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    Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, round 9 in Hockenheim... (guest driver Chris Harris)

    Stuttgart. If the final qualifying session is any indication of how the race will run, then the finale of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland will be a real thriller. In a wet qualifying with various drivers on provisional pole, René Rast (Germany) dominated on the drying track shortly before the end. The former Carrera Cup overall winner and reigning champion of the international Porsche Mobil1 Supercup snatched pole position in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup of Farnbacher Racing PZN with a top time of 1.43.362 minutes. 

    Setting the second quickest time, Nick Tandy (Konrad Motorsport), who ranks second in the points, held on to his chances of winning the championship. But points’ leader Nicolas Armindo (Hermes Attempto Racing) also secured a good starting position for the title race with fifth. After three wins this season, the Frenchman holds a five-point lead over the Briton heading into the ninth and final round of the series. Although Tandy has seen the flag as winner five times this year, he brought home poor results from two rounds. Should Tandy win the 22-lap sprint, Armindo would need to finish third to win the title. 

    Guest starters, however, cannot hold the balance of power in the gripping finale, as they are not eligible to earn points. Behind Tandy, another guest driver Jan Seyffarth (Germany, SMS Seyffarth Motorsport) posted the third quickest time. Like Rast, the former Porsche-Junior and vice-champion of the 2008 Carrera Cup contested the Supercup this year. Adding to the suspense of the situation is the fact that René Rast and Nick Tandy were arch rivals for the title in the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup. Old-hand Rast eventually won there, with rookie Tandy taking home vice-championship honours.

    Claiming the fourth spot on the grid, Sean Edwards again confirmed his good form this season. Having only contested seven of the nine rounds, the Briton driving for Team Deutsche Post by tolimit ranks a decent fifth in the overall classification. Taking up the race behind him on the third row is points’ leader Nicolas Armindo ahead of Christian Engelhart. Competing for MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg, the German managed to qualify in the top ten from seven sessions, but only yielded top results with two fourth places and one fifth from the races. He currently sits ninth overall in the series. For the ex-Porsche-Junior Martin Ragginger (Schnabl Engineering), seventh in qualifying was a disappointing result for the final race, after the Austrian set the fastest times of the 26-strong field during both dry free practice sessions yesterday.

    Taking up the last race of the season from 18th is the youngest pilot in the field. Receiving support as a “Porsche Motorsport Talent”, youngster Ferdinand Stuck (Germany, Farnbacher Racing PZN) paid the price for his inexperience on a wet and extremely slippery track with the 450 hp Porsche. As did some guest starters...

    At his Carrera Cup debut, British journalist Chris Harris posted 24th in qualifying. In the rain early on in the session he was running 15th but a journey into the gravel trap with the black VIP-Porsche put a halt to any improvements on this time...

    Chris Harris demonstrates some impressive slip angles in the wet during qualifying...

    Chris Harris was one of the winning trio that celebrated a sensational 13th overall at the Nürburgring 24 hour race in May at the wheel of a standard 911 GT3 RS.

    René Rast (pole-sitter): “The whole qualifying went well for me. We held off a bit until the track started drying out. I was in third with my first set of tyres, but with the second set I pulled out all stops and it was enough to set pole. I’m expecting a calm race tomorrow because Nick next to me is going for the championship and I can’t take any points away from him.”

    Nick Tandy (second in qualifying): “A perfect start into the weekend – I’m in front of Nicolas Armindo. It was really difficult getting a good lap in on the slippery circuit. René did the best job, I did the second best. I’m happy with that.”

    Jan Seyffarth (third in qualifying): “I made the most of the situation. As a guest driver, third is not bad. I threw away the chance of a better position in the Motodrom but I could have easily won the Drift Challenge with my sideways antics. In any case, I’ll be keeping out of any trouble in the fight for the championship. It’s only fair that Nicolas and Nick fight it out amongst themselves.”

