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    993/996/997 Turbo and Cayman Weights and Dimension

    Since I own a 993 Turbo (TT) and 996 Turbo (TSCab), and I am planning to get a 997 Turbo variant, I am interested in comparison of the cars across the generations. I dug out the factory-reported weights (in pounds/kgms) and dimensions-including wheelbases (in inches/millimeters) of the cars, and for contrast, collected the numbers for the Cayman. I assume (and hope) all numbers are accurate.

    Vehicle-Curb Weight-Wheelbase-Length-Width-Height:

    993 TT-3307/1503-89.4/2271-167.8/4262-70.7/1796-51.8/1316
    996 TT-3395/1543-92.5/2350-174.6/4435-72.0/1829-51.0/1295
    997 TT-3494/1588-95.5/2426-175.6/4460-72.9/1852-51.2/1300

    First, to state the obvious, the 911 Turbo has gotten larger by every dimension from the 993 to the 996 to the 997 (except the 996 became slightly shorter than the 993-but even the 997 is a shave taller than the 996). We easily recognize this when we compare the cars placed next to each other for photographs and showing. Clearly, as human beings have grown larger, their appetite ( ) or demand for larger cars has paralleled this increase and Porsche marketing and engineering faithfully have responded to this demand. Sure, there will (or at least could be) the reply that the cars are now more refined and more comfortable and, it will be emphasized, safer and more "stable" in these increased sizes, and I won't argue with that-except to mention that refinement, comfort, safety and stability aren't the reasons I go for the 911 Turbo-heck, I would instead be shopping for a Bentley.

    One interesting point I notice with the above data is that my 993TT is, back seats and all, compared to the 2-seater Cayman, shorter (with a shorter wheelbase), thinner, but slightly taller, as well as heavier-mainly due to the AWD in the former and RWD in the latter, but also, no doubt, related to Porsche's advances in weight-saving materials than the Cayman.

    This post is not intended to criticize this growth spurt in the 911 Turbo, although readers can probably infer that I would prefer a reversal of this trend. Perhaps one possible outcome of the development of the Panamera, and subsequently the introduction of a true Porsche GT car (a front-engined/two-door model based on the Panamera platform to compete with cars such as the 599 and that Bentley I referred to above), would be a re-focus of the 911 Turbo to a more "hardened" sports car, closer to the GT2 variant, but kept as an AWD/daily driver?

    Comments, guys?

    Re: 993/996/997 Turbo and Cayman Weights and Dimension

    A 928 successor would truly be welcome. A 599 competitor with the CGT V10 would certainly allow for the 911 to abandon its role as the 'whale carrier'. Enlarging a traditionally small and nimble sports car in order to make some fat ass fit inside just sounds to me like an oxymoron . Such people would be much better served with a 928-type GT, which has always been a bigger car.

    Re: 993/996/997 Turbo and Cayman Weights and Dimen

    Ever since I heard of the Panamera project I knew that Porsche would use it's platform for future products like a 928 successor. A 928 with a V10 pushed right above the front axle would a perfect car for Porsche which lacks a car in the 200k price region.

    Such a car would also be a lot cheaper than developing another uber sports car like the CGT because of component and technology sharing with the Panamera and future 911.

    I'm 99% sure that Porsche has a 928 successor in the pipe line but only knows how they are planning of pulling that project off.

    Re: 993/996/997 Turbo and Cayman Weights and Dimension

    Crash said:... in order to make some fat ass fit inside just sounds to me like an oxymoron . Such people would be much better served with a 928-type GT, which has always been a bigger car.

    I take it you must come from a long blood-line of jockeys! Or, are you Teo Fabi's even-smaller cousin?

    Fat bacon butt has got nothing to do with trying to drive dinky-winky cars. I can't fit well enough in a Boxster/Cayman to ever contemplate owning one. The firewall is too close to the pedal box by at least 4 inches for my legs to fit correctly. The "smallest" Porsche I can actually drive without surgical adjustments to my leg bones is a 911. And, I'm only 6'4".

    Thank the Lord for the way that the Carrera GT's foot-well is laid out. Otherwise, my body length would disqualify me from ever driving a really fun-to-drive Porsche.

    Fat ass, my ass

    Re: 993/996/997 Turbo and Cayman Weights and Dimension

    Now this was a very seriously funny post mate !!!Irrespective of the subject at hand.



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