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    cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    cjv finally sent me a picture which shows the whole car.
    This image is around 3 months old, it is my understanding that the car looks a bit different now. Can't wait to see the final thing.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Sorry, but this is the latest picture I have. The car has been @ S Car Go Racing for the last fourteen weeks. The outside differences to the eye (not in the above picture) are GT2 rear deck, larger Fikse FM/10's up front (9.5J x 18's) and Michelin Pilot Sport Cups (265/35's and 295/30 x18's).

    R.C., as soon as I have an updated picture I will send it to you. Thanks, Chad

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Well, Chad...I guess I have to thank YOU for providing the info and pictures to such an unbelievable Turbo.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Here's a picture of CJV's beauty with the GT2 rear deck

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Oh well, someone has pictures I don't have anymore. The current differences are the front Fikse FM/10's 9.5J X 18's and the Michelin Pilot Sport Cups, 265/35's and 295/30's. Also, the exhaust in the picture is Ruf, the car currently has 70 mm Europipe exhausts. I really loved the Ruf exhaust but it was designed to flow up to 650 hp. The Europipe exhaust has no resonance or drone and it will handle the additional hp.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Brooks, in answer to your E-mail, a new rear badge is currently being laser cut from #8 micro polished stainless steel. It reads "996 GT2 S Turbo". The reason for the choice is the car is a 996 and in my opinion has the best of what both the GT2 and the Turbo has to offer. The S implies this car will out perform both the GT2 and the Turbo.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image


    Thanks for the explanation. In fact, I couldn't agree more. The way you laid out the logic for 'GT2 S Turbo' makes sense. It is a little bit of a mouthful, but it conveys what you have done with the car I think. That is one bad ass car. Now you are going to have to make investments in the latest stealth technology to avoid tickets!

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...evasive action

    Brooks, the car is currently equipt'ed with a V1, remote and head phones. It also has another system to contend with the instant on radar. The car is invisible to radar/laser, but don't forget, you can still be issued a ticket (where I live any way) by an officer's estimate of your speed.

    That's what is nice about Germany's autobauns. And to a lessor extent States like Nevada, where the roads are not up to the German Autobaun quality and you are never quite sure what you may find on the road.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...evasive action

    Interesting... re. the instant on radar, I would be interested in learning the system type. Speed Measurement Labs did a test last summer and found that nearly all of the current 2002 models of radar detection had difficulty coping with instant on. Are you referring to a type of jamming technology? And what are the headphones for?... The V1 remote I use is etched into the mirror and makes enough of an audible to be heard in a loud car. Do the headphones serve some other purpose (like allowing the other occupants to not go crazy with the anti radar blerps?)...

    As for the estimate of speed, I guess that is true, but it would be contestable in court since the law requires that they have some sort of tracking history and if they have no other record than their eyes... well... not so good...

    Don't get me wrong... after going insanely fast on public motorways back east, I am moving in the direction of taking my speed needs out on the nearest track rather than at 5 am on some public road. Too many ying yangs even then who can change lanes at the most inopportune moment on a particularly dicey part of road.

    Re: cjv's bad ass Turbo

    maybe just a badge that says "Bad S Turbo"

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    How about a simple "Turbo GTS" badge only?

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...evasive action

    Brooks, you might want to read about active radar jamming. Be aware it is not legal in many places.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...simple "Turbo GTS"

    RC, nothing seems to provoke debate like changing the "Turbo's" badge. To some people it is taboo. To me Porsche simply never built the car I really wanted, however I love the base platform. I have thought long and hard about the badge. I would really be interested in your reasons for your suggestion.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...simple "Turbo GTS"

    One thing to keep in mind when commenting thet active radar jammers are not legal.... if you were obeying all of the laws, you would not need one. :-P

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...simple "Turbo GTS"

    There are a lot of things people don't need. I know of no current jammer that works. Most are scams with the exception of the Stealth/VRCD made by Steath Technologies. I do not believe Stealth Technologies is still in business.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...simple "Turbo GTS"

    cjv, I have used the Lidatek along with the V1 and it has worked flawlessly numerous times. Check it out.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image


    Regarding the 9.5" rim in the front... how does it fit? Any rubbing? Any mods to the front setup?

    How does the car drive? Are the road surfaces affecting the straight line stabbility more so then the stock size rims?

    Have you been able to notice a greater braking force with the new wider front foot print?

    I am seriously considering the same up grade!

    Thanks for your assistance

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image


    Sorry for the late reply. I missed your post. The 9.5" rims fit, however there was a lot of work involved. The front tires went from a 9.2 inch to 10.9 inch tread width. The rims from 8.0 inch to 9.5 inch. The suspension was changed to the GT2 suspension which allowed the wheels to be moved inward. The wheel offset was also moved inward. Part of this was required due to the GT3R 380 mm racing rotors and calipers. These calipers are much wider than the stock calipers. I am not really sure how much of this offset was due to the GT3R brakes? You could E-mail Rob King @ S Car Go Racing , he would be able to tell you if your particular set up would handle these wheels and what you would have to do to make it work. I addition, the fenders were rolled and we incorporated 10 mm spacers. No other fender work was required. There is no rubbing.

    Handling.... I have had little time to drive the car to date. There was a noticable difference in negotiating long high speed turns. The G forces were definitely up. The car's steering is a little heavier, yet it felt like less steering movement was required. It definitely tracked better through the turns. Right know it is raining, won't have any more feed back until we finish some additional work and the rain stops.

