There is some talk of Porsche offering a "classical" paddle interface next year, as an option. I hope they do that so as to end all this useless debate.

I have heard that this is coming already this year and that the part number already is ready. But its difficult to get anything more out of them.... Smiley



So , my love/hate saga with PDK continues, but at the moment we are on very good terms 


Good to hear! Smiley



Im gutted to be honest. Ive spent a lot of cash upgrading to PDK and I really really wish I had my old car back instead. 


I´m really sorry to hear that your not happy about your car Adam. Smiley

Do you have the sport chrono plus? In which mode do you drive your car in the city?

Since my car is also my daily drive I think its perfect with the PDK. When in heavy traffic, driving in 5-20 km/h and stopping all the time I find it quite nice not having to use the clutch all the time. When the traffic is better and maybe at traffic lights the sport mode is ok. Or sport plus if there is a ca beside me that obviously wants to race me for the first meters. Smiley It´s like a complete different car then....


Carlos from Spain:

I completely agree with Adam, Easy and Rossi as well on the PDK vs manual. I'm sorry PDK wasn't for you but its a great excuse for a GT3  so all is well that ends well 


I aggree. I think the GT3 with PDK (and new steering wheel with paddles) will be very interesting. Smiley 


Anne Smile 
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