    Qualifying result:

    1. René Rast (D), Farnbacher Racing PZN, 1.43.362 minutes
    2. Nick Tandy (GB), Konrad Motorsport, + 0.302 seconds
    3. Jan Seyffarth (D) SMS Seyffarth Motorsport, + 0.490
    4. Sean Edwards (GB), Team Deutsche Post by tolimit, + 0.574
    5. Nicolas Armindo (F), Hermes Attempto Racing, + 0.595
    6. Christian Engelhart (D), MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg, + 0.642
    7. Martin Ragginger (A), Schnabl Engineering, + 0.979
    24. Chris Harris (GB), Porsche Motorsport (Evo magazine)

    Source: Porsche Motorsport

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    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, round 9 in Hockenheim...

    Nicolas Armindo claims championship title, Engelhart celebrates first win...

    The Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland concluded the season with a turbulent, cliff-hanger race. The ecstatic winners of the final round are Nicolas Armindo and Christian Engelhart, the Nick Tandy as the unlucky loser. For Frenchman Armindo, fifth place in Hockenheim was enough to win the championship. “It’s a dream come true,” said the 28-year-old.

    Christian Engelhart’s elation was no less enthusiastic. In his third season contesting Germany’s fastest brand trophy series, the German (MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg) was delighted with his first win.

    Second place in the 22-lap sprint went to the guest driver for Hermes Attempto Racing, Jeroen Bleekemolen. The Dutchman gave chase to Engelhart in the second half of the race, nibbling away at his advantage lap for lap until, with four laps to go to the flag, Bleekemolen was practically glued to the rear bumper of the leader’s 911.

    The duel between the two fair rivals during the last ten minutes was a display of motorsport at its finest. At the flag, Bleekemolen, as the double champion of the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup, was just 0.2 seconds shy of the 23-year-old German. Trailing the two in third was another guest driver and vice-champion of the 2008 Carrera Cup season, Jan Seyffarth (Germany) from Team SMS Seyffarth Motorsport.

    Nick Tandy, however, left Hockenheim deeply disappointed. For the five-time winner this season, everything went very wrong right from the start. With too much wheel spin, the Briton got away badly from second, and found himself embroiled in the start chaos at the first corner. Shortly before entering the Motodrom, a rival hit his 911 in the heat of the battle. Through this collision he was forced into the pits. Tandy was the most popular but by far not the only victim of the turbulent finale.

    Guest driver and pole-sitter René Rast (Germany, Farnbacher Racing PZN) was holding a clear lead when he slipped on coolant on the track and the journey into the gravel trap at the Motodrom entrance damaged his 911’s fan belt, signalling the end of his charge. Britain’s Sean Edwards (Team Deutsche Post by tolimit), who had taken up the race from fourth, also fell victim to the skirmishes of the first two laps.

    And as Slovakia’s Stefan Rosina (Förch Racing) was on his way to a probable podium result, his race ended prematurely in a tyre stack in the Sachs corner.

    Martin Ragginger, however, was thrilled with the conciliatory conclusion to the season – just as he had hoped for. Driving for Schnabl Engineering, the Austrian added a fine fourth place to his three podium results from the first half of the season. Behind him, Nicolas Armindo brought home fifth ahead of his teammate Philipp Wlazik, who celebrated his 24th birthday yesterday.

    Sixth in Hockenheim was the eighth top ten placing for the German. Sascha Maassen was also pleased to have avoided the many scuffles along the way. Competing for Team Deutsche Post by tolimit, the German yielded a decent seventh ahead of his compatriot, David Mengesdorf (SMS Seyffarth Motorsport).

    Another driver with good reason to celebrate was the journalist and amateur racer Chris Harris...


    Reporting worldwide of his experiences in the cockpit of the black VIP-Porsche fielded by Porsche AG, the Briton finished a sensational 14th – despite it being his first ever race with the 450 hp Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. “Fantastic, I had a ball,” said Harris. “But most of all I take my hat off to this top class field.”

