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    C32 or S4??

    hi guys,
    I am thinking to buy a wagon and now I am considering which one is better? C32 estate or S4 avant?
    I did test drive a C32 last week and the only thing i can say is 'wow'. i didn't test drive the new S4 because Hk doesn't have one now!

    I like mercedes brand but i like AWD too. So which car will u guys choose?? and why?


    Re: C32 or S4??

    The C32 is definetely faster...around 2 seconds faster from 0-200 kph (125 mph) than the S4. On the other hand, the S4 uses a V8 engine which is a very attractive option, not to forget about the 4WD. The decision is yours I guess.
    My wife owns a SLK 32 AMG and the engine/auto tranny are fantastic.

    Re: C32 or S4??

    I have a C32 and drive it daily. I think it depends on your driving preferences. For example, the S4 will come with awd and a 6-speed manual gearbox, whereas the C32 is only five-speed auto (a good one at that, probably better than Audi's auto) and rwd. The handling may also be a bit sharper with the S4, mainly because Audi wants to go after the M3 with this car. Then again, neither of these are sports cars, just sporty sedans, so I'm not sure it makes a difference. The C32 has better acceleration of course.

    If I were you, I'd try and sit in both cars before purchase. The C32 has a lack of lumbar support in the front seats - it bothers some people. Otherewise, I find it very comfortable. Good luck.

    - Justin

    Re: tough one...

    I like both the C32 and S4, but for hong kong roads, i have to say the S4 is a better choice. The most attractive point of the car is the V8 N.A. engine, even though it may not be as fast as a C32, but in hong kong, you will never notice much difference anyway. Roads in hong kong are mainly made up of hairpin curves and slow moving traffic blocking you. The N.A. V8 will comes pretty handy

    Unfortunely, you have to deal with the Audi understeer thing. It may not be as fun to drive as a C32. but the audi will definetly be faster around Shek O roads with an inexperience driver. With all the traction can be used. C32 can catch the S4 in the staight and Audi will carry more momemtum in the corners. Which car do you want to be in

    Another thing, everywhere, i mean everywhere in hong kong you see a C32, it almost like taxi.. I think Audi will be more unique...

    Re: tough one...

    Thank you guys!

    U r right, hk has many C32!
    After the test drive,C32 always flashes inside my mind so probably I will test it sometimes this week!
    It's so bad, hk doesn't have any 03 S4 now. but the dealer told me that I can test drive a used RS4 instead S4, although the power is quite difference but the handling similar?? Is that true?? I think the sales always wants me to place order first!!

    Re: tough one...


    Speaking of understeer, the C32 definitely has a problem with this, so you adjust your driving style accordingly. How much does it plow? Well RC supplied us this new track time for the S4:1 min. 18,1 sec. The C32 does one lap in about 1 min. 20 seconds. That much of a gap might bother or it might not, but it is there.

    Re: tough one...

    but the dealer told me that I can test drive a used RS4 instead S4, although the power is quite difference but the handling similar

    IMO this can't be true... let alone the fact that the engines are completely different, the RS4 was a special vehicle, custom-built by the quattro GmbH (similar to BMW's M division or merc's AMG unit), while the S4 is "just" an ordinary A4 with sport suspension, silver colored rear view mirrors and the V8 engine from the A8.
    btw: the german "sport auto" magazine recently tested the S4 vs the M3. easy victory for the M3-- mainly due to the weak, fading brakes of the audi.

    i personally would recommend the alpina B3

    but unfortunately this car isn't avaiable in HK :-(

    Re: S4 / RS4...

    the RS4 with V6 twin turbo, 380 HP and 440 Nm from very low revs will have quite a different handling and feeling compared to the new S4 equipped with 344 HP and no-turbo V8 engine.
    I would also expect the S4 to have a much more comfort oriented suspension setup, hence better suited as daily driver.
    In case you prefer the more sporty version than the RS4 is indeed an alternative, maybe even cheaper as it will be a used car and it can easily be chipped up to 420 HP or close to 500 HP with some more hardware adjustments in view of durability issues.
    My feeling is, as you originally thought of C32 vs. S4, you would tend towards the "comfort oriented" solution and should therefore wait until an S4 is available for testdrive.

    Re: C32 understeer

    C32 is easier to compensate the understeer with your right foot, especially rear wheel drive and high power.

    Audi 4WD has always been more understeer during on power for safety, unlike Porsche 4WD system which actually direct most power at the rear until the total lost of traction.



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