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    I watched the video last night.

    Or most of it anyway. I got sleepy and went to bed. My son watched it with me. About halfway through he jumped up and said he was going to draw me a picture. This is what he came back with.

    We'll work on that spelling.

    For those of you who have not seen it, I believe 3/4 of this is on the Cayenne website in various locations. Most of it on the Arrival section.

    Re: I watched the video last night.

    Very smart. He's a keen observor, especially on the shape of the building (lower left), wow.

    Can't wait to get my son interested in Porsche and Porsche stuff. I'm counting on him as my gateway to conviencing my wife so I can change my Porsche more frequently . He is 5 months now but training is already in session

    Re: I watched the video last night.

    Ron, pretty soon he won't be helping you but himself. My wife was 5 months pregnate when we went to Germany to pick up a 944 Turbo, so he was indoctrinated early. NOW at 16 he does not understand why he doesn't have his own (a Speed Yellow Boxster S). He just started negotiating a chance to drive the comming 996TT to school.

    Re: I watched the video last night.

    Hey there... I have 4 children-- ages 6-16 boys and girls, all of whom love to travel in the Boxster and the 996 tt... And yes, they make for a good cheerleading section for keeping, preserving, tuning, and buying new porsches.

    My 9 year old son loves the acceleration to 100 kph! We were on a deserted stretch of road and loved the rush of the wind through his fingers at 280 kph.... Now please... no flamers here... he didn't stick his head out at that speed and there was no traffic, barriers to worry about!

    The only downside... is that if let loose and go really fast, I have some misgivings like I'm telling them it's really ok for them to go insanely fast-- a point which the 16 year old soon-to-be-a-driver-son will make any day now.

    My father drove fast.

    His father-in-law, my grandfather, told him once that he drove too fast and when I grew up and started driving fast he wouldn't be able to say a word about it. And he didn't. In fact, I think he enjoyed driving my race car as much as I did.

    Yes, I'm afraid the day will come. Sooner for you than me.



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