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    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    JimFlat6 said:
    Its a hideous looking car. The new 3 series looks like a BMW had sex with a Honda and then ran to a Triumph TR 7 abortion clinic.

    BMW should update their branding statements to reflect their new company design philosophy.

    The old message: "BMW Fast As Schnell"


    The new message: "BMW Ugly As Hell"

    That car is a nasty piece of design work.

    I agree about the design, but if you are looking for a fast daily driver, this is it. It will go as fast as an E55/63 AMG and for half the money plus a chip.

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    I think the Bangle era of BMW design takes a while to love it. When the 7 series came out (first Bangleised design), I thought yuk. Then the 5(E60) series came out and I grew to love it so much I bought the M5. While I was at the factory picking up the car, I saw all the new cars(Z4 M coupe, 335iC). At first glance, they aren't very impressive. But then as I drove around the Ring and seeing a few of them on the road, I grew to like them. It's an acquired taste.
    And even if there are styling cues of the Civic, there's nothing wrong with that. As ever, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    I have liked the 5 series from the start (for a Bangle design that is ), but still hate the 7 series.
    While the rear of the 3 series sedan/wagon is just bland, the rear of the 3 series coupe/convertible manages to be bland and ugly at the same time.
    Which is a shame, since this car sounds very promising otherwise.

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    I'm back baby YEAH!! (from holiday)

    Autocar first drive:

    It's a very polished product. In fact, fitted with the slick new six-speed auto and splattered with options, it would complement the lives of many prospective M3 owners far better than the car they're currently waiting for. Think of it as that junior GT, and for around Pounds33,000 it is extremely good value.

    I think the coupe looks great in pictures, especially from this angle. And they say it looks even better live:

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    Those are indeed impressive numbers for this model - if you consider that it's about as fast as a std. 997 with tiptronic... What looks promising as well is its weight, barely over 1,5 tons in the above mentioned test. For a grown up four-seater car with this performance quite impressive!

    However I'd be quite reluctant to upgrade this engine with a modified chip. In fact, BMW uses specially coated turbochargers that can cope with higher exhaust temperatures than the regular ones. The advantage is the omoission of additional injection of fuel to cool down the exhaust fumes. An addtitional aspect is the direct injection technology, that can cause the engine to burn carbon black - something that is rather common for diesel engines. After all this is a highly complex engine and if more than 300hp isn't enough for you in that car, I don't know the answer...

    Designwise the X5 and even the 3-series coupe head into a different, promising direction. They lack the simple designcues like the "exebrows" on the 5-series' headlights or the overdrawn tail of the 7-series. I have the assumption that it has to do with the changing leading positions within the company?

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    Test in today's AMS

    335i Coupe Automatic

    0-100km/h: 5.6s

    It was only a short test so no 0-200km/h data but, AMS numbers are a lot slower then the ones by Auto Zeitung.
    Final test will be in next issue of Sport Auto-335i Coupe Supertest!

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    KresoF1 said:
    Another excellent 335i Coupe review, this time in USA.
    Look at dyno results!

    Watch the dyno video in this article and listen to the sound as the engine makes makes it's way towards 7 000 rpm

    In fourth gear it reminds me of the sound the Cessna 340 (twin six cylinder turbo engines, 310 hp each) used to make when I applied full power for takeoff. And I imagine that the thrust is about the same...

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    Temm, that 335i is really nice sounding biturbo engine!
    Just imagine how will 4.0L V8 Biturbo sound when they introduce it(and they will!!)...

    BTW, I just ordered nice boat from your country Windy 53 Balios...

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test


    Now it it only was better looking...

    It does, sexy, elegant and beautiful car. I love it.

    335i were tested against CK 350

    335i / CLK 350
    0-100 km/h in 5,3 sec / 6.5 sec
    0-160 km/h in 11,9 sec / 14.5 sec
    0-200 km/h in 18,7 sec / 23.3 sec

    Slalom: 64,5 km/h to 61,0 km/h.
    Laptime around their track: 1:46,0 min to 1:50,4 min.

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    KresoF1 said:
    BTW, I just ordered nice boat from your country Windy 53 Balios...

    The city of Arendal thanks you
    (As they now will have more tax income from Windy)

    Very nice boat, are you coming up here to pick it up?

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    No, they will bring it here. But, I have to wait till May 2007... I like Windy much more them most other "flashy" brands. I took most powerfull engine option and some other nice stuff but, nothing to much.
    Ups, we can continue in OT board...

    Re: BMW 335i Coupe first test

    Yeah let's get back on track
    Looks like he gets it up to about 150 mph/240 kph in fourth gear. It's on a dyno yes, but still pretty impressive. I wonder what it would do unrestricted....



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