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    Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Any contributing 987 owners living in HK?

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    I am...

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Schemeloong nice meeting ya. Great to find someone to look to... I am planning to order my 987 base tip s from JEBSEN next tuesday. Still wondering if I should pay 860,000 over the 720,000 base price for the S. It's a steep price to pay for 40 hp but I am sure you can feel it. There is no demo to test except the S so it is very misleading. Is yours a stick or tip s? I am getting a tip s so that my sister can drive it. If I am getting the base tip s, I only plan to throw on 18" Boxster S wheels and metallic paint and save the rest of the options. The guy did mention bose but I ain't so sure.

    What would you recommend on the option list? Finally, considering that I currently own a R171 SLK 350 and planning to trade it in for a 987 base tiptronic, what you would you recommend? I might feel like a step down in power I am afraid but the sales professional is telling me to hold off on the S. He said 987 base tip offered plenty to play with already cos the 350 was designed more to be a mercedes while the 987 even at base would offer more as a roadster if I do play the curves and turns.

    Finally, the warranty package at 50K all inclusive at JEBSEN for first 2 years and 60K for year 2-4, what do you think? Did you buy into that or do you simply pay as you go hoping that there wouldn't be too much wear and tear?

    The deal is that no test drive for the plain base and the one I will test drive according to the salesman is S version tip s in seal grey.

    Finally, how has the ownership experience and aftersales service been so far?

    Your inputs most welcome.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Nice meeting you, too. Just paid for deposit last week so won't be getting it til Mar/Apr 06. After trying the so call revised tip, I ordered a stick.

    The tip does not encourage sporty driving style, it still starts in 2nd and upshifts too quickly and the torque converter intervenes too quickly as well. I tried it near their Cheung Sha Wan service center and I just floored it going up hill, well doesn't feel like 280hp. Gaps between gears too great so quite often you'll miss the engine's sweet spot. It is also 50kg heavier plus you need to pay HKD40k more! The tip is more suitable in a more relaxed cruiser which the Boxster is not, it is a real sports car. Thought about getting the Cayman but expected delivery next Oct/Nov and with Boxster I pay less for open air fun and Boxster is one of the few convertibles that feels so uncompromising without a solid roof(handling wise).

    I have also tried the R171 R350 with the old 5 speed sequtronic(something like that) vs the new 7G gearbox, the new 7G gearbox really made a difference, especially going up Garden Road.

    The S makes a lot of difference. Not just the extra hp and torque, the crankshaft is different, hubs got larger wheel bearings, different toe link set up in the rear. But for example going up Garden road with the normal Boxster, you'll miss the SLK350, torque is king going uphill.

    I tested that demo not too long ago, Seal grey, tip, alloys in body color, Bose.

    I have extensive experience with the 2.7 986 tip and the major difference bewteen the 986 and 987 I think is the front end, the 987 feels much stiffer. The 986 got a more lively steering rack with a more go-cart like steering response, the 987 with the new variable rate rack does not feel as lively, another point might be because of the wider 235 front tyres. But the ride of the 987 is better and higher profile tyres and larger suspension bushings. But very much unlike the SLK, you don't need to drive fast to enjoy the Boxster, the MR setup is near perfect and all the controls feel so organic and right, you'll notice the difference as soon as you fire up the engine and hear the boxer 6 roaring in idle. The whole experience is just so satisfying and would tell you what chassis balance really means. I have longed for it for a long time and now I am paying for my own, can't wait.

    I opted for the PASM so that I can have best of both worlds.

    Still struggling whether to get the Sport chrono or not...

    As you know the sales in HK aren't too helpful technically so you really need to do all the homework before making a decision, many customers here would just order their Porsches without a test drive.

    I didn't and won't opt for any optional warranty plans, I have paid enough!

    Big tip, DON'T opt for the so called optional sport seats with manual adjustment, they're ripping you off with that, we should get a refund by choosing this option.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    The normal 2.7 engine won't feel lively until 4.5k rpm up and in HK's traffic you need to work hard to stay in that rev range, all in all get the S or stick with your SLK 350, coz you don't want a less powerful car as an upgrade.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Schemeloong... fair enough fair enough. Great analysis. I own and drive a R171 SLK 350 in 7G tronic and it doesn't feel like a sports car at all. I feel that MB had overestimated its 270 hp engine and underestimated the time it takes from 0-60 or 1-100 km. I was driving it tonight with my sister and there happened to be a CAYENNE S behind me sticking its nose on my tail. I knew what the guy was up to and he overtook me and I started going at it. Actually, the CAYENNE S wasn't bad at all and mighty fast as a JEEP and it did give me a little run for my money and I saw a that drop of sweat going at it. It wasn't easy so it meant that the SLK was able to go side by side with the CAYENNE but that monster was way heavier and bulkier in a 6 speed tiptronic. A Porsche is a Porsche.

