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    Comparison of C2S and C4S FL Manual

    Just received my C4S FL manual after driving a 997 C2S manual for the past four years. Initial impressions:

    • More refined gear box and much lighter clutch. Find myself making cleaner shifts.
    • Engine quieter (a plus for me and my neighbors) and seems more low end torque. Haven't pushed it yet.
    • Improved suspension (for driving on normal roads anyhow).
    • New PCM: everything the old one should have been but wasn't, and my iPhone paired up in seconds.
    • Not sold on the reflector strip and I don't think some at Porsche are either since they are now featuring red Targas in their marketing to hide it!
    • Just ordered Pirelli Sotozero Serie 2 winter tires from Tirerack. Had the original Sotozeros on my C2S. FYI, the fronts are back ordered with Dec 11 shipment date.

    Altogether a more refined car as has been broadly noted. No downsides to the upgrade for me. I'm very happy.

     I did finally get to drive a PDK before taking delivery of my manual and i don't regret my choice. I think I would miss the involvement of a manual, but can fully understand why others would differ on this - it is no doubt 'a superb bit of kit' as one reviewer said - and if it only had paddles...


    Re: Comparison of C2S and C4S FL Manual

    Enjoy your new Porsche,as I am sure he will!

    Why did you go for the AWD model? It offers an advantage in your area in winter? Or for any other reason?

    How different does it feel to the C2 on dry roads?


    Re: Comparison of C2S and C4S FL Manual

    Although we have seen less snow than usual over the past few winters, I drive my Porsche year round and barreling through the snow in a C2S is kind of fun as is getting up my rather steep and long drive before it has been plowed, but I see 4WD as a reasonably priced supplemental life insurance policy!!

    Re the different feel, I have not of course pushed the car yet and honestly probably never will to test its limits versus RWD, but the steering feels a tad more firm and the car does feel a little more 'planted'.

    Again, this is an initial and very subjective comparison between a C2S with 50,000 miles on the odometer and a brand new C4S FL. So some of the difference (e.g. in the clutch, suspension, steering) could be age versus version.

    Interestingly, with manual shifts so much smoother, it is easier for me to imagine the next logical step of having the PDK just do it for you!


    Re: Comparison of C2S and C4S FL Manual

    My wife drove with me for the first time in the new car over the weekend on a fairly long trip. She loved the significantly smoother and quieter ride. Again, some of the difference may be 300 miles v. 50K miles on the odometer, but most of the difference is surely in the new engine and suspension.

     Re the steering, it is so different in the C4S FL to the C2S: certainly less communicative, but so rock solid and centered. Maybe a downside for racing, but a real plus for cruising. It is also nice to be done with wheel hop.

    I haven't tried voice control or even XM yet, but the PCM is really a joy though a little more Windows than Mac: e.g. select an iPod album or track and nothing happens until you press 'start playback'. Bluetooth with my iPhone works flawlessly. Unconcionable that it wasn't in the original 997 PCM, when every $20K car already had or optioned it.

    Porsche does nearly everything perfectly, but the few bits it does badly, such as the original PCM and the current puddles, it really goes the whole way!

    All in all, the FL rocks!




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