    Christian Engelhart (winner): “What a huge race. It’s awesome to win from sixth on the grid. I was almost kicked out in the first lap when someone nudged my 911 from behind but managed to recover. Luckily for me, Jan Seyffarth slid on coolant in front of me so I was well warned by this. When Jeroen suddenly closed in on me I had to somehow shake him off and that’s when I set my fastest race lap in the final lap.”

    Jeroen Bleekemolen (second): “Now that was a fun race. I quickly moved into third but fell back to sixth when someone shoved me. At first I was behind Nicolas but then I noticed that my car was running so well that I could make up places. It wasn’t enough to win but second place is great.”

    Jan Seyffarth (third): “What a shame, René and I could easily have won the race. But at the entrance to the Motodrom the marshals didn’t bring out any flags although there was coolant on the track. René and I slid on it. He went off and luckily I continued and demonstrated that I could still bring home third place at my guest start. Perhaps I’ll come back next year.”

    Race result

    1. Christian Engelhart (D), MRS Team PZ Aschaffenburg, 33.44.017 minutes (146.190 km/h)
    2. Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL), Hermes Attempto Racing, + 0.296 seconds

    3. Jan Seyffarth (D), SMS Seyffarth Motorsport, + 7.203

    4. Martin Ragginger (A), Schnabl Engineering, + 9.477

    5. Nicolas Armindo (F), Hermes Attempto Racing, + 10.622

    6. Philipp Wlazik (D), Hermes Attempto Racing, + 14.578

    7. Sascha Maassen (D), Team Deutsche Post by tolimit, + 15.501

    14. Chris Harris (GB), Porsche Motorsport (Evo magazine)

    Drivers’ classification after 9 of 9 races

    1. Nicolas Armindo (F), 142 points

    2. Nick Tandy (GB), 121

    3. Uwe Alzen (D), 98

    4. Robert Renauer (D), 96

    5. Martin Ragginger (A), 79

    6. Philipp Wlazik (D), 77

    Team classification after 9 of 9 races

    1. Hermes Attempto Racing, 244 points

    2. Herberth Motorsport PZ Olympiapark, 205

    3. Konrad Motorsport, 192

    Source: Porsche Motorsport

    ...thanks and congratulations to Chris Harris!

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    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    Chris Harris from Evo magazine driving a 911 GT3 Carrera Cup around Silverstone in 2009...

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    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    Actually, he had a nice stint - after escaping the mess of the first two, three rounds, I saw him doing his laps more or less undisturbed, which sometimes is quite nice as you can concentrate on your own driving...BUT, it was certainly not a piece of cake for him driving here, I do very much respect his performance shown...Smiley...though I guess, the guys from Porsche were also happy to get their car back in one piece...Smiley

    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    Chris Harris is in my opinion in top list of car journalist, if not number 1 !!! I read him every test he performs, and every video they upload at EVOTV !..

    Now these videos (specially the first video) just shows how good he is !!!!


    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    Chris Harris driving a 1971 Porsche 911 ST for the 2010 Nurburgring 1000km...

    "Had a fantastic weekend at the 1000km Nurburgring in this stunning 1971 911 ST recreation. Here's some onboard footage.

    Car was running Michelin TB15 intermediates, which were a bit of a handful to say the least. Car has 270PS and weighed 920kg.

    Really memorable event with team-mates Matthias Wetzel and Marc Devis, both of whom drove really well. We started from the back of grid one (about P50) and finished P11 among all the big stuff.

    Has to be one of the best sounding cars ever..." the wet, on Michelin TB15 Intermediates!


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    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    He's on Twitter and quite interesting to follow!


    Matt C
    2005 997 C2S / 1988 911 3.2 Conv.

    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    Chris Harris links...



    Evo TV

    Evo blog

    Evo magazine

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    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    Obviously, he sells himself very well - which is part of his job...though, unfortunately, I like that...

    Re: Chris Harris GT3 video: Carrera Cup qualifying lap...

    OMG I love the spare tire sitting right beside him! Thanks for the links : ) 


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 



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