    As soon as I have some more time on the car I will post a report.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    You have a beautiful car. I owned 3 modified TT's last year with one being built by RUF having over 580 HP. I did kind of same things you did but it did not look as good as yours. I thought this was the fastest Porsche around until one day a GT2 pulled up next to me and then quickly teach me a lesson. I bought a GT2 this year and having great experience in both I can assure you that your car will not outperform a GT2 except around dangerous curves where your 4wheel takes over. There is no comparison with the torque being put on two wheels instead of 4. It goes on and on ie, under car paneling for wind, rigidity etc. So put what ever you want on the back of the deck but I want to set your expectations right in case you do ever run next to a true GT2. You do not want to get the same education I did.Again, you have a great looking car.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image


    Sorry, but I have already been there (and done that). I guess there must have been something wrong with the few GT2's I've run up against. It really wasn't even close, but how could it be 460 HP against 700+ HP and almost the same amount of torque. The GT2 does not have a weight advantage either as the car weighs in at 3192 lbs. Now modify a GT2 and it might get real interesting. Prior to the latest modifications (S Car Go Intercoolers/turbo's), this car turned the quarter mile in 10.72 @ 136 mph. It will also go from 0-180 mph in just a tad over 18 seconds.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Thats interesting. With so few of them out there I am amazed that you have already done several of them. There are 5 in my city and I have never seen one even at the get togethers. You probably were running against regular TT's with GT2 add ons like yours. I still do not believe you. Why dont you email me a Dyno sheet to me showing your vin# at and show me how you took the weight off the car and I will believe you. Still a nice looking car however.


    Sorry to interrupt

    I guess I have to "help out" cjv a little bit.

    I own a 996 Turbo, I don't have even close the power cjv claims for his Turbo and I already outran three GT2. My Turbo has stock weight (well, maybe around 50 kg less due to the GT3 seats and missing rear seats).

    So what now?

    Just a little hint: any Turbo with "real" 540 HP or over outruns the GT2. So this isn't a difficult task. One reason why most GT2 owners I know over here in Germany (and one outside Germany) already modified their cars.

    Re: Sorry to interrupt

    Thanks RC,

    There are a few people around who actually know the car. Frankly, we all know there will always be a faster car out there. For anyone who would like to verify the authenticity you are welcome to contact Rob King the owner of S Car Go Racing, E-mail <a href=""></a> or 415-485-6026 or Kevin Buckler (winner of Le Mans GT class, 2002 and owner of The Racers Group) at The Racers Group, E-mail <a href=""></a> or 707-935-3999. Both of these companies have done extensive work and dyno testing on the car.

    Now if Doug still does not believe, I have another offer. I don't race for money, however, if he would like to ship his stock GT2 to California, I would be happy to let him run his car against mine, either laps or strip, his choice. If he wins I will pay the costs of transporting his car to California and back to Florida. If he doesn't win, well he would then know I wasn't feeding him a line of BS. <img src="" alt="" />

    Re: Sorry to interrupt

    I am sorry, in the above reply the E-mail address did not come out.

    Rob King, S Car Go Racing, , phone number 415-485-6026

    Kevin Buckler, The Racers Group, ,
    phone 707-935-3999.

    Doug, I also noticed on your Rennteam home page, you have a Renntech SL55, call Bob Brady at Renntech, they also had my 996tt for about four months. If you go to the Renntech website , then go to 2000 News. Click on to the CLK60 six speed, the only one in existence. You will note they credit the car as being owned by me.

    Re: Sorry to interrupt


    For those who are interested. Weight removal is obtained as follows.

    1) About 120 pounds on GT3 R seats and removal of rear seats.

    2) Carbon fibre replace of Porsche intake system from air box thru intercoolers and throttle body, about 60 pounds.

    3) Removal of spare tire, approx. 40 lbs.

    4) Replacement of dual mass flywheel with single mass unit, about 50 pounds.

    5) GT3 R brakes, approx 20 pounds.

    6) Fikse racing wheels, approx. 24 pounds.

    7) 2.5 kg kelvar hood, about 18 pounds.

    8) T 300 steel driveline, approx 10 pounds.

    The balance is odds and ends including removing the 996tt rear lid, wings and motors and replacing it with the GT2 rear deck and wing.

    RennList editing problems


    Is there any way to fix the software so that it is possible to edit a message without having the message go into text mode (thus messing up all of the HTML tagging)?

    See CJ's two messages above to see what I mean.


    Rennteam Editing Problems

    These problems will be addressed with a complete software upgrade around beginning of next year. We're not getting only some enhanced features but also a lot of bugfixes. Sorry it takes that long but it doesn't make sense to work on it now and have to change everything a few weeks later.

    I hope you understand.

    Re: Sorry to interrupt

    No I do not own a SL55 but am thinking about it. I own a CL55Renntech. It is a great car. The best thing about it is its Brembo brakes. To me they brake better then the ceramic brakes on my GT2. The car is great but a little heavy. Brady did it for me a few months ago at Renntech.

    Re: Sorry to interrupt


    Sorry for the mix up. Both the CL55 Renntech and the GT2 are awesome cars. Having access to both is like having the best of both worlds. Enjoy.

    Regarding the Brembo's, Renntech used them on the CLK 60 and the GT3 R's on 996tt are also Brembo's. My 996tt utilizes 380 mm front and 350 mm rear rotors.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    In reply to:
    Thats interesting. With so few of them out there I am amazed that you have already done several of them. There are 5 in my city and I have never seen one even at the get togethers. You probably were running against regular TT's with GT2 add ons like yours. I still do not believe you. Why dont you email me a Dyno sheet to me showing your vin# at and show me how you took the weight off the car and I will believe you. Still a nice looking car however.

    That was a very bold statement. Just to clear things up, check out the Rennlist forums at - cjv is a regular and well respected poster there. He's very objective, even though it's his car. Furthermore, the GT2 isn't the mother of all sports cars, so you might as well get over it.



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