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    Porsche and the EU CO2 emissions targets for 2012

    In reading all these recent reports (eg. on how the EU is trying to enforce new cars to produce a max if 120g/km Carbon Dioxide emissions by 2012 I am wondering whether the following may result:

  • Direct Injection introduced to ALL models ASAP - thereby showing the EU that Porsche is trying to actively reduce its emissions, and as a result a new compromise on a higher figure reached.
  • If Porsche doesn't manage to fight this proposal, then whether the 997 Turbo will be the last flagship car made before the company has to close it's doors i.e. 2012 would have been about when the 998 Turbo would have been introduced, making the 997 the last ever Turbo!

    I am sure the EU won't be ultimately allowed to damage Germany's economy so markedly by closing the likes of Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. However, it does make me wonder whether the new technology Porsche Marketing department seems to sit on (in order to keep selling year after year) will be released and we will see Porsches evolve at a much higher rate...

    Your thoughts are welcome!

  • Re: Porsche and the EU CO2 emissions targets for 2012

    My opinion and prediction:
    1. Porsche will reduce emissions to a significant degree in various ways (including Cayenne and Panamera hybrids, DFI etc). Obviously, this will increase the production cost per unit(by some 3000-3500 euros per car I've read somewhere). Some of the extra cost will have to absorbed by the company thus reducing profitability to an extent. However, whatever they do will not get them down to the 130gr/km level by 2012.
    2. One way or other the Porsche CO2 will be taken into the calculation of the range average of the VW Group, because by that time Porsche will be more integrated with VW. The same is already true of other luxury marques like Aston Martin (Ford) Ferrari (FIAT) Bentley and Lambo (VW) whose CO2 is not viewed now in isolation.
    3. Finally, if there will be an across the range residual above the 130gr/km norm the car ( the 120 was revised ) companies will have to pay penalties which will enrich the EU coffers but I don't think will be set a levels that will be crippling for the industry, right away at least. Thousands of jobs rely on the motor industry in Europe and EU is based on compromise because there is no other practical way to run this heterogeneous Union.

    Finally, I don't think someone will not buy a 998 Turbo or similar car in 2012 because it will cost 5000,6000 or even 10000 euros more than it does now.

    Re: Porsche and the EU CO2 emissions targets for 2012

    To achieve the 120g/km limit for a non hybrid sports car will require a lighter and less luxurious vehicle.

    Porsche may be forced back to their roots by legislation.

    Maybe the end result will be a good thing for handling and it even might result in a car thats more fun to use at less than warp drive speed.

    The days of heavy 19x10 wheels, giant tires and 75lb seats might be coming to an end.

    Re: Porsche and the EU CO2 emissions targets for 2

    Doubt it. As reginos said, they're just going to pass on the fines to the consumer.

    Re: Porsche and the EU CO2 emissions targets for 2

    Just have a look at what current cars are at or under 120g.
    It's not only a worry for Porsche. A normal family car with 150bhp engine exceeds this limit....

    Re: Porsche and the EU CO2 emissions targets for 2

    I read a little bit elsewhere about the affects this will have but never sat down and thought about it. This has heavy implications.

    Re: Porsche and the EU CO2 emissions targets for 2


    The carmaker plans to achieve both the so-called Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards by 2008, Stuttgart, Germany-based Porsche said in a faxed statement. The company is also developing flexible- fuel vehicles that can run on a gasoline mixture that includes as much as 85 percent ethanol, Porsche said. 2008! That means the facelift 997 MUST be getting DI, and it wouldn't surprise me if all other models in the range do also by the end of the year!

    Re: Porsche and the EU CO2 emissions targets for 2

    The Groom said:
    ...they're just going to pass on the fines to the consumer.

    Exactly - we still will see Porsches on the Autobahn in the future, but our hobby will become more expensive
    When the federal government in Germany announced that they will base car taxes on CO2 emissions in the future (today it's based on displacement) and that they plan a tax bonus (up to tax exemption) for low emission cars, the states (which receive the monies from car taxes) didn't like the idea, because they're afraid that the overall tax income might decrease, if more people buy smaller cars
    I predict the following solution: the overall tax income will stay at the present level (or probably even increase rather than decrease ) and the tax shortfall from low emission cars will be compensated/over-compensated by the owners of "high emission" cars

    Here is a fresh press release from PAG about what they are planning to reduce CO2 emissions:

    Re: Porsche and the EU CO2 emissions targets for 2

    Thanks for the link! Interesting reading...



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