    The SLK 350 is a great roadster with retractable hardtop and I will miss that but handling wise, it feels just like a sedan E 350 with a different MASK, a mask that looks like a mini SLR. It's very soft even with a AMG suspension and it never feels right. It just rides like a sedan and it is designed to be... well enough said a Mercedes.

    Lucky you with the PASM, maybe you should go for the sport chrono but I doubt it would be useful besides being a showoff to the girl or the friend... more a decor thing plus I won't be tracking that much. My friend who owned the 986 plain 2.7 tip base drove my SLK 350 and he said he preferred his 986 plain 2.7 tip to my 250 with 270 hp. He said it felt different. He said he didn't know how to describe it... just wasn't what he was looking for. Who are you buying it from? My guy is Paul Lai and looking forward to the test drive on the seal grey S. Doing it in CWB so he might take me to happy v and I will give it a floor.

    I think the PASM option will put you (couldn't remember... ) up 15K before tax is that right? I figure if I buy the base 987 tip... I won't put anything on it... just plain vanilla and enjoy it as a roadster and day to day car... I will never go race with it anyway. I think you and I will get our delivery same time... safe bet in April cos production is in Feb as the Jan backorder all filled. Cayman will put you into the 1mil range and boxster is more fun... plus with 10 years' behind Porsche's belt on this successful model... less bugs and most glitches fixed.

    We get loads of so called HK OPTIONS right? automatic seats, bi-xenon lights, park assist and all those are options in the states but heck... if I pay 100K USD for a boxster... it'd better gimme a little more. You know what, for 100K + I could get a GT 3 from where I came from... Boston I mean.

    Most people in HK aren't into forums and I am glad I even find one enthusiast to share info. on... people in HK are too busy to test drive and care... they trust the brand and obviously, that's why you see the highest per capital mercedes in the world... every other car is a mercedes.

    As to the warranty option... I don't know... this is my first PORSCHE and that's why I need info. Most of my friends said they would bring it in to JEBSEN and it would cost an arm and a leg.

    I was stupid enough to pay for extended warranty on my SLK 350 thinking that I would keep it for 5/6 years but now guess what? I am selling it before my first year is up... it was something like 43,000 for 3 years and comes out to be 2.5% a year.

    If I stick to 50K plan for the first 2 years (a ton more expensive than ZF's plan)... it's 50,000/760,000 (base 987 with tip and 18" wheels metallic paint) = 3.2%. Year 2-4 at 60K for the next 2 years = 3.9% a year. Maintenance is mighty expensive... 3.2 V. 2.4 and it ain't a cheap car to me. My friend who owned his 986 tip base said upon hind sight, he should hv joined cos paid as you go ended up to be more expensive on wear and tear parts. I ain't sure. So you plan to pay as you go?

    I have to read the details on the 2 year warranty and see what it includes... I bet nothing wear and tear but I also have to read what the 2 year 50k includes... if they are taking another 50k from me, they better include all the goodies from rotors, brake pads, batteries to all service, spark plugs and checkups.

    I think in year 2-4, I might be more tempted to go outside to an independent service guy cos warranty is over but touching any of that for the first 2 years, my warranty is gone and that's a no no.

    I think the SLK 350 is best value for 4... did you ever consider that one? For 628,000 (now up from 565,000 when I bought it a year ago... went up so much), you are getting 270 hp and 5.7s 0-100 with a retractable hardtop. You are paying 1/2 to 1/3 of a SL 500 to get similar goodies (fine the interior is cheaper and the sun visor really looks like it's gonna break any minute)... there really is no reason to get the SL500. Only problem? SLK messed up the market with the 200 line and for 420,000 at first to get everything the same, it makes the SLK 55 AMG looks awfully expensive to buy... same chassis and same goodies and you could look nearly as good in a 200... plus where do you use those 325 hp anyway when average speed in the city is a 23-30 mph? right right?

