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    Acceleration runs in 997S vs. 335xi with GTechPro

    Hi, just got a Gtech Pro RR accelerometer and did a few runs in my 997S and my new 2007 335xi which has received a small tune using a piggyback setup which adds a few HP (juice box stage 2, check and not surprisingly p-car kicked derriere but the all-weather turbo 4 door got 13.1 1/4 mile and 4.65s 0-60 which is really great. Watch those little 335's is all i can say, some have up to 400 whp with a simple piggy back computer for $1400... compare that to the $17k for the 997 performance pack...

    997S Best run:
    60ft = 1.853s
    330ft = 5.320s
    1/8 miles=8.199@88.15
    1000ft = 10.641s
    1/4 mile= 12.699@110.02
    0-60=4.285 s

    335xi best run
    60ft = 1.999s
    330ft = 5.557s
    1/8 mil = 8.524s @ 85.36 mph
    1000ft = 11.030s
    1/4 mile = 13.158s @ 105.96 mph
    0-60 = 4.645 s

    Re: Acceleration runs in 997S vs. 335xi with GTechPro

    Friend here in D.C. recently bought a 335.
    Very, very mild work: Computer, simple sport exhaust, air filter ... it puts out ~340hp/360 ft lbs at the wheels on the dyno. He's already aced some Mustangs, a Boxster, and an second gen S4 with me in the car stoplight racing.

    That engine is very very underated by BMW!

    If you're in D.C. and you see a Red 335 with a slightly louder than normal exhaust - BEWARE!

    Re: Acceleration runs in 997S vs. 335xi with GTech

    That is the advantage of a turbo car. Easy to get more hp out of with a chip. I think the car is nice, wish they were like $35K NOT $50. It is hard for me to justify TWO sports cars at that price. Not to mention fuel consumption, I feel like my other car should be a prius.

    Re: Acceleration runs in 997S vs. 335xi with GTech

    Neil, kinda agree with you; anyhow, just did another run in the xi this morning and kinda matched the 997s now at the 100 mph point. Unbelievable, i am speechless, the piggyback system which just fools the sensors and increases boost slightly and enriches a/f at high rpm cost $349...
    Here is the latest run:

    I think this should be vindication of xi system, weight not so much of a penalty and check out that 0-60 time under 4.5 sec....
    and 0-100 in 10.37 s

    BMW 335xi

    60 ft 1.874s
    330 ft 5.392s
    1/8 mil 8.308@87.47
    1000 ft 10.748s
    1/4 mile 12.802@109.76
    0-60 4.384s

    all with dtc off completely, and ac off, black is xi and red is 997s

    Re: Acceleration runs in 997S vs. 335xi with GTech

    I would be very disappointed if my C2S cab was dusted by a 335Xi off the line. However, my car is chipped, K/N airfilter and supersprint exhaust. I hardly noticed the difference in HP.

    Re: Acceleration runs in 997S vs. 335xi with GTech

    But that's why you have the gt3...i'll trade ya!

    Re: Acceleration runs in 997S vs. 335xi with GTech

    Will be interesting if you run against the soon to-be-released M3. If you can beat the new M3, then shame on BMW.

    Re: Acceleration runs in 997S vs. 335xi with GTech

    Targa Tim said:
    Will be interesting if you run against the soon to-be-released M3. If you can beat the new M3, then shame on BMW.

    From what I read the new M3 is an impressive car. 414-420 Hp with redline at 8400rpm. It going to be as fast or faster than the 997S. But speed is not everything. It also weighs 3600lbs. Still rather have my porsche. I never get excited seeing a BMW, but a porsche, no matter the make or model, always gets my blood flowing.

    Re: Acceleration runs in 997S vs. 335xi with GTech

    Yeah, it will fun to see how it compares to M3; what i like about the 335 is that it brings simplicity and fun back to unassuming sedan with performance. I mean isn't that how all of this got started with the original M5 etc. subtle outside changes and much more power underneath, the ultimate wolf in sheep clothing. Over time, the souped sedan has taken a life of its own so that you now have audi and BMW sedans costing as much as actual real sports cars. I love my 335xi cause it looks like any other 3-series and Lord are they a dime a dozen in NE, so to be able to do 0-100 in 10.5 seconds and a 1/4 mile under 13 seconds is good on a daily driver. It's no 997s and no M3 in any other contest except that it will pass them on a snowy day going uphill ...nice point to be on the compromise spectrum i say



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