of music is, that they should be useful in a marketing context or as the means of "branding" Porsche, perhaps as a gimmick on the web or at a carshow.

I have finished the first of the two pieces of music, which have somehow failed in reaching it's goal, and now I am looking for answers on how I can better achieve the goal. Therefore I would like to take 20 minutes of your time to answer a few questions, then listen to the first piece: "Sunny Porsche Sunday" and then answer a few more questions.
Your answers will be of great help to me, when I'm composing the last piece and writing the paper, so I thank you in advance!

If you don't feel like answering all the questions, just answer as much as you feel like - I need all the feedback I can get:

Questions - The questions may overlap a little:

first round (please answer before listening to the music):

1. Name the (3-10) sounds from your Porsche you first think of, when you think about your Porsche.
2. Name the 3 sounds from your Porsche you think are the most beautiful, and please specify why?
3. How would you describe your Porsche in only 5 words?
4. What feelings does driving a Porsche evoke inside of you?

Now I would like to ask you to download the track, listen to it and then answer a few more questions. All sounds used in this piece, originate from a Porsche 911:

http://www.itu.dk/~petal/Porsche1/Sunny%20Porsche%20Sunday.mp3 (3,5 MB)

Second round:

1. Did it sound like you expected?
- If no - Why not? (and if possible, what did you expect? )
- If yes - What do you think made it sound like you expected?
2. Did you start to loose interest before the track was finished? - If yes when and why?
3. Were there any sounds in this track you particularly liked or disliked and why?
4. What do you think could be done different in this piece of music, to make it better catch the essence of Porsche?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much for your time!

Best regards,
Thomas Jeppesen
Email: petal@itu.dk