    What colour are you getting it at? Someone told me the yellow and save the metallic paint... I ain't that bold so I think I stick with arctic silver black interior as image colour. You? Black on red?

    I dissed 700,000 HKD on my SLK with the extended warranty inclusive (got the 18" and the full AMG bodykit) and find that I am trading it in for 480,000. I had lost 30% or so... but at 585,000 original purchase price... I had lost 105,000, 18% or so... not too bad. However, regarding your sport chrono... unless you plan to keep it for long... resale ain't gonna make a difference... a plain vanilla 350 sells just the same at 480,000 nowadays with NO EWS and NO BODYKIT.

    I am still thinking hard before my test drive session next tuesday and I hope to take another week to think about the S or no S deal... I don't wanna regret it even if it's a tip. If I wanna cruise around and use it day to day, I bet the 987 base is fine enough even in tip but if I do wanna do some drag racing some time and go up garden road keeping up with ya... the S is the way to go but with 140,000 more, I think I have to cancel those euro trips with my girlfriends and eat some maxim's lunch boxes and bring her to cafe de coral for the next 2 years!

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Also, wondering, did you ever squeeze any freebies from the sales? A few said I could outrightly ask them to throw in the colour wheel caps which I actually liked. Ever tried that? If they would just gimme a porsche keychain or model... they could save it. I have plenty of MB model cars at home and I rather they don't squeeze the manual seats outta me.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Do PM me if you need more info, my friend just ordered a C4S manual and got me into all these! Hey I have lived in Boston as well.

    I tried the Cayenne turbo the other day, glorious power but well a jeep is a jeep. Well before adding any options on your 2.7 you should definitely consider the S 1st... BTW I highly recommend the Bose option, it is simply awesome! Tried it in my bro-in law's 996 turbo can never live without it in another Porsche!

    Well the SLK is a fine people mover but not a real sports car, and the image is kinda strange, you see all these wannabes with SLK200 and 18-19 rims everywhere... well I personally think the Boxster is the best ride on the road at any price, very practical to own, too.

    Well do plan for the lunch boxes and no trips with your girl, the S is worth it!

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    There is a great Porsche garage in Fo Tan, many friends of mine use it, highly recommended when the warranty expires!

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Didn't know you spent some time in New England? Did you go to college there? My sister and I were both New Englanders and I was from Cambridge side. Looks like you got loads of Porsche friends and I have loads to learn from you.

    When I was going to college in Boston, I remember all the hot cars outside Loew Cheri Club Nicole and those were the good o days when a porsche would only cost 50K USD - 60K right right? Now I am making my own money and it feels even better even if it is just a boxster... and yeah... that's what I can afford and the S will be a stretch. Heck guess what? For what I am doing, I am totally putting the mortgage on a house behind my head already. It's quite crazy to give up a 700K SLK for a Boxster base tip s right? Just cos the SLK doesn't feel right.

    Yes, I agree with you very much... there are just too many wannabes in 200 taking out that damn badge putting the bodykit and 19" on. Actually, MB did a great car for 420,000 when it first rolled out. Also, it looks weird as it seems a bit too girlie to me... no joke, I see so many girls or tai tais driving a black on red interior 200. It would be a nice wife car? Yeah? Bose was founded by a few old classmates at school... used to get a discount.

    Now that really turns me off and makes me feel sympathetic towards those 55 owners... for paying 930K for a car that looks the same with a bunch of wannabes paying 420K... no way. I'd rather drive a mini cooper plain vanilla than a 55. What's PM? Hey man where do you work? I work around Central and maybe we can take delivery at the same time and go for a cruise.

    A friend of mine told me to hold off and wait a bit for Porsche to fit its entire line with the DSG...afterall, it owns 10% of VW and if it sells a TOUREG... oh I mean CAYENNE V6 with so much crossover... I wonder why it is still using tiptronic. Well maybe it ain't so bad cos it is 3rd generation and well established and researched... the SMG on the M3 is famous to burn out just right after the 2nd year of warranty like what happened to my friend's M3. Actually, one friend said he switched from M3 to a 987 base tip and he would never even look back although the M3 was a ton more powerful... it just didn't feel the same.

    You ever considered the plain vanilla 997? To me it's a bit expensive but I do prefer the look of the boxster.

