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    Cadillac 16

    This thing deserves a thread of its' own. I found a great video that explains the car in great detail and shows how amazing it is. This car should still be produced today. One of the best looking and certainly best built luxury cars ever made, even Clarkson likes it.  Just a little update on the interior and this would be ready to go.



    Re: Cadillac 16

    Top gears look





    Re: Cadillac 16

    The engine






    Re: Cadillac 16

    No wonder GM had trouble, the decision makers produce the design rejects and ignore the designs that would transform the company into a world leader and move the demographics 20 years younger;


    The Cien - good looking from every angle, a lambo with class






    Re: Cadillac 16

    produce this now





    Re: Cadillac 16

    Agreed, ive seen both concepts in the flesh and they blew me away... So stupid neither was ever put into production even if watered down a bit.

    I think some guy in Dubai tried to buy the C16, can anyone shed some light on it. I doubt he was able to get it road legal and seeing as there's no images he probably failed.....

    But yeah, these were more than just a design study and i loved them. Instead they still have pure shit in their showrooms.


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: Cadillac 16

    Where did you see them?

    It boggles the mind how retahded the upper echelons of US corporate management is. The C16's engine blows the veyron into the weeds and the engine looks better than anything out there except the 177's engine perhaps.

    The Cien is better looking IMO than any other mid-engined car on the road (NO watering down), imagine it in red or black, probably performed amazingly and yet no go.

    Go to the cadillac website today and all you see is as you say is pure shit. It is like these guys TRY to fail. At least these 2 and the ZR-1 and Camaro prove that US car makers have the engineering/design talent, but are hopeless in the boardroom.

    Same with Obama and congress - no HSR, dragging their feet on electric cars and natgas trucking and immigration and nuclear.............................

    They must all be manchurian candidates trying their best to sink the country.

    Re: Cadillac 16

     Not to mention racing the Cadillac brand in LMP2 and then backing away, just when they could have established the brand as world class -- as well as started to develop their own racing culture. They took a 4th at Monza in one race.

    By the way, one of the LMP 2 cars was for sale at a dealership in Florida last summer. Asking price $175,000.



    "When you design a car around the customer's wishes, you get cup holders. When you design a car around innovative thinking, you get a Porsche."

    Re: Cadillac 16

    ^^^I remember the Caddy LMPs and the Caddy CTS ALMS racer. Caddy had something going with both classes, and then moved on to supporting only the Corvette. Shame.


    ...the only thing stopping you in all likelihood, is you!



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