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    US Cayenne Website update.

    The USA/Canada Cayenne website has been updated with the Configurator and Arrival information. For which I am very thankful. It was getting old trying to navigate through the German site (my German is very poor).

    Re: US Cayenne Website update.

    Yes, it has been updated and it's nice to see the different colors. But in the optional equipment menu, you can't choose the Air Suspension for the Cayenne S whilst it's offered in the paper version!!!!!

    It's also very complicated to understand the various seat packages.... so it's not really helpful

    Yes, it still needs some work.

    Most of those things will be fixed I believe, based on the German site. There you can select the air suspension, PCM, etc., that are not yet functional on the US site. What do you think of those information screens for the options? They just show text right now but there is plenty of room for a photo. When I select the "info" and get the text, there is also a javascript running in the background that never seems to finish. Maybe this feature is still in development as well. The German site looks the same in this regard.

    Re: Yes, it still needs some work.

    I can't agree more.... It seems the web site isn't finished yet. Yesterday I received in the mail the Cayenne's brochure with all the options available and a lot of pictures. Actually it's much more useful than what my dealer gave me a while ago.

    I still haven't decided what exterior color I'll go for. I have to make up my mind in the next 2 weeks if I want to get mine ASAP.

    Cayenne brochure

    Did you get a video with that? I have heard of others receiving a video next after the hardbound book they sent last time.

    Color? Are you getting a Turbo or S? Unless you plan to paint the lower body molding on the S, I think it is better in a dark color to blend with the molding.

    Re: Cayenne brochure

    Correct, I got the brochure (almost 170 pages!) and the video-tape. Some nice sequences there... (But I'm still not interested in buying one )


    Re: Cayenne brochure

    No I didn't get the video but there was obviously room for it in the package. Now I understand why there was this big empty space

    I'll get a S and I think I'll go for the metallic green one (dark teal) with a tan interior. I'll definitely take the air-suspension option.

    Some of my friends drove the car in Spain ( I was invited but I couldn't go ) and they told me the Turbo with its air-suspension was absolutely phenomenal....

    Actually I put my name on the list a long time ago (February 2000) this is why I'll get the 3rd Cayenne at my dealership.

    I found outrageous to charge US$ 170 for colored wheel caps... It's so cheap....

    The postal carrier is probably watching your video.

    Teal on the S sounds good. It blends with the dark lower body molding. Sand/beige interior. Dark wood?

    Re: The postal carrier is probably watching your video.

    Dark or light wood is a bit on the expensive (US$ 990) I think for what it brings..... But I have to admit it would look very nice.

    I'll make up my mind this weekend and I'll sign up the final order probably next week.



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