    If there's one thing I miss, it will be the folding metal roof. It is chic. and sleek and definitely the price of a convertible for 2... instantly into a coupe and instantly into open air fun. Porsche can ever do this... limitations being RR and MR and just no space for the folding metal top...

    A few options did show up... I have 2 more days to think think and think. I can either keep the SLK 350 for 3 more years and trade in for a 997 hopefully by then I would have enough... or change to 987 plain base and keep it for another 5/6 years (unlikely to change any time soon considering that I did buy 2 cars within 12 months)... and go for then a 998... my next one is definitely gonna be a 911.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    I have a 987 base with a tip and I totally love it. IMHO the difference between an "S" and a "non-S" is not really relevant. When you look "down" from a 996 Turbo, both cars are no "super-sporty-cars", but they're both fun to ride. However the "S" on the Boxster is not worth the extra $$$ IMHO. Put that money into extras... not into the engine. That's the way I did it. No regrets.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Yup I went to college there... those were the wild days with my E36 325is...

    PM=Private message

    Yeah do try the 987S, try some twisties in Tai Hang road to feel the car's chassis, that demo is pretty much a plain 987S with Bose and body color rims. Try it and let me know your findings.

    Well I did thought about the SLK55 coz it would be a blast to drive, but since they're not putting the new V8 in it yet and value of it won't hold up nearly as good as Porsches.

    Well the Boxster and Cayman are my ideal Porsches, no plans to upgrade to Carrera in years to come, unless I can afford the new turbo. I can forsee my next upgrade would be a 987S or Cayman S with DSG. Back in 01 I tried my friend's 986 and I fell in love, over the years I have tried countless 993 and 996 and none of them got the steering feel and agility of the MR 986 chassis. With Carreras I can always feel the heft in the back and over the years the Carrera has grown big and in terms of layout and other factors, 987 is still my ideal car. Especially for HK, not much high speed crusing, try the 996 in Shek O, and it almost feels slow when it is narrow and full of twisties(which as you know is very typical in HK).

    M3 is great but after looking at Porsches not interested anymore, afterall it is based on a conventional FR chassis.

    Now the sports car scene is flooded with heavy weights, huge V8s with forced induction, curb weight in excess of 4k lbs, accelerates like a cheetah but turns like an elephant.

    Here in HK you're paying HKD7,747 registration fee for both the Boxster and Boxster S(both above 2,500cc), so another reason to get the S!

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    ptcja / Schemeloong,

    Hey you guys, I was born in HKG also but now works in Tokyo. I've got my RHD 2006 987S speed yellow/blk top and when I am done w/ Tokyo I'll bring it back to HKG w/ me.

    I've tried the SLK/TT/Z4 back to back and this much I can tell ya. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUDE FOR A PORSCHE! 987S is a mini-CGT in its own right. Handling is awesome / bodyroll is minimal and I am finding myself going thru corner > 2x the posted spd. Not a safe measure I know but this car is so damn capable and addictive.

    Now on the S/non-S, tip/6spd debate. I agree with Schemeloong, go for the 987S 6spd, you won't regret it. I've tried all 4 models back to back and finally came to conclusion w/ my 6spd S although I would definitely recommend adding on the short-shifter as option. Tokyo traffic is not much better than that of HKG's and I still got the 6spd S so go figure....
    I'll try to PM you guys later on.

    I've posted many pix in both of my threads so feel free to check it out.(add comments while you're at it pls?)

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Nice meeting ya' Long 720! Oh that Speed yellow S is yours? So envious that you can drive your 987S all over Japan!!!

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Hey there, your name and mine's got something in common....

    high time - drive, corner, engine sound!!
    low time - stuck in TOKYO traffic...highway toll, many many many redlights, bicycles, narrow more

    Hey you guys better post some pix when you get delivery. I've waited in agonizing pain for one week short of 1 full year and finally got a hold of her, now it's all worth it.

    It's getting really cold here in Tokyo and I'd assume snow around new year time, only got summer tire on so once it snows I'm not gonna risk it. Probably another couple weeks before I need to hv her grounded.

    you guys hv to take me out to those winding roads in HKG when I bring her back in a couple years, I don't know too well so pls educate me.

    On the option-side, may I suggest you guys to drop the wind deflector? I got it and given I get to drop the top quite often I would highly recommend it. BUT in HKG I would definitely skip this option and whenever you get to drop the top a bit more wind ain't gonna ruin the day.



