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    Re: 997 Carrera 4 is coming

    bravo Dario, that's my question as well; cant wait for additional news. I must say, the 997 cup in Imola this weekend really looked hot - very hot! glad Riccitelli won, he's a nice guy and teaches at Porsche driving school. Did you ever go! I was in Imola with them and loved it!

    Re: 997 Carrera 4 is coming

    Ciao Turbolite

    Last year i run two days in Imola with Porsche Driving School..and Riccitelli teaches a good boy!! time that Porsche sells cars also for us,we need the Turbo,the GT3 and the GT2...we can't wait again!!!


    Re: 997 Carrera 4 is coming

    I was reading a car magazine and it says 996TT 996C4S chassis are more tighter and stronger due to center tunnel for AWD shaft. 996C2 do not have the tunnel so chassis is a bit weaker than TTs. 996C4 had narrow body and AWD chases so that Porsche had to build 3 combinations of body/chassis: narrow/flat for C2/40th narrow/tunnel for C4/GT3/GT2 wide/tunnel for TT/C4S.

    I think maybe Porsche is trying to save money making only 2 combinations of body/chassis for 997. If so any AWD 997 gets wide/tunnel combo and any 2WD gets narrow/flat chassis. I think 997C2/s chassis are already pretty good so no need to make it better? Anyone check 997C2/s chassis if C4 narrow is possible?

    What do you think?

    Re: 997 Carrera 4 is coming

    I thought that even 2 wheel drive 911 had the center tunnel.

    Re: 997 Carrera 4 is coming

    Hi Dario, right you are, we need new cars!! cool you've been to PDS, I was thinking to try Mugello PDS this year (exclusive), its a bit late in october, but I've never been on that track. do you know it? ciao

    Re: 997 Carrera 4 is coming

    Mugello is GREAT!!! really technical..but more dangerous..

    i prefer can go faster..

    Re: 997 Carrera 4 is coming

    Does somebody has a few more infos/news about the 4WD Carrera and the Carrera S ?

    "Need input!"

    Re: 997 Carrera 4 is coming

    Ed J said:
    So will the C2S be sold as more of a "driver's car" than the C4? Presumably the C4 will be slower than the C2S due to extra weight, and I guess the C4S will be about as quick as the C2S?

    It slightly frustrates me that a four wheel drive varient may be portrayed as more of a driver's car when it strikes me as an unlikely outcome. You are bound to lose some steering feel compared to the rear wheel drive C2S and I guess it would be a lot harder to get the rear end out when required....

    I doubt many will think of it more as a driver's car. The extra ponies just mean the car isn't a joke like the 996 C4. Believe me, the C2S is the driver's car and a C2S powerkit should be both cheaper and faster than a C4S with 380 hp.



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