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    Hallo Leute brauche ich Rat über Winterreifen.
    Mein Zweifel kommt an gestarteten Temperaturen vorbei, weil ich jene "W" authentischen Winterreifen bekannt für Schnee, sehr schlüpfrige Eisoberflächen und Temperaturen unten 0 * C nicht brauche.
    Ich möchte Tragen pneumatisch passend für Regen, nasses Straßenpflaster, nicht äußerstes kaltes Wetter (+0 * C) und ziemlich trockenes aber kaltes Fahren obwohl; summaring will ich eine Art "leichten" W-Reifen, damit sie nicht zerstören, in trockenen Tagen auf Temperaturen oben 0 * sogar 5 * C (nicht mehr) fahrend.
    Ich gestalte, dass wenn ich diejenigen vorantreibe, wird echter "W", sie mit sehr niedriger Meilenzahl, besonders auf trockenen aber kalten Bedingungen(Zuständen) obwohl verbrannt; außer Geräuschen, Ungenauigkeitssteuern, Unangenehmkeit(Unbehaglichheit) und mehr.

    Existiert wirklich diese Sorte des Reifens für mich? Ich finde gerade "W" hier.

    Dank und Blicke(Hinsicht).

    ********** I'm sorry for the translation but this issue is something what I want to learn about and I thought Germans are the wisest and experienced people on this field. Thanks.

    Re: Winterreifen

    For which car do you need the tires?

    Re: Winterreifen

    for a commuter in sizes 225/50/17 98v

    I'm not exactly in snowy mountain zone and for this reason I'm in doubt about winter tyres.
    Climate on my area is not severe enough for real w-tyres, I think it's on the border for using them but I wonder if I'd get some safety and performance for coldest days and don't destroy them on dry and softer days. I'm worry about on this last issue cause I believe that down to 5*C summer tyres are still better and safer on dry and here is not always raining (but common), neither snowing (low probably) but it's cold and foggy.
    May be I don't need "winters" all season, bet I do need them on worst days, but I hesistate to wear "W's" for a few very bad days, if they keep lasting from auttum to first spring(upper temperatures), are worth just for pure winter days or should forget them and drive carefully with "summer's" ??

    On "W's" Verdstein AUM's post, truly sport driving on those tyres on the Ring caught my attention and figured that this kind of tyres are not only worth for icy and snowy roads and worth something more than their supposed "pure W" posibilities for safety and performance.

    I'm not sure of what to do; all-weather tyres, nearer from winters than summers, the best option perhaps?can we call these "soft winter tyres"? very soft rubber summers? soft rubber "rainys"?
    I believe this is an interesting and important safety matter which is little knwon at least in my region.

    Thanks for answering in English on the Deutsch forum, danke.

    Re: Winterreifen

    I have received from a Finnish friend information about German winter M+S tyres with a temperature rate of 0-10*C, hope your contribution.

    I think those "German specs" are ideal for me. ( I can't understand "M+S", what does it mean?)
    I don't need tyres for mud and snow, I will never drive on these extrem conditions but I want something better and safer for winter than "summers" and hold without extreme wear in dry and "hotter" days coming good weather(between 5-10*C max)and more important, that they perform at least as good as summer tyres in these dry "hotter" temperature range, when I think summers are still better.

    Could be the tyres you are refering about the tyres called "all-weather"? I can find here these type of tyres and they look like winter tyres, at least in appearance.

    winter (they sell it as winter but as you see say "M+S")

    all weather (they don't say M+S but say "winter tyres with good summer performance")

    As you see I'm in a mess with W-tyres

    Public thanks for Kimi for his private help.

    Re: Winterreifen


    Mud+Snow? I'm sorry but, are these the typical winter tyres, are'nt them?
    There is one tyre type more extreme, and this is nailed tyre type for ice............well??

    Inside M+S tyres, are not there several rate of running temperatures depending of the trademark? acknowledging different temperature range for different way of use and foccusing on different necessity? knowing it like a shade matter, I'm still talking about winter tyres, but it must be an intermediate option between extrem winter-summer options.

    What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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