    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    long, nice meeting ya... where can I find your pix? Anyway, Schemeloong, rumour is that the SLK 55 AMG will soon be replaced by the engine of the ML 63 AMG... the newer AMG engines but they dare not announce it because it will affect sales. THE SLK 55 AMG ain't worth it. On straightline, you might be the king but no body floor the car on straights only... if you go to Shek O or go up to the peak for some hill billy fun, I bet ya your 987s 6 speed will actually be pretty much on par with the AMG... no surprise. 325 hp... sure but the chassis and design are both sedan based. Sports car is all about balance and equilibrium and it is not JUST SOUPING or chipping the engine to 500 hp. One problem with cars like CLS 55 AMG and SLK 55 AMG is that the brake overheats and the front heavy FR setup actually burns out the tyres too much too soon. YES mighty fast on paper and it'd be fun to brag about it over dinner but in reality... the 55 AMG probably wouldn't hold up as well compared to 987s. Not to say that it ain't a good car because I am driving the R171 and own it. That is up till tomorrow.

    Martin J.S has another point. I mean if there's a good o plain car to get, I think my next one ain't gonna be a 987 DSG. I hope it will be a 998 Turbo and worth the wait. or plain 998 if my maxims just ain't gonna gimme enough for the 998 turbo. The news on the scene is that DSG will not be trickled down to the 987 for a while and we are looking at 4 years into production. I think the 997 turbo is getting a standard tiptronic still end of this year and so is the Cayman next year. so the earliest we may get it fingers crossed maybe 2007 or 2008 to be safe. I think this one 987 is gonna be a keeper for me for another 5 years before they roll 998 in maybe 2010. Wow, sometimes, I am just a long term guy. My friend said a Porsche has no substitute and once you move over... you will never look back at a Mercedes or even any AMG per se. It is a car that you will love every morning turning the ignition even 10 years later while any o car... you might grow sick after a year... frankly, I am a bit tired of my R171 with it being everywhere now... funny... I hadn't seen that many 987 on the street if at all... probably cos it is a lot more expensive compared to the R171 and I bet ya... all those 987 potential buyers are lured into buying the R171 for the bang for the buck. Sure, for a retractable hard top, air scarf, 272 hp... life can't get better than that when it was at 565,000 base and now even at 628,000 HKD (this year's price)... it is still a bargain for the amenities.

    I hope to have something which I love dearly and would enjoy every moment and every morning when I turn the ignition... and definitely a porsche.

    Now whether or not S and the 40 extra hp are worth the money is all personal. Martin JS has a point... S or no S, the 987 is a FUN car. It is a roadster and you enjoy the ride of it. It is a sports car and the handling is mighty fun. However, when you look down from a 997 S or a Turbo or anything like a Ferrari, they are both in a different segment. They were focused on open aired enjoyment measured by fun/dollar. Super cars like turbos focus more on speed/dollar. The good thing about a 987 boxster is that even if you stop at a red light beside a ferrari or a turbo, you don't have to feel any pressure because a boxster ain't here to kick your ass... on the other hand, the bad news for SLK 55 AMG owner is that the 55 will feel loads of pressure because it is a roadster souped up and claimed as a super car 0-60 under 5 seconds at 4.9 s. Now the 55 may have to prove itself. Anyway, toyz for boyz.

    Since Scheme and long both drive and will drive a stick 987s, Martin JS is the only one here to have a tip 987. Can you tell me how this one feels? It looks to me like you are pretty happy about it even at 240 hp. The tip 987 is plain vanilla and what options did you get? just stock 17" wheels? My question is how do you fudn the 987 tip's gear box? It looks like you own 996 turbo and I am surprised that you put such high marks on 987 given that you own a much much more powerful car and I worry that you will feel like a big big step down in terms of performance and horsepower. But you seem to focus on the fact that 987 is a fun car and you ain't looking at it as a super sporty car. So tell me your review on it... looks like the spotlight is always on 987s and most reviews I have read are on the S and none on the plain old vanilla 987 tip.

    I plan to go out and drive a 986 plain vanilla tip to check out the horsepower and feel to at least get something closer to what I might get.

    Scheme, you might not like what Jeremy has to say but here's something fun to watch:

    Top gear is my favourite show and check these out and tell me about it as well:

    and this one is super fun: stuck in paris

    And long... hope to see your 987 one day in yellow... in Japan, you see very few porsches except a few in Shinjuku but I do work there often... I know that's you in the yellow with the black top.

