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    Where is the ECU unit in the car?

    I am thinking of buying an ECU from FVD or EVO. Where is it located in the car and is it worth it? Also which should I buy from. Thanks

    Re: Where is the ECU unit in the car?

    In the 996 the DME is under the carpet self behind the rear seats. Of course, the GT2 doesn't have rear seats but you get the picture. If you remove the carpet piece that covers this area (velcro'ed on), you will see an aluminum shelf. The DME is located on the passenger side of this shelf, you should be able to see the wiring harness leading to it. There are a couple of screws that hold down the aluminum shelf, just unscrew them and the shelf tilts up, giving easy access to the DME.

    I can't comment on either vendor because I don't have experience with them. My suggestion is to have the car dynoed before and after the DME swap and if you don't get the improvement you are looking for, make sure you can return the part for full credit.

    I'd also suggest that if you want to maintain your new car warranty, keep the stock DME so that you can swap it back in when you take the car in for service. If the dealer finds out you have a non-OEM DME, they can void your powertrain and emissions warranty (at least in the US).


    Re: Where is the ECU unit in the car?

    Well, you can swap ECU units but this doesn't help much.
    Important data like mileage and operating hours are saved into the ECU of the speedo (instrument cluster has it's own ECU). So you can swap ECU units but any dealer or PCNA rep who checks the units will find out that there has been some manipulation. No chance to fool them...they can always find out if they want to.

    Re: Where is the ECU unit in the car?


    Perhaps you're right, although I am sceptical that a memory in the instrument cluster for tracking mileage can tell if the the DME has been swapped out.

    But even if you are right, if you go into the dealer with a non-OEM DME in the car, it is obvious to the dealer you have been playing with the engine and they can easily deny warranty work. If you go in with the stock DME, unless they are very suspicous and energetic, in most cases they will fix your car under warranty with no questions asked.

    I had this experience on my 1999 996 when I ran the TRG Unichip, which is a piggy-back design that taps into the DME. As soon as the dealer looked at the DME, they knew it had been tampered with and they denied me warranty coverage. If the DME had appeared stock, there would have been no problems.


    Re: Where is the ECU unit in the car?

    Things are pretty easy: if your instrument cluster shows a mileage of 10000 and operating hours let's say 500 and the ECU shows a mileage of 8000 and operating hours only 320, they know that the ECU has been tampered with (switched). This is enough evidence to deny warranty work because instrument cluster and ECU unit are synchronized and there is usually only a few hundred mls and a few operating hours difference. This is only one example how the dealer can detect it. The PCNA rep has much better tools, a modified PST2 for example which unveills hidden data which isn't available to the dealer on his PST2.
    Trust me: if they want to detect it, they can.



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