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    Dear all,
    I need help concerning GPS product.
    The reason why I did not order my 996 with PCM is simply because you cannot load CDs up front and I'd hate going to the front boot every time you wanna change one of your six CDS. So I go it with CDR22 but I love travelling and I easily get lost, so I ordered a traffic pro recently.
    It is good for me as you can load a destination and then remove the CDrom and play a CD but a lot of people told me it is crap and way overpriced (although it's not the major issue here) I prefer official Porsche product for resale value.
    PCM users, is it really useful to have the screen with the map, do you really use it or just listen to the voice for directions?
    RC, I know you have a Traffic Pro in your SLK, what do you think of that product objectively?
    Thanks for your time guys.
    BTW, I think next PCM due soon will get CD slot, cool, finally. I mean, who listens to audio tape these days?

    Re: GPS

    Well, at it's time I found the PCM pretty useful but getting used to the COMAND on our ML55, I have to confess that the PCM system seems a bit outdated to me. Maybe one reason why the PCM 2 is on it's way very soon (MY 2003 ?).
    The Traffic Pro on my wife's SLK works flawless and performs very well and precise, it includes almost all EC countries on one CD-ROM and you can preload a certain route to it's memory and exchange the Nav CD-ROM with a music CD-ROM. And exactly here's the point which I don't like too much. The map on the PCM system is of great help if you want to have a good orientation of where you are and where the target is. You don't have to go necessarily for the PCM system for resale value, there are a lot of new and modern aftermarket Nav Systems out there. The only problem with these systems is install: you need somebody experienced to install this stuff, otherwise you end up like some people who ruined their wiring harness and paid big money because this isn't covered by warranty. Especially with the newer models this is a real problem because of the cam design of the wiring.



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