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    My first Porsche - Need advice?

    I am looking to purchase a Porsche 996, my first Porsche. I am still hesitating between the carrera 2 convertible and the Targa. Dealers keep telling that with the Targa, the car will depreciate less than the convertible over time (call it 2/3 years and 40,000km later). What do you think?

    Also, I would very much like to have it with PCM and GPS system. Dealers told me that PCM I is not useful as it is crap and I should look at PCM II. I cannot find from when Porsche started to sell 996 with PCM II, could anyone help me there please?

    Also, I heard that you can do a Pre Purchase Inspection of the car in a Porsche Centre? I am looking to purchase it in Germany, do you think it does also exist there?

    Thanks for your advice.


    Re: My first Porsche - Need advice?

    Hi Jean-Christophe,
    Your dealer might be right about the Targa bc they've been produced in lesser numbers than convertible, hence possible a better value on the 2nd hand market. Plus it's better looking and arguably more rigid, although I wouldn't track it.
    PCM 2 entered production at the same time as the revised Boxster 986 which means shortly after the 996 mk2 was introduced.
    Most 996 mk2 with PCM will have the PCM2 although the early ones still have the PCM 1 with audio tape.
    For the pre purchase inspection, I'm not sure what it is. If you mean going to the dealership and looking at the car in detail, yes of course, everybody whould do that.
    So for Germany, you can buy yourself a nice weekend!
    Good luck with your research.

    Re: My first Porsche - Need advice?

    Thank you for your answer and advice for the Targa. It is hard to make a choice as this is the first one I buy and I am a bit scared to buy a EUR 55,000 car and see its value dropping because I made the wrong choice. Which I guess is why I listened to the dealer trying to sell me a Targa and arguing that its value will less depreciate.

    If I understand well, whenever I see a tape driver in the PCM, I can safely assume that it is a PCM I. Do you have by any chance any kind of idea about the date when they moved to PCM II. I believe it is for 996 model produced around 08/2002.

    Re: My first Porsche - Need advice?

    The Targa is great though I can't comment on whether one will depreciate faster over the other I can't tell. Just get the one you like the most!

    The pre-purchase inspection is a very good idea and your local dealer should be able to offer it.

    Re: My first Porsche - Need advice?

    The targa does depreciate less, however, the caveat is that the market is smaller and thusly , there are fewer people looking for them

    in either case, buy the car that suits you , NOT becuase of something uncertain, like the cars value in a few years.

    coupes, cabs, targas, are all unique and shouldnt be compared. very different driving experiences.

    Re: My first Porsche - Need advice?

    Be 100% sure you are comfortable in the 996 seats. Always try them driving in just a shirt, no jacket. Porsche has had complaints from it's introduction that the seat backs were too narrow. I wear a US size 44 jacket and I can vouch for that. The seat backs cut across just under my shoulder blades. After several hours driving you felt that you had lost the wrestling match by being body slammed into the seats. Until two weeks ago I had a 2003 996 Carrera coupe, thats when I took possession of a 2006 997. I can tell you that there is a night and day difference not only between the seats but between the cars.

    Re: My first Porsche - Need advice?

    Assuming that the PCM-II would be linked (though very few might not according to Fanch) do not forget that you with the 996 mk-II also will get the facelifted engine with 320HP. Believe that if you search the archive you will find a lot of comments pointing you towards the mk-II, irrespective of the PCM-II.

    Good luck searching.

    Re: My first Porsche - Need advice?

    the sport seats on the 996 definitely are too narrow.



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