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    OB2 compliant lcd diagnostic display, VI monitor

    Hi all i'd just thought i'd tell you about this other diagnostic display i've found,since most of you have porsches it would be nice to have a display for it, it's an ob2 one which seems to be a universal thing and should work on your porsches or any other super car as long as it's got an OB2 port, it does more things than the vw one and is bigger aswell fits in like a sat nav, and uses a touch screen.

    But it's £350 ish

    Wether or not it will show all functions on your porsche, well i'm sure a phone call to them would clear it up.

    Obviously something which you guys can look into.....

    Regards jim

    Heres the info and details..

    VI monitor is a multi function gauge which provides real time OBDII engine and performance monitoring, datalogging and diagnostics for a car enthusiast, drag racer, home car mechanic or a track day event.

    Designed and engineered in Britain by Armour Automotive, VI Monitor works by reading the datastream from the car’s engine management system (ECU), via the OBDII port (also referred to as "OBD 2" or "OBD-2") .

    VI Monitor installs in seconds, can be moved from car to car and comes with an easy to use touch screen, full instructions, and sophisticated PC comparison software (VI Desktop) to allow you to analysis all of you logged data.

    As well as engine and performance monitoring VI Monitor has a shift light, G Meter, the ability to view and reset engine fault codes and over 500 hours of data logging.

    With newer vehicles becoming more and more electronically advanced, it is becoming harder to give the enthusiast the information they want....VI Monitor is fun and informative to use, as well as being accurate to within hundredths of a second - Proven in live tests at Santa Pod Raceway 


    Key VI Features:



    *Check with your vehicle manufacturer to confirm OBD II compliance. **Parameters available dependant on vehicle.  *** Dependent on vehicle



    Re: OB2 compliant lcd diagnostic display, VI monitor

    Thanks Jim!

    This thing looks indeed great!

    But why dont they have a full OBD2 control included, means it would be great having the chance to make some Software settings in your car. If this would be the case I would buy it right away!

    Re: OB2 compliant lcd diagnostic display, VI monitor

    The problem is theses are just like the equipment the dealers use to read codes.

    Back to the software adjusting, it's not possible to alter the orignal ecu program (not  unless the manufacturer intented) and so we have remapping, in this case the orignal map gets erased and a new one gets put in it's place.

    Now the problem is, some maps can be adjusted, and some can't, for the ones which can be adjusted they use their own software to do this, one reason is to stop copying of the map.

    And maps are encrypted so that they can't be scene and copied, aswell as being used and modifed by other performance map designers, basicly the performance map is invisible unless one has the correct software to read it and modify it.

    Rather a secret thing.....





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