Design made by Rinspeed
For 27 years this statement has been synonymous with the exclusive customization of automobiles. Form the very beginning the grand goal always
was to develop unique automobiles that not simply satisfy the need for mobility but also offer endless driving fun without compromises.

The Porsche brand played a decisive role at Rinspeed from the start. The eighties saw great success with the R29 models based on the Porsche 928,
the R69 based on the Porsche Turbo 1 and the Rinspeed Porsche Speedster based on the first Speedster model. These models quickly became the
epitome of exciting sports car design with unique styling and quality.

These high standards remain the same in the new millennium. Our automobiles personify individuality, unique personality, design and functionality
- without compromise.

Based on the models 996, Boxster and Cayenne we have developed an accessories program that leaves almost nothing to be desired.

In the Eighties Rinspeed was one of the world's leading providers of exclusive tuning accessories for Porsche automobiles. The Geneva Motor
Show 1983 saw the world's first Porsche modified by Rinspeed - the Rinspeed 939 Targa.

During the next eight years numerous other extraordinary creations and show cars followed, such as the R39, R69, and R89. Rinspeed AG's
creations found customers all over the world. The exclusivity of design and the proverbial handmade Swiss quality were essential for the popularity
of the distinguished Porsche tuner that went far beyond the Swiss borders.

Then and now Rinspeed created visionary trends that often were incorporated later in similar form into large-scale production by the automotive
industry. In 1993 the work with Porsche products was scaled back without losing the contact and the fascination with the brand. Back to the future.

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