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    Re: MotoGP

    Very strong race start for Ducatis. J Martin...up to 2nd angel

    I expected more from Miller. Disappointing result.

    Mir nearly got the 2nd place but he missed the apex on the last corner...and Ducati power did the rest. No chance on the straight.

    Vinales, well done!


    Re: MotoGP

    J Martin with the pole positionangel

    2 Pramacs





    Re: MotoGP

    J. Martin lead so many laps angel.

    Impressive start for Miguel Oliveira but unfortunately it didnt go well after 5 laps. I read that his bike dashboard went off after the 2nd lap. heart

    Miller and Mir nearly went off the track.

    Quartararo, well deserved win. Two frenchmen in top2.

    Good race as usual kiss


    I need to watch the Moto3 race. Pedro Acosta started from the pit-lane...and won the race! Smiley

    Re: MotoGP

    FP1: 3rd

    FP2: 6th


    Re: MotoGP

    MM93 is just a beast and I suppose he'll be the only one to match the competition with his Honda.

    What's wrong with Morbidell, LY he was 2nd in the championship and now he's riding nowhere.

    Vale is just not at the level anymore, sad but very true 

    Re: MotoGP

    Marquez “exploded” with emotion after "dream" comeback

    Re: MotoGP

    MM did amazingly for his first race since the crash.




    Re: MotoGP

    Great race of MM93, poor race performance of VR46

    TopGun is really a weirdo, he can only perform if he‘s in his zone, if not he‘s just „another rider“ participating at race day.

    Hopefully Fabio will keep his mind focussed for the full season and also Marc is getting back to full strength asap so that we‘ll have some big fights with Rins, Mir, Morbidelli, Zarco & other Ducs.

    What‘s going on with KTM, why did they have such a poor start into the season so far?

    Re: MotoGP

    KTM riders are complaining about the new tires. They are too soft for the KTM bike.

    Another race to forget to Miguel Oliveira. Last race bike's dashboard went off after lap 2. In Portimao his pace was ok in qualifying but for some reason the race didn't go well...and then he crashed. Binder got 5th though.

    Disappointing start of the season for MO88 / KTM. crying



    Re: MotoGP

    MM is giving 101% at Jerez.

    Huge crash in FP3, gladly he was ok.

    He nearly lost control twice in Qualifying. Hes very good at saving it kiss


    Morbidelli 2nd with a 2019 Yamaha.



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