    Finally, still puzzled over JEBSEN's maintenance deal. Scheme, do you have any friend who bought that or had comments on it? Or do they all do it in Fo Tan even in year 1 and 2? 50K ain't cheap.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Hi Long 720, winddeflector is standard, in fac the following items are standard equipment:

    Electric seats
    Park assist
    wind deflector
    CD changer
    auto-climate control

    I have ordered the 3 spoke sport steering coz the original one is so thin even in my small hands.

    Would love to post pics but that won't happen in 4 month's time!

    Yeah ptcja you really should try a standard 987 2.7 tip, I don't think trying the 987S will give you the full picture. You can really feel the difference when using part throttle around town in stop and go traffic, especially with the tip.

    I have not looked into any extra maintenance deal and they did not offer any yet, so won't consider it yet. Anyway 1st 2 years are included just not the wear and tear part.

    Have fun with the test drive tom!

    Small test on Boxster S vs. other roadsters

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Schemeloong, so what does 2 year warranty truly means? A blown engine is included right so they would replace it? And every time you bring it into service it's not included?

    We do get something standard that others only get as options. I have nothing 987 tip to test out so my resort was to drive a 986 tip base 986s tip to compare on a second hand dealer lot.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Yup if it's a manufacturer's defect then it will be covered, 1st service is in 2 years but I will definitely change the motor oil after 2k km.

    Yeah hope you can find a regular 2.7 Boxster to try around town to feel the torque difference, looking forward to hear from you about tomorrow's test drive with the S!

    Well I guess the definition of a sports car is different for everyone, to me a 996 turbo is not as sporty as a Cayman S, quite simply the 996 turbo is at 3,600lbs (more like a GT) and the Cayman S just 3,100 lbs. After living with a 996 turbo for a month, loved its pure grunt, but dynamically (in corners) it cannot live up to the Cayman's balance, just look at the Nurburgring's lap time, the Turbo S (not the normal 420hp) with 450hp 4WD can do about 7:56 and the Cayman S at 8:11, the difference is so small and am sure Walter Rolf can actually beat the Turbo S' time with a NA GT3 RS. Also the steering feel of the Turbo is typical of 4WD cars, a bit numb and does not have the tactile feel of C2 or Cayman/Boxster. 996 turbo is very composed and immensely fun to drive around town but I would have to drive the turbo a lot faster to derive the joy, whereas a perfectly balanced MX-5, Boxster/Cayman can be such a joy to drive without such grunt and speed.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Lemme test it out, the 987S at CWB's showroom... the one you tried in seal grey. Then 986 base and s tip.

    BTW, yes, the headache now is WHAT COLOUR?

    Anyone? My cousin who's gonna go with me said save the metallic paint and go yellow or black non metallic. I think frankly, the black without metallic ain't so nice.

    I think we can save the GT SILVER. I am more the safe guy so silver black interior is never gonna grow old on ya. So 1. Silver black interior (my cousin said boring, usual and common) 2. Black on Red interior

    You? What's yours? One friend said seal grey with black interior.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    ptcja, solid black is actually very nice, has more depth and brilliance than met blck, tho problem is keeping it clean. After 5 years with solid black it's still shiny with a minimum of swirls. as they say "once black never back" or is it... Anyhow, we'll be interested in your impression of the test drive. cnarlie

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Schemeloong and Charlie, had a drive on the seal grey boxster s 987 stock. The rims were also painted colour of the body and actually quite cool. Scheme, did you get the colour crest on the wheels? I prefer them to the plain ones.

    The bad news is that I think I cannot test out the 987 base 2.7. I had a chance to test out a 2.5 98 boxster and that was pretty bad. It was absolutely underpower and the plastic films on the back really turned me off. It might have looked good back in 97 when it first came out but hearing the back plastic window cracked turned me off. The 2.5 is probably nothing more than a people moving machine.

    Now the 987 s is quite good. The new generation 987 drives very very differently than R171 SLK 350. Now I know why people say Porsche, there is no substitute. The engine noise, the throttle and the steering are solid, responsible and communicative. The car has a soul itself and I believe that it is something that I would grow to like and will stay with me every morning when I turn the ignition. On the other hand, the R171 SLK 350 grows old on you and after 1 year, I disliked it and its look. I guess mainly because there were too many of them running around and the souped up 200 version with the 200 taken out pretending to be a 55. That's no good.

