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    Testdriven new M3

    Had a chance to test drive the new M3 yesterday.

    Overall impression: WOW! What a damn machine.

    Was kind of impressed how much fun this car is. Handling is great. Sound is awesome. Throttle response is very very direct.

    Coudnt drive to fast, Autobahn was kind of busy on the Friday night. Anyway - flexibility of engine is great, excellent response on all kind of revs.

    Most impressed I am from the handling. Didnt expect that the car feels almost light as the 911S. In direct compare to my Porsche I would say, still the 911 is a more sportier concept. On the other hand, the M3 has same speed (from the feeling), also a great sound, very nice interior with excellent seats ans kind of space. And this all for 35 % less money than a 911.

    Great deal - great car!

    ps - car was manual shift!

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    What color was it, and 18" or 19"?

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    was carbon black. Didnt take any pictures.

    Inside was black M-Leather (awesome!). and matt black interior combined with aluminum panels - was nice, too - very dark

    Had 19", chrom - liked it a lot!

    Tought about changing my daily driver

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Agree at all with the reviews that call it too soft, etc??

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Nope - didnt had the feeling it is too soft.

    But as I said, I had the car on the "normal" street not on the ring. I was trying to take it sporty, going fast through the Autobahn In-/Exit Roads which are big corners in Germany. Handling was just perfect.

    It felt for sure hardier than the comfort level on PASM. Might be not that hard than PASM Sport, but almost.

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Thanks for the review Lars .

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    wow! black with 19! in Italy only silverstone grey.....

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Some pics of black M3, from
    Note that this car has the sunroof option

    Re: Testdriven new M3


    Re: Testdriven new M3


    Re: Testdriven new M3

    I guess that in Hungary sunroof is a must...

    For me only two colors-Space Grey or Graphite Sparkle... Or Aventurine Silver from BMW Individual...

    Re: Testdriven new M3


    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Great pics , temm .. Just looked at one black one and one red one , but found the car (for me) lacked that WOW factor , very disappointed...M5 or the RS5 for me . Also , here in the UK you can have a new M5 in just 3 month's , thats come right down....

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Throt - I completly agree. The car looks nice but not stunning. I think 80% of people will not see the different to any other BMW 3 series.

    Anyway - there are other people who buy the car just because of this. I think if I would drive to my client with this car, no one will look on me like I would come with my 911.

    BTW: Car I was driving had the carbon fibre roof. Would not be sure if I would like to have the sun roof or that extra on top!

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    stunning black pics!thanks!

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Thanks for the review Lars.

    Thanks to _your_ review I can definitely see my current 04M3's days are numbered. LOL!

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Do the seats in the M3 or any E46 coupe bother anyone else's lower back? I find that prolonged driving in the current M3 hurts my lower back. Are the new E92 seats the same?

    I have no such effect in any of my other cars. (...I'm not old by the way, I have an old ice hockey injury)

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Well...E46 didn't bother me at all.
    I've find them quite nice, even if a step down relative to the 996TT i have now.

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    Interesting that they are selling an M3 with a sunroof option as in the UK its just the carbon fibre roof. I've been offered a brand new dealer supplied car for immediate delivery. Very tempted to switch from my 997 C4S cab for a year to see what Porsche do with the gearbox. I've had 2 997s now and wanted a change.

    The female friend who was with me when I went to look at the car thought I must be crazy to consider switching my 997 for what she thought looked the same as every other 3 series on the road. I don't see it like that and its not just the looks that would attract me in any case. Trying to get a test drive organised for this week. I actually like it in white with the contrast roof.

    Still think its something of a bargain compared to a new 997. My main reason for switching is that my 997 is a tip and I want a manual and seems crazy to spend a fortune just to have what I have on my current car with a cheaper gearbox. I could have a new M3 and a hefty chunk of change.

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    One of the first UK owners has recieved his new M3, read his impressions here:

    Re: Testdriven new M3

    temm said:
    One of the first UK owners has recieved his new M3, read his impressions here:

    He exactly discribes this "light feeling" of the front and steering I was pointing to. Anyway - for us 911 drivers this is nice, as the 911 is also very light in the front.

    So - I liket it!



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