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    Possible upgrade to Xenons on Cayenne?


    Well i have been in the market to lease a porsche cayenne S for almost a month now. I simply cannot find a car built exactly the way i want! I have been looking for a Lapis Blue metallic cayenne S with Havana Sand Beige interior. I wanted my cayenne basically as fully loaded as possible with Navigation, Bi-Xenons and Air suspensions as must haves. I have called all the dealers in the Los Angeles are, and no one seems to have the car im looking for. Well few days ago the Beverly Hills dealer found a cayenne similar to the one I want. With almost all options, however it was missing the Bi-Xenons! I was hearthbroken when i first saw it and wasnt really interested in buying it. However after thinking about it, i was wondering if it would be possible at all to upgrade to the Bi Xenons or atleast bright nice xenons from the regulars lights? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, as the dealer said that they would not be able to do the task.

    Also the car had 18 inch Cayenne rims, which i think are really ugly I want to upgrade them, but would you guys recommend for me to upgrade them to the cayenne 19 or 20 inch rims from the dealer or should i get it with the 18s and upgrade to nice aftermarket 20s like some techarts or HRE's latter on? What would you guys advice me to do?

    Thank you,
    Michael Ashikian

    Re: Possible upgrade to Xenons on Cayenne?

    try to find a car with bi-xenon again!!! I'm sure they have it, since you are living in LA, I think 22" looks better ^^
    there is a really good shop in Santa Monica, called Lucenmotors, find the guy called Arling, he will do all the installation and just order the parts from him, he is an awesome person with the best price!!

    Re: Possible upgrade to Xenons on Cayenne?

    Well there are many many cayennes with Bi-Xenons here... almost all of them have to to be honest with you. However i have not found 1 with the color combination i want that has all 3 of the navigation xenons and air suspension. I have been looking around and i found something like this.

    Would this look nice on the cayenne? would it be possible to instal? I had a freind to installed a HID kit on his 2002 Escalade, they looked gorgeous, much brighter than any xenons i had seen, and his were only 9000k.

    As for the rims i have decided to buy them with the stock 18 inch rims and upgrade to some nice aftermarket either 20 or 22 inch rims.

    Re: Possible upgrade to Xenons on Cayenne?

    Toby Pennycuff has been working on this for some time, trying to install Xenons after-the-fact, and he has not been successful yet. And, I think Toby is a fairly accomplished automotive tinkerer. So ... this is no easy task. It's not even clear yet that it's even possible. If you want the Xenons, save yourself a lot of grief and buy them factory installed.

    Re: Possible upgrade to Xenons on Cayenne?

    be patient and order one with all the options you want, otherwise you'll be very disappointed, trust me on this, I have the same feeling since I don't have the PASM

    why not add PCM

    This is a simple addition - its listed in tequipment. All you have to do then is fine one with PASM and Xenons.



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