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    Just wanted to say hi!

    I've owned my 2001 996TT for about a month.
    I've already raced in Open Road Racing in Nevada.
    Still getting use to the car. I wish it handled better

    Re: Just wanted to say hi!

    Congrats!!! that's a beautiful car


    Very nice Turbo, congrats and thanks for joining us.

    Re: Just wanted to say hi!

    I am curious about your handling comment, being AWD, I thought they handled well. However, my son, driving a new MINI Cooper passed a new TT several times last weekend on the track at a high performance driving school, I dismissed this at the time as poor driving by the TT driver.

    Re: Just wanted to say hi!

    What I mean by better handling?
    Before I raced the car in open road racing last month, we added 4psi to the tires when cold.
    At 130mph the car bounced way too much. It was unpleasant to drive. I didn't feel as if I had 100% control of the vehicle.
    It became more stable above 160mph. But without a roll bar we were unable to run at those speeds. A 130 mph burst is easy, but to continue to 160 mph you need more road.
    I know I can make changes to the car to make it handle better. But I really shouldn't have too. Any car that is unstable shouldn't be driven at speeds that the driver doesn't feel they have 100% control. Just my opinion.

    Re: Just wanted to say hi!

    Hi Tim,

    160 mph is fast. In every car. And if it is possible to go that fast depends on driver and car.
    And a 996 tt is one of the best and easy to drive cars for these kind of speeds.

    Keep on trying!


    Re: Just wanted to say hi!

    Tim, I know what you're saying. The stock NA tt could use a firmer, more controlled ride. If you have the NA suspension setup, you might consider going with the ROW kit, or even H&R, or Techart coilovers. I'm having a ROW kit put on as I write this. It only lowers the car about 3/4in, but also firms up the ride by about 10-15%. I hear the coilover setup is slightly better, but MUCH more expensive too. ROW kit costs about 1k + approx $700 install. Will post findings later.

    ROW suspension kit

    ... offers the best compromise between comfort and sportiness. Some people might even find it a bit too stiff.
    Highly recommended if you don't want to lower your car too muchl.

    Re: The cure for "floatiness"

    When I drop my kids off at the ex's, there's a great right hand sweeper that's leads back to the entrance of her housing addition that I generally take at around 60 or so. There's no houses around there, so I do hammer it going on the way out. I've noticed that the car gets sorta "floaty" with a very small dip in the road about 1/2 way through this 500ft sweeper. I'm hoping that the addition of the ROW kit cures this condition.

    Re: The cure for "floatiness"

    A proper alignment after installing the ROW kit is very important. Also don't forget the recalibration of the PSM steering angle sensor.

    Re: Alignment Questions

    Are the ROW alignment specs in the shop manual good settings to use, or should we go a little more aggressive with them?

    Re: Alignment Questions

    Go to the "limit" (neg.) but don't exceed the factory specs too much. The possible adjustment is somehow limited anyway.

    What does "ROW" mean? (nt)


    "ROW" means Rest Of the World, as in

    the rest of the world get their cars one way, (lower), and people in the US get them another, (higher). So, the ROW kit is springs and shocks that bring the car back the way the factory engineers originally meant it to be. Cars in the US must meet DOT bumper height regs.

    Thanks (nt)


    Re: Just wanted to say hi!

    My best top speed to date is 145 mph, and that was SCARY for me. That's about 25 mph beyond my current comfort level. I seriously doubt if I'll ever push it beyond that speed. But never say never!

    Re: Just wanted to say hi!

    Thanks for all the good advise.
    I was wondering about the Euro standard verses the USA standards. I've seen allot of pictures from all over the world and the Euro cars do look a little lower.
    I'm not 100% sure I'm going to keep the car. It is a nice car and daily driving is a pleasure. But I like to race. I guess I might be better off buying a race car and something else as my daily driver.
    Thanks again,

    Re: Something ELSE as a daily driver? No way Jose

    Sure, get a real racecar for the track, an "affordable" one, but for heaven's sake, don't give up your Porsche Turbo as your daily driver. Don't know about you, but I need my daily dose, whenever possible, of turbo boost!



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