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    Armourfend vs Paintshield in UK

    Am considering some type of paint protection film for my pride and joy. In the UK I have identified armourfend and paintshield as alternative 3M product suppliers.

    Does anyone have any experience of these products and recommendations on fitters? There seems to be plenty of info available on US products, but nothing specific for the UK on a forum search.

    I am particularly keen to know about orange peel effect, paint discolouration, fitting lines, bubbles under surface, longeivity, etc.

    Your views would be welcome!

    Re: Armourfend vs Paintshield in UK

    I had Armourfend installed on my Ferrari 360. I was very happy with the results. The most important factor is the installer. Make sure that you get someone that has applied it to yor make and model of car several times before...It will make all the difference in how good it looks. (Armourfend sent a guy that did a lot of installs for the 360 Challenge he had done dozens of 360's)

    Here are some points that may be of interest
    It takes a few weeks to settle...At first it can look a little bubbly and a bit milky, this will disappear. Warmth can speed up this process.

    It does NOT yellow or alter the paint color...I know this for a fact because I had the stuff installed twice @ 2 years apart....dealership accidently scraped a jack trolley across the nose....ripped the hell out of the armourfend, but it didn't get thru to the paint....I checked the paint after it was removed....exactly the same as the body.

    The stuff works (I never got a chip on the bumper...its as tough as hell)

    GO EASY !!!! It's tempting to cover all manner of body parts in armourfend...Try and resist the urge.
    You really couldn't tell I had the stuff on (I didn't cover the bonnet) The fitting lines are almost invisible....Occasionaly just spray a cocktail stick with detailing spray, and run along the'll get rid of any white polish residue

    Treat it like any other painted surface (ie it can be waxed) It can also be polished if you slightly scuff it....Armourfend say it can't, but it can (have a body shop do it though)

    Re: Armourfend vs Paintshield in UK

    Sorry Stewart I didn't make it clear in the thread....It was one of Armourfend's own installers that did the job for me

    Re: Armourfend vs Paintshield in UK

    Cheers JFraser. Anyone from the UK have an opinion?

    Re: Armourfend vs Paintshield in UK

    stewart997 said:
    Cheers JFraser. Anyone from the UK have an opinion?

    It was being advertised quite heavily in Autocar recently (towards the back) but it isn't in this weeks! I'll have a look in a few back issues and try to get a contact number or web address for you.

    I personally have no interest in it, one of the reasons I chose Arctic Silver for my 997 (apart from the fact it looks gorgeous) was because of the marking of my previous (basalt) was hard work!

    Re: Armourfend vs Paintshield in UK

    I'm an Englishman in LA...I had the Ferrari Armourfended in the UK. Give them a call on +44 (01992) 892896 and ask which of their installers has the most experience on Porsche's...I seem to remember they were very helpful

    Re: Armourfend vs Paintshield in UK

    Cheers Jason. That will teach me to assume profiles tell all!



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