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    Just completed engine breaking-in period

    Hi guys,

    Over the weekend, I finally passed the mileage of my 'official' engine breaking-in period: according to the GB owner's manual, that's 3000km (1875 miles). I haven't gone above 4200rpm yet nor have I over-revved in any way.

    The manual states that the breaking-in happens "mainly in the first 3000km". Obviously breaking-in the engine is a gradual process and so I interpret this to mean that there's no magic threshold which, when crossed, means you have now suddenly finished it.

    So I plan to raise the revs from 4200rpm to 7200rpm gradually in stages over the next 600 miles (i.e. 500rpm more every 100 miles) so that I'm at 7200rpm at around 2500 miles.

    I know this is probably me just being over-cautious and that it's probably not necessary but I feel more peace of mind this way. I prefer to take this gently.

    I know that I don't have any routine scheduled servicing for some time yet. But do those of you who have completed engine break-in before consider it wise to have an engine oil change anyway (to remove any impurities or particles etc in the oil which result from the engine breaking-in period) or is this simply unnecessary?

    Any other advice on what to do once breaking-in is 'officially' complete?

    Thanks as ever guys

    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    I carried out an oil change not long after the official period, if anything just to check on the condition of the engine. I did find however some very small, minute shavings (maybe 3 in all) that the filter caught.

    If you get the oil yourself the filter change shouldn't cost you more than Pounds60. Not bad in my books.



    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    I passed the break-in period within 4 days of ownership simply because I couldn't wait to experience the full potential of my car. Even then, that was done gradually. I'm at about 3300 miles now and have been contemplating the need for an oil change. My dealership tells me that it can be done for the peace of mind although its not really necessary. I'm still on the fence here. Should I or shouldn't I? The way I figure it, oil changes can be viewed as cheap insurance so maybe I just answered my own question.

    BTW, congrats on breaking your beauty in. She'll only get better as time comes. When are you having the X51 package and PCCB brakes put in? I assume that's still in the cards?

    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    I got my car used at 5500 miles, and did the oil change then. I put about 5000 miles a year on and intend to do the oil changes once a year. Obviously if I wait to 20K I would only do oil changes once every 4 years which I think is a little long.

    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    Thanks Jason. Yes, I'm looking forward to stretching her legs a bit more now to see what she is really capable of. I've been really patient and well-behaved so far.

    Yes, I definitely intend to do the X51 powerkit upgrade someday (maybe next year?) but first I want to explore what it can do in regular spec beforehand. The cost of the retrofit X51 is very reasonable.

    I decided not to do the PCCB retrofit. I know the PCCBs are amazing but I am so happy with the standard 'red' brakes of the 'S' that I don't feel the need to do it. Plus the retrofit cost of PCCB is crazy. It's Pounds5349 from the factory and Pounds11000 as a retrofit!! I also intend to add XTG inner door sills in leather.

    I actually read through the US order guide, the german car configurator and various other options lists I have v v carefully once more to see if there is anything I would like to add as a retrofit and honestly, I'm totally happy with my original spec. So basically X51 and XTG are the only things on the horizon someday.

    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    easy_rider911 said:
    . Plus the retrofit cost of PCCB is crazy. It's Pounds5349 from the factory and Pounds11000 as a retrofit!!

    11k ,, bargain right ....

    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    I over-revved the engine a few times - nothing serious - during the break-in; nothing seems to have suffered.

    I did get an oil and filter change at about 5,400 miles (about 8500 km). My salesman had recommended that. Up to that time, it had been using about 0.4 quarts every 1,000 miles (or about 0.26 liters every 1,000 km). Since the oil change (and I haven't changed my driving habits), I have gone over 1,000 miles and not seen any drop in the oil level. It just may be that it takes a bit longer to break in.


    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    I'd be less gradual than you propose.

    My breakin went like this:

    not over 4200 for 800-1000 miles.

    not over _5200_ for 1000-1500 miles

    then occasional redline after 1500 miles.

    At 2000 miles I just forgot about it and drove the car like I wanted. Usually not even redline-ing it anymore.

    Your proposal of 2500 miles is WAAAAAAY too many miles to wait for routine redlining.

    Given your careful outlook, you should immediately (today) bring that suckker up to 5200 and then in a few hundred miles redline it!!

    USA breakin period is 2000 miles. It's 2500 in Europe? There's no breakin in other countries! WTF?

    Should we sue Porsche?

    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    Its 1,870 mls over here in the UK.

    From what i've learnt on the subject, these engines were designed to withstand such treatment. Many have been told from their OPC's that its best to occasionally redline after 1,500 mls as mentionned and to raise your limits gradually to this point while motorway driving (or at least constant revs) is not a good idea since this will causing glazing of the bores.

    TBH, its the remainder of the driveline that is as important but often overlooked.



    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    just seems to make sense getting the oil changed after completion of the break-in milestone, and yearly after that unless of course you actually are fortunate enough to go the 18k recommended by the factory...dont forget to get the ecu scan/printout as others here suggested

    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    I'm not trying to start a "proper" break-in thread but Porsche does refer to the break-in procedure in the manual as "hints" and "tips" and not gospel. I don't have the kind of patience or restraint to keep an engine that loves to rev below 4,200 rpm for 2,000 miles.

    I have never followed the manufacturer's break-in procedure on any of the new cars or motorcycles I have had over the past 35 years but I don't drive them like I stole them either. I use short bursts of full throttle to high rpm in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear (always after proper engine oil warm up) starting the first day. The key is to not use full throttle and high rpm for extended periods, again, short bursts only!

    I changed the oil myself on the P-car at 2,465 miles and found nothing unusual.

    I have never had an engine that used oil once past break-in (I have used approximately 1.5 quarts of Mobil 1 0w-40 and am currently at 5,420 miles and oil consumption has already diminished greatly from when new). I have never had a drive train problem of any kind on any of my vehicles and they always run exceptionally strong. I have never had to replace a clutch due to abuse or wear nor had brakes that squeaked. I do red line my cars and motorcycles regularly but have a tendency to go through tires rather quickly.

    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    I did the same thing,--nice and easy. I did my oil and filter at about 6000 miles and found nothing in there. I see no reason to change oil before 10,000 miles these days with the Mobil 1 in there.


    Re: Just completed engine breaking-in period

    I'm with easy_rider on the break in period...I think though that he shouldn't worry that much after that's been done...just do an oil and filter change, and then go out there and redline your baby that's why you bought her for

    oil and filter changes are two things I ALWAYS do before my cars I change the oil after 8-9k kilometers and the filters at every second oil change...



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