    The R171 on paper at 270 hp 0-60 5.5 s (that's probably grossly understated as I have driven the car for 8-9 months) doesn't feel at all like a 911 997 stock. If they are the same on the 0-60, on straight line, the 350 supposedly could keep up with the 997 but I truly doubt that.

    After driving the 987, I felt that I could never go back to the R171 and I will never ever miss it (ok... except maybe the metal roof but the new soft top is excellent... ). The R171 SLK 350 doesn't have a soul and it drives like a C or a E with a firmer suspension. The steering wheels is mushy and soft and there is definitely little substance to it compared to the solid feel of th 987. The engine absolutely cannot compare and the 987 s tiptronic's engine sound was music to my ears. Actually, the car is quite responsive in every aspect. However, even at 280 hp, I feel that I could only say it is ADEQUATE. I cannot claim it as powerful or fast but it is definitely enough. A stick may feel different depending on driving style. However, if I cruise around without flooring the car, I doubt that the S tiptronic would make that much of a difference to me.

    It's fun enough as it is...

    I will take till before 25th to put in my deposit but I think it is either a basalt metallic black with grey interior or artic silver with black interior. I couldn't decide. Seal grey with black isn't bad but I may grow sick of it. Someone recommended WHITE... I don't know.

    If I go for the base, I will get the metallic paint and 18" wheels and if I get the S I will simply get the metallic paint. One will put me at 760,000 HKD and the other one will be 880,000 HKD. I have decided to forget about maintenance cost and drive the damn car. I don't go racing that much so I probably would never use up 50K HKD's worth of wear and tear and parts and that'a an insurance for those who run their cars like CAYENNE from HK - MAINLAND.

    Tiptronic is definitely less responsive but I think it shifts quite well for a 5 speed and very smooth to be honest. I actually, no joke, I had the 7G tronic and the Mercedes sometimes downshifts too early too soon and you would feel the car actually jerking on you and the tiptronic never had that problem. Not bad at all.

    I am leaning more towards the S lest I would not be able to live with the 2.7 but the sales and my cousin strongly recommended simply the base to treat this as a day to day funster roadster car. You have fun with it... The S would not make that much of a difference as per suggestions because even with the S, the car could not perform anywhere close to being a super car like ferrari and turbo so just treat it as a roadster.

    So 120,000 HKD extra + or - for the S and an increase in 40 hp... that's the hard part.

    Finally, it's just funny because on paper in all HK magazines, the boxster performs the WORST in terms of 0-100 km time. In fact, it can't even beat a SLK 280 on tiptronic and the Z4 3.0 performs better on that respect. Finally, the 330i E90 actually has a better time than even the 2.7 base version and this is really not making any sense at all.

    I guess I am being in the "toyz for boyz" mentality again and getting hung up over all these seemingly meaningful numbers... actually, we would never feel it unless we go from start to 100 km with a stopwatch and 0.5 s is not something to worry about on paper but it does give guys something to brag about. Finally, embarassing to find a Porsche to run worst than a 330i 4 door sedan.

    Anyway, it's all in my head.

    Finally, if some of you are interested, try this:

    Top gear is a great show.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    I have to decide in the next few days or maybe I should let it sit past new year. For a moment, I thought after selling my R171, I should altogether save some $$$ and buy HSBC or a house... if I don't act soon...the steam will be gone... ha my sister said maybe better off to drive my father's Jaguar XJ 8... at least it's free.

    Anyway, she had a go at it and still found the 987 and 987 s hard to maneuveur compared to my SLK because the steering was a bit heavier but considering her driving habit and I love her dearly, I think the tiptronic S would be fine for her. Plus I wouldn't mind a better second hand market value.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Schemeloong, what do you think of the idea of taking the money and run and maybe buy some HSBC now and wait for them to put in the DSG hopefully on 2007 models?

    Finally, given my driving style of a more relaxed having fun attitude... roadster cruising is more my style... would you pay the 120,000 for the S power (yes I am on a limited budget and it matters to me but I can JUST afford it and use up all my last bit of savings with no cushion) or would you settle for the 987. I might regret it.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    HSBC is now not cheap at 126.20- should check out China Construction bank 939, more potential...

