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    NAV disk update???

    Bought a 05 CS a few months ago, and so far am amazed at how well i like the car. didn't really want the nav, but wound up with it because of the deal my wife made (she buys all my cars ). The disc for the nav was burned in 2004, and looking on the company website, there is no mention of a new disc coming out anytime soon. I ask because according to the disc, most of the town i live in (springdale, ar) doesn't exist. While nav isn't bad on long trips, locally, i spend most of my time in blank areas.

    Has anyone heard anything about an update? The company that made the disc has several articles on the web about it detailing their financial troubles. Are we about to be the next NeXT computer?


    Re: NAV disk update???

    I have not heard of any new discs. I would suggest you talk to a porsche dealer and see what they say.

    Re: NAV disk update???

    the porsche dealer knew less than i did. i did also email the this in reply.

    start quote
    Thank you for contacting NAVTEQ.

    The current version is 2004.2 (released December 2004). The next version
    release date has yet to be determined. Please go to our website at and register and we will notify
    you by postcard when updates are available.

    Springdale, Arkansas has Inter-Town Coverage which is just major roads
    and highways.

    As far as coverage, here's some background information:

    There are three types of coverage in our NAVTEQ data: Full Coverage,
    Detailed Coverage, and Inter-Town Coverage. Full Coverage is coverage of
    all named roads within the lower 48 states and Canada. The coverage is
    extensive but not all of our Full Coverage data is street-verified by
    NAVTEQ Geographic Analysts.

    Porsche and Harman Becker (the nav system manufacturer), out of safety
    concerns for the driver, has chosen to use only NAVTEQ street-verified
    data(Detailed and Inter-Town Coverage). Inter-Town Coverage covers only
    the major roads and highways and Detailed Coverage covers mostly the
    major metropolitan areas. This may be why Porsche users aren't seeing
    coverage for some cities and towns in the current DVD map. Over time,
    Full-Coverage areas will become Detailed Coverage, but this is manual
    and time-consuming effort since Detailed Coverage roads are verified by
    our Geographic Analysts by physically driving these streets.

    stop quote

    while there are articles about drivers being lead into the desert and stranded by their nav systems, i find it a little irritating that the high dollar unit in the porsche has worse information than the 69 buck STREET ATLAS program.


    Re: NAV disk update???

    nav update from my Tequipment 911 book

    "System and map update for navigation systems using data-format from Model Year 2005. Provides higher level of detail for the US, destination input with zipcode/postcode search, and integration with the optional electronic logbook. To find out which data version your PCM is using, please consult your local Porsche dealer. part no. 000 044 900 89"

    Not sure if this gives you a new disk or not. I also don't know if this has to be returned to the dealer for this update. I would hope I could put the disk in and it just updated itself but that would be too easy.

    Re: NAV disk update???

    Check out this link and join the campaign!
    Top of list should read "CD/DVD form letter to PCNA HQ Authourizing Navteq to Update"
    The more letters, the more likely everyone will get an update.



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