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    Another 997S on it's way to Blighty?

    Popped into my dealer to see if I could blag tickets to the stand at the Paris Motorshow in Sept. I'd a 987S on order for del early next year and it would be the only way to see a car before I had to spec it.

    Dealer "happened" to mention they had a higher 997 allocation than expected and rather than 2006 as they'd originally guesstimated their list was to spring '05. Having seen all the great reviews and proper pics recently I left the dealership my wallet much lighter - now have deposits on both, will have to decide which in Paris.....

    Always wanted a 911 but love roof down motoring (don't like 997 cab), well I suppose I'll have our sensible car (Mini cooper Cabriolet) for that

    Now, where's that piggybank......

    Re: Another 997S on it's way to Blighty?

    I also have a 2005 Boxster on order - so, before I give my dealer a hard time, did you get your tickets for Paris? (You don't live too far from me so it might be the same dealer (Chapelgate). Mine did invite me to the British show which unfortunately I was unable to go to. Strange how you go into a Porsche dealer and come out financially worse off than you planned. No doubt I will suffer when the time comes to spec my car. ( I want gizmos like PASM, if available, and navigation). Also my wife has an unhealthy liking for the special colours like Cobalt blue. I can't run to a 997, unfortunately because I would go for an "S".
    Good luck with your choice - I am sure you won't be disappointed with either!

    Re: Another 997S on it's way to Blighty?


    The very same, although sadly no longer called Chapelgate. They've now got the corporate title of 'Porsche Centre Bournemouth'. New show room very swish but think I preferred the old 'family' one. Tey at least make seperating you from your hard earned very painless

    I know what you mean about the gadgets - I'm the same (the Mini due Sept we've got Pounds4K+ of options on (almost 30% of base price!), my old Boxster S I restrained myself to about Pounds2.5K.

    Fortunately both my gf and I like most of the std colours - I think the 997 will be Seal Grey (same as my old Boxster), if we go with the 987 I'm tending towards black. But hey I was going for Lapis Blue last time until I went to sign the final spec and saw the Seal Grey in the showroom.

    Any idea when your car is likely to be due?

    Re: Another 997S on it's way to Blighty?


    I've not been given a definite date yet, I had a "letter of interest" last September and stumped up the Pounds2k deposit 19th December, when requested. Last time I spoke to them (couple of months ago) I was told November onwards, perhaps optimistically, but I've told them that I will wait for March 05 delivery. I believe I am 7th on the Boxster list, but how that splits between the 2.7 and the "S" / manual v tiptronic I don't know. I am going for a manual "S". Not sure about colours though, if not cobalt blue then silver (but everyone has that) with blue leather and roof or may be seal grey. Thought about lapis but it's quite dark. I drop in occasionally just to get some colour combination ideas, as once announced I've been warned I may not have much time to make my mind up with spec.

    I agree Chapelgate do seem very friendly and professional, even if the name has changed. I guess a victim of "corporate identity?"



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