    Anyway congrats on your test drive, 1st of all color wise I prefer lighter colors, deepest for me would be Seal Grey. I find the darker colors like solid black and Basalt black are too dark and it hides some of the car's contours. Kind of like I will never buy myself a black Ferrari, but that's me, guys like Leon Lai with all black cars would certainly disagree.

    Yup once you've got used to Porsche's rumble, you simply cannot go back. Steering is go cart like, corners with assertion and the brakes give u 200% confidence.

    Well with a 987 S manual you can achieve low 5s, with tip low 6s, and a 2.7 tip would be low 7s, so the difference between a 2.7 tip and a 987 manual is up to 2seconds from 0-60. The tip always starts in 2nd gear so the car offline is always sluggish, and will be tricky for normal reviewers to achieve good launch figures especially the ones in HK(which most of them can never be qualified as decent auto-reviewers). Around town in HK, you can easily feel the difference between the two.

    And also difference isn't just the engine, the S got bigger brakes, larger hub bearings to better handle low profile tyres and huge rims, also different suspension set up like stiffer front roll bar, more aggressive rear suspension set up. Cosmetically, additional air vent in front bumper and grey instrument dials. Also 2.7 only comes with 17s, you need to pay a lot more to get the better looking 18s.

    I tried the new XJ8 L 4.2 last week, all alu body and sorry one of the worst cars that I have ever tried at any price in my life! So you need a 987!

    Wait for the DSG version? I cannot even wait 4 months for my Boxster S!

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Check out the Jan 2006 issue of the European car magazine, the reviewer in his own subjective opinion thinks Mid engine will be Porsche's future, sales will grow steadily over their RR platform, new models like Carrera GT and Cayman S. Even though their Carrera is getting less and less RR like over the years but anyone who's tried a C2 will know that you have to be a very dedicated driver to tame that wild animal. Over 200km/h, the front starts to feel light, but with a MR, it will never feel that way.

    The issue also got a brief review on the normal Boxster.

    But I do think the new E90 330i can outrun a Boxster 2.7 tip going up Garden Road... so my 2 cents will be either 987S or keep ur SLK350...

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Schemeloong... option 2 on keeping the SLK 350 is out. Gotten rid of it today silver black interior. I agree with you on the light colour part plus I like the details as well as the car visually looking bigger. I had never ever liked black cars because they are hard to keep and small rock scratches tend to show up very soon in a year or two. If I plan to keep the car long... like yes this one... is gonna cost me my arms and my legs... will be with me dearly for 4 years I think so the S is worth it. The boxster 2.7 tip is fine as a cruiser. SLK 350 is gone so unless I drive my daddy's car occasionally (this is more a weekend car anyway)... and go CHINA CONSTRUCTION and hopefully make enough for the 997 turbo or 998... I think I am leaning more towards the Cayman S in silver black interior. Only that my sister said I should get the black because all cars at home are silver and my SLK were silver. I only wish they would boost the 987 s up to around 295 in the cayman's range and make the cayman a 300+... bump it up a'd be perfect. 2.7 is a bit underpowered for a porsche nonetheless... lemme read up on the Euro mag and see how it feels. Yet to watch the boxster v slk 55 so will do it now.

    You in ibanking?

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    schemeloong, so yours is in silver with black interior with black top. I like the Boxster S in black if you can put in terracotta and the sport chrono and 19" with PASM. Now you would bump that up to mid 90s. Have you ever considered Cayman S? So I think I am more leaning towards Boxster S silver with black interior plain and just one option of metallic paint. What do you think? The 860,000 + 15,000 HKD and that's it.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    I did consider the Cayman S, but as you said the car is mainly for weekend fun so drop top would be nice and I don't think the Cayman's performance jump is significant, its structure is. With Walter Rolf in Nurburgring Nordschleife, the Cayman S is only 3sec faster than the Boxter S, so that tells the story, I would expect the hardtop Cayman S to be abt 10 sec faster, but not. So I don't think 280 to 295 would make a sigificant difference. And usually open top cars are more expensive, so the Cayman S shouldn't cost more to start with. Also I don't like the rear end of the Cayman S, the Boxster rear end is nicer IMHO.

    And most important thing is the Boxster's open top structure does not in anyway interfere with the car's wonderful handling, hence it is stiff enough for spirited driving.

    My current color scheme is Arctic silver + Terracotta interior + cocoa top... subject to changes... changed from GT silver already.

    Re: Any 987 owners living in HK dealing with JEBSEN?

    Gonna be sort of like this...



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