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    2003 996TT Estimated Completion Date

    I have ordered the first 2003 996TT allocation from a high volume So Cal dealer. My dealer had previously forecast a July build and an August-September delivery. Yesterday, Porsche updated its computers and I now have a formal "estimated completion date" -- August 26, 2002. Of note, this is the same estimated completion date given to another person I know of who has ordered a 2003 C2.

    The first 2003 996TTs are apparently not being built during July, as originally predicted here and by my dealer. Does anyone know what caused the delay?

    The August 26 completion date strikes me as a bit odd given that the factory shuts down for a portion of August. Does anyone know the precise dates when the factory is closed? How long does it take to build a 996TT? The factory can't be closed too far into August if Porsche is going to complete production of cars on August 26.

    Perhaps, the car will be built during July, before the factory closure, but will not be shipped until after the factory reopens. Perhaps Porsche's estimated completion date is based upon the shipping date as opposed to the production completion date. Does this make sense? Does Porsche start the nest model year production before the plant closure, then stock pile the cars for rapid shipping as soon as the plant reopens?

    Re: 2003 996TT Estimated Completion Date

    I also have an order in for a 2003 996TT from a So Cal dealer.My dealer is telling me they can not process my order because Porche is not accepting orders that include the PCM nav system. I assume that means the 2003s will come with the new model PCM that I have seen on this site.Anyone else having the same problem?

    Re: 2003 996TT Estimated Completion Date

    I had the exact same problem. PCM2 (the new navigation system) is not presently available for MY03. I tried -- I asked my dealer to place the order, even though the option was not listed in the current option guide -- Porsche rejected it. Thus, I had to forego PCM2 in order to place my order.

    Re: 2003 996TT Estimated Completion Date

    First at all, yes, there is a problem with ordering PCM2 on the MY 2003 cars. As far as I heard, the PCM2 US certification isn't ready yet. Maybe there are other reasons for the delay, I don't know. If you have a good friend at BECKER, ask him.
    First MY 2003 cars are usually always build around july.
    Factory shutdown is, as far as I remember, mid july to mid august but don't nail me on this one.

    Re: 2003 996TT Estimated Completion Date

    Thanks RC.

    You wrote: "First MY 2003 cars are usually always build around july. Factory shutdown is, as far as I remember, mid july to mid august but don't nail me on this one."

    If the first MY03 cars are to be built during July, and I have the first allocation from a busy dealer (which should mean the first production run), why then do you think my completion date is not until August 26?

    Craig (LA)

    Re: 2003 996TT Estimated Completion Date

    My dealer said me that for August production is not possible to have the PCM II..only from september and my car is september production!!

    Re: 2003 996TT Estimated Completion Date

    Maybe because the production of US bound cars doesn't start before end of august OR maybe your dealer just doesn't get one of the first cars. I really don't know.



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