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    After Market Wheels and Tires

    Does anyone have any experience with after market wheels on their 997? What sizes have been used? How about weight and strength? What do you like in looks? Pictures would be great.

    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires

    Werk or HRE's. I don't like stock porsche wheels. I have werks on my C2S cab and HRE on my GT3. 19inch. Just gives a car a different look. Anyways, in my opinion the wheels makes the car. I have pictures posted under my usename, just go under the search engine.

    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires

    Here ya go:

    I'd keep the 18s (on your 997?) if I were you.

    Kinda funny that cars with 18s now look funny to me compared to cars with 19s.

    We should all be ashamed that we have been conditioned this way.

    There's this particularly bumpy road I have to travel regularly and, becaue of the harsher ride, it never ceases to pi** me off that I've been turned into a fashion monkey with my 19s that came with my S.

    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires

    Interesting MMD,

    I have noted, that the apparent size of the wheel depends upon the design eg the 18 BBS RS-GT seems large as the spokes go well out to the rim's edge near the tire. Other wheels appear smaller, like the rims on my Acura TL------I had them both side by side with the Classic II rims of the 997.....and the BBS 18s were best....

    My 997 with PASM (therefore lowered relative to standard) and the BBS 18s looks beautiful, very balanced and wheely! It is also the size of the car's opening for the wheel that contributes ,and the colors of wheel and car.

    Anyway, one of my dislikes of the S 3.8 was both the size 19 and design of the wheels.

    Choose a good wheel that complements the car and will not notice the size---and the comfort level is strikingly improved improved.

    This fetish with rim size is often absurd, and many cars are looking odd with so much wheel!


    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires

    KiwiCanuck said:

    I have noted, that the apparent size of the wheel depends upon the design eg the 18 BBS RS-GT seems large as the spokes go well out to the rim's edge near the tire.

    Hi KC,

    I'm no expert but you may be noticing different tire diameter . The Wheels stay 18 or 19 but the O.D. of the rubber is lesser or greater.

    FWIW, 996 OD of the tire rubber is one inch smaller than the 997. 997 has a 27 inch diameter whereas 996 has 26 (Scheesch, somebody correct me if I got the 26 and 27 wrong). Anyway there's a one inch difference in the rubber which makes the sidewalls 1/2 inch larger or smaller

    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires

    Just be damn sure that you research the availability of tires in the size you need. There are a lot more choices for 18 inch wheels than 19 inch wheels. I speak from a very bad experience.

    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires

    Look at these HRE and Werks

    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires


    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires


    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires

    With-respect MMD, your response to my piece on the apparent/percieved diametr of 18in wheels was nonsemnse.

    I was and am talking about 18in wheels with the same tires specs attached----some wheel designs LOOK larger in diameter than others due to their design, color, polish etc. Read my piece carefully and you will understand....

    So a well chosen 18in wheel, with the normal spec tires, and so the same overall diamter (wheel plus sidewall of tire) can look ike a 19in with their smaller sudewall tires. I comared 3 whell tire combinations side by side!


    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires

    Very nive Oldhand-------quite similar to the BBS RS-GT I have on the Carrera........just suite the cars's shape


    Re: After Market